Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am done with the tears and no regrets

Dont let someone become your everything,
because when they're gone you have nothing

true isn't it :D
today is the 3rd day out of 6 days of EXAMMMM :DDDDD
LOLOL darn happiee LOLOLOL
and i didnt whine weihhh :P
although i went for camp, but the exams yesterday and today was okay for me
yes i didnt study much.. or at all :DDD LOL

mum brought me and big bro for lunch today (:
ate pan mee .. damn spicy o.o
gave it to mum and continue enjoying my ice blended white coffee..
coffees are GOOOODD (:
i loveeee mocha, cuppocino and also white coffee
they are awesome but i hope i dont get too addicted =D

blablabla now the sky is raining cats and dogs O.O
LOL maybe i should really get going in my studies :D

i hate the now you, where is the before you? you were much MUCH nicer :(

p/s : SCREW science paper 2!! darn hard.. well coz i didnt study and i did careless mistakes.. stupid reproduction thingy -.- 6 marks GONEEEEE
xoxo, Jaslyn

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