Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Worst of the worse

Hey ppl~
Today is like the awesome yet hateful day =/

At first,
Morning was okay,
and the best part is,
we took our class photograph xD
I bet the candid pose was stupid and crazy BUT awesome ;D

will be the bad part >:(
Felt so bad for those who get insulted for no reason AT ALL
one of the teachers came in to our class,
yea we are kinda noisy DUUH GET USE TO IT LAH DUMBIE >:(
Then! this freaking teacher came in pulling the boys' ears
After pulling the ears, he actually said
" this is for your fortune, boy "

THEN!! he even insulted cheerleading and basketball!
WTH?? what is your problem old man?
Cheerleading isnt nothing okay, its SOMETHING
SOMETHING you cant do, cant imitate, cant learn!!!! SO STFU
Basketball is also SOMETHING awesome,
SOMETHING you cant handle, and cant even GOAL! >:(
You are just an old man full of wrinkles and frowns!!
so why dont critisize your face??

I mean seriously,
if you dont like the activity,
at least just comment or give a compliment,
why must you insult?
You cant even dance or do moves!! WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!
URGGGHHH, i bet when he was small,
he cant be tall or jump that tall,
thats why he insults tall sports!! >:(

To those who got insulted,
Build a bridge and get over it yea (:
You still gotta live on ,
even though you know there is this sucky teacher in our school =D

p/s : you are humiliating your family, ancestor and children D:
pp/s : ISH !!! you will payyyyy!!! ARGGGHHHH >:(

xoxo, Jaslyn