Friday, June 11, 2010

the start of something new

Hey hey readers :D
Noticed something awesomely different?
Yeaps, its the blogskin ;D
puppy paw prints all over
isn't it adorable? ahah i find it kawaii (:
it's blogger skin.. so.. ahah don't expect too much :P

i'm in Perak now :D
left grandma's at 3.18am and reached at 6am ++
no traffic jam.. wheee~ ;D

life's been pretty boring these days ..
i mean yea i played alot.. but it's just not right =/
i guess i missed those school days.. where there were sampat ppl :D
Now it's just me and lappie. LOL

Blablabla oooh ooh! catched up abit in GOSSIPGIRL.
didn't really catch the show tho.. but i saw some scenes..
couple scenes to be specific.. and its so sweet..
the boys are hawt, the girls are sexxayy..
AS IF there are ppl so perfect -.-
CHACE aka NATE .. burning HOT (: oh he's with JENNY
NJ couple

Dan&Serena DS couple

Chuck&Blair CB couple


Librarian camp is coming soon :O
woahhh i must say.. im not excited.. LOL
not very =/ dont ask me why, i dont know LOL
maybe it's coz i never been to one with school friends >:D
everything will be okay.. it must be
oh oh right now SiewYi is in her church camp ...
ahahah having sleepless time over there,
NOW you know how i feel LOL..
the home sweet home feeling just aint right ;P

Anyhoo, everyone is like busying their schedules.
To SJKC CHEE WEN 2007 6S peeps there is gathering next week on 19th
i cant make it tho, will be in camp by that time
or maybe i can make it in time?
ahaha i have no idea o.o HAVE FUN!!
Play till your butts drop off (:

Brought books O.O
but ahah dont think im gonna study :P
will leave it for later :DDD
toodles my loves

xoxo, Jaslyn