Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mother and daughter

One day your life will flash before your eyes,
make sure it's worth watching.
Is yours?

Hello hello people ;)
Wednesday is the day :D
today i've been pretty busy.
weeee look at my nailssss :DDDD

woke up super early today.. well was worried i will wake up late so.. LOL
3.15pm headed to bm tution,
stayed there like 3 hours till 6.30pm
mum fetched me to have dinner in secret recipe!
woahh that's a first :P well she offered me!
ate some fish with cheese, different but still yummy (:

aaahh secret recipe, never failed me ;D
blabla went to giant with mum.
did some grocery shopping and bought stuffs for librarian camp
weeee i bought goat milk bath ;D my fav ahaha
blablabla wanted to do contact lens D:
it's so inconvenient to wear specs all the time,
but its pricey like rm 280 for half a year :/
mum say not worth it, so bye to my baby D:
i have to earn it -.-
today was actually those mother-daughter days 
when i spent most of the day with my mum

OH OH did i mention that i met my old classmate, BECCA in giant?
ahaha she waved to me, i was like " eh?? OHHHH!! HI! "
LOL x) she recognised me.. awww how sweet (:
gonna spend the rest of my week in grandma's at kota kemuning..
if you guys have plans, tell me!!
dont leave me alone LOL i will chop you (:
toodles :D

xoxo, Jaslyn