Friday, June 25, 2010

I just need somebody to love.

friends are like crayons.
You need all types and all colours to make
the portrait colourful.

This morning i went to wudo
it was fun. extra fun to see everyone having the spirit ;D
FYI, wudo is not really smth my school supports :/
so.. we have the spirit yo!
oh oh did i mention that,
one of the masters actually said this to me
" i think you can do a split "
but no, im not there yet :P

While waiting for some of them, chit-chatted with peeps.
This f2 guy call eng yaw keep critisizing bieber
i was debating LOL!
excuse me justin bieber is not gay. he is super straight.
Yeah i know his voice laa blablabla.
i am NOT a bieber freak. BUT i love bieber's song tho.
You gotta admit his songs are fantasticly awesome.
I adore how he can sing songs.
How many guys can sing that high LOL!

later at 6pm, CAMPFIRENIGHT is going to begin ;D
5 hours more to go. HEEE =)
i haven't decide what to wear tho.
will go bury my head inside my closet ;D
cfn will be the last for me to have fun before pmr tortures me D:
so i will dance till my ass drops off

boooo. will try to make it next week!!! :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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