Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from Gentinggggg

Hello people :D
Im back from librarian camp :)
got this from jian sheng's fb profile...

we were in the SNOWWORLD in genting tho :D
i look so stupid there -.- was trying to shake the trees to make snow effects
wth? but nvm memories HEEEE :)
more photos in my phone ;D will upload asap :D

Actually was back since saturday, and its monday already HEEE x)
went to school today (: got back some results
NOT satisfying.. but oh well =D

Anyhoo, i discovered some super amazing talents on youtube :D
There is this girl call TIFFANY ALVORD who sings and plays musical instruments
she even created her own songs xDDD
You gotta admit.. she is darrnnnnnnnnnnn good in singing :D
and and and she can play guitar.. WOAHHHHHHH xD
Blahh blahh blahh i saw himmm today and he said hi
AWWWWWWW its just so cute x)

Blah blah blah school was pretty boring tho :/
i hope things will get more exciting soon :D
FYI, the weather here is soooooo freaking annoying >:(
you can sweat every moment laaaaa wth???? ish and i kip saying " SO HOT "
URGHHH -.- well maybe cause Genting was really cooling :D

p/s : i misunderstood my friend tho.. was totally pissed at her for smth O.O then after that i found out she didnt mean anything :/ well i guess everyone has their own emotions ;D so i forgive laaa :P

pp/s : to xxx, pls dont mention yyy infront of me, you talk like you lack really loads of attention. and pls, its annoying (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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