Monday, May 31, 2010

Things changed, environment changed.. most of all, YOU changed

Helloooo HEEEE (:
its been some time since i updated my blog x)
means church youth camp :D

Blablabla it was okay laa.. =D
To me the worst activity is " leap of faith "
where you have to jump from a plank that is super high and catch a wood infront
if you cant, you will just fall o.o
but of course you wont smash the ground laaa
someone will pull another string to help you land nicely =D
i was super scared coz its like super high and you need to JUMP
i know some ppl might be teasing -.-
i am afraid of heights.. so yea... LOL

Blablabla other activities like kayak, rock climbing and flying fox
Kayak was awesome HEEE i manage to stay dry LOL
many ppl fell in the water =D
smelly smell water with pees and poops and drain water
i wanted to but i didnt dare LOL
Rock climbing was a failure -.-
TOOOOO many ppl lining up so pffttt o.o
Flying Fox was nice laaa
but stupid me closed my eyes while the thing goes down
LOL told you im scared of heights
and its SUPER high like SUPER DUPER MAJOR high

blabla reached home yesterday,
didnt study much coz too tired.. who would? :P
but i believe GOD will help me laaa
coz i put my priorities for him already >;D

LOL ppl in my class were like
" too bad lah who ask you go camp "
" harh? you didnt study? die luu "
" HAHAHAHAH who ask you go ? now see lahhh "
wth rite LOL
but i have faith in GOD dat he will help me >:)
sheesh you ppl :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, May 24, 2010

i need a hug hug now xD


today is monday... skipped school for studying
yea yea i know im onlining now LOL
its 3.56pm so i might be off at 4pm AGAIN to study D:

im so stressed up.. i cant focus..
and i don't know why..
i guess this is what you call temptation -.-
I WANT TO GIVE UPPPP but i know i can't
gosh this is so hard ><

monday - study
tues - study
wed - study
fri sat sun - CAMP
mon tues wed thurs fri - EXAMMMMM

OMG pls help me go through this lord
have faith!

i wonder if you wonder why i wasnt there

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, May 17, 2010

you make me wanna.. surrender my soul

Hello people :D
it sucks.. whole lot =)

Been feeling real frustrated these days =/
my youth camp on 28th seems to clash with my exam which starts at 27th
at first i just want a refund,
but come to think of it, i guess i will give it a try x)
means i will study study study, den if i can,
i will go go go xD

So i guess what i can do now is study real hard
gonna make it no matter what it takes ...
if GOD wants me to do it, he's gonna make sure i do it =)

i've been receiving lots of concern nowadays.
from youths, friends and family x)
It's nice to know that you mean something to them and they really hope you are okay

yea sometimes you just feel like you are doing this ALONE -.-
nobody can help you, everything is on you
that feeling sucks D: it's just a torture

but if just someone, anyone who would just care for you
the heart will go AWWWWWWW xD
well that is how i feel laaaaaa ;D
i guess i just have to have more trust in GOD that he will help me
and trust in MYSELF dat i can make it through the rain =)

I can make it true the rain,
i can stand up once again
on my own, and i know,
that im strong enough to mend
- awesome mariah carey -

help and guide me dear lord =D
xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, May 14, 2010

i shouldn't have walked away, i should've stayed if you'd say, we could've made everything okay..

cause lightining won't strike
the same place twice,
when you and i
say goodbye,
i hear the angels cry

HELLO HELLO precious (:
first of all!! I GOT A NEW CLOSET xD
thx for the complains i made to my mum due to the small closet i had
its gonna burst anytime, like seriously -.-
so mummy bought this 3-layer-cupboard.. too bad its too tall,
almost hit the fan O.O
So gotta take off the top layer T.T ISH ISH yes my room is so small -.-

just back from school..
today is a typical saturday.. -.- yea GOTONG-ROYONG-saturday -.-
as usual, i went for wudo, but cancelled -.-
So went up to the library to help cleaning
oh my my the library is one huge library O.O
never knew cleaning was so so SO SO annoying .. ( pity my maid!! LOL!!!! )
somemore there are dustssssssss and  spider webssss D:
but what to do.. sacrifice lorr ish -.-
and i just cleaned up my room yesterday! ARGH
wanted to help WUDO to clean the comp laboratory but couldn't SORRY =(
blablabla chatted with mua babes
MICHELLE TONG SIEW YI ffk-ed me like last night
just saw the msg this morning wth ==
bla bla and i saw him :D


bla bla bla, and did i mention,
not anymore.. but this coming youth camp on 28th
mid terms is on the day before camp, how can i go D:
darn sad, all my friends are going laaa,
its like me ffk-ing them when i really hate ppl ffk-ing me D:
joyce, tryphaena, charmain, jasmyn and others D:

blabla i should really really start studying!! LIKE REALLY
ppl is making me guilty for not studying D:
haiz STUDY
ohhh the 6pm-must-shut-down-all-comps plan did not work out LOLOLOL
it never will LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, May 7, 2010

packed your bags and walked away, there's nothing i can say

been some while since i updated huh..
readers are decreasing badly D:
I dont get it... but still... AWWWWWW =D

today went to curriculum WUDO again,
awesome (:
got to sweat like a mad cow again xD SOMETIMES sweating is good.. right?

HEEE (: blablabla ate burger with the girls after that
And i just found out something,
ahahha we seem to know alot of ppl,
but they can hardly know our names LOLOLOLOL
i guess we are just not popular =/ LOLOLOL ( obviously!! )

pappy banned me from using comp for too late,
how sadening..
but i guess it's somehow good,
at least now i have reasons to spend my time studying...
i already wasted one week time on onlining =(
and mid-year-exam is like 2 or 3 weeks coming nia D:
I guess this is another way GOD helps me to study laaa
LOLOLOLOL!! agree much? xD

and and and HE KNOWS MY NAME lolololol
yes im shocked o.o

this world is lack of love laaa -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Worst of the worse

Hey ppl~
Today is like the awesome yet hateful day =/

At first,
Morning was okay,
and the best part is,
we took our class photograph xD
I bet the candid pose was stupid and crazy BUT awesome ;D

will be the bad part >:(
Felt so bad for those who get insulted for no reason AT ALL
one of the teachers came in to our class,
yea we are kinda noisy DUUH GET USE TO IT LAH DUMBIE >:(
Then! this freaking teacher came in pulling the boys' ears
After pulling the ears, he actually said
" this is for your fortune, boy "

THEN!! he even insulted cheerleading and basketball!
WTH?? what is your problem old man?
Cheerleading isnt nothing okay, its SOMETHING
SOMETHING you cant do, cant imitate, cant learn!!!! SO STFU
Basketball is also SOMETHING awesome,
SOMETHING you cant handle, and cant even GOAL! >:(
You are just an old man full of wrinkles and frowns!!
so why dont critisize your face??

I mean seriously,
if you dont like the activity,
at least just comment or give a compliment,
why must you insult?
You cant even dance or do moves!! WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!
URGGGHHH, i bet when he was small,
he cant be tall or jump that tall,
thats why he insults tall sports!! >:(

To those who got insulted,
Build a bridge and get over it yea (:
You still gotta live on ,
even though you know there is this sucky teacher in our school =D

p/s : you are humiliating your family, ancestor and children D:
pp/s : ISH !!! you will payyyyy!!! ARGGGHHHH >:(

xoxo, Jaslyn