Friday, May 14, 2010

i shouldn't have walked away, i should've stayed if you'd say, we could've made everything okay..

cause lightining won't strike
the same place twice,
when you and i
say goodbye,
i hear the angels cry

HELLO HELLO precious (:
first of all!! I GOT A NEW CLOSET xD
thx for the complains i made to my mum due to the small closet i had
its gonna burst anytime, like seriously -.-
so mummy bought this 3-layer-cupboard.. too bad its too tall,
almost hit the fan O.O
So gotta take off the top layer T.T ISH ISH yes my room is so small -.-

just back from school..
today is a typical saturday.. -.- yea GOTONG-ROYONG-saturday -.-
as usual, i went for wudo, but cancelled -.-
So went up to the library to help cleaning
oh my my the library is one huge library O.O
never knew cleaning was so so SO SO annoying .. ( pity my maid!! LOL!!!! )
somemore there are dustssssssss and  spider webssss D:
but what to do.. sacrifice lorr ish -.-
and i just cleaned up my room yesterday! ARGH
wanted to help WUDO to clean the comp laboratory but couldn't SORRY =(
blablabla chatted with mua babes
MICHELLE TONG SIEW YI ffk-ed me like last night
just saw the msg this morning wth ==
bla bla and i saw him :D


bla bla bla, and did i mention,
not anymore.. but this coming youth camp on 28th
mid terms is on the day before camp, how can i go D:
darn sad, all my friends are going laaa,
its like me ffk-ing them when i really hate ppl ffk-ing me D:
joyce, tryphaena, charmain, jasmyn and others D:

blabla i should really really start studying!! LIKE REALLY
ppl is making me guilty for not studying D:
haiz STUDY
ohhh the 6pm-must-shut-down-all-comps plan did not work out LOLOLOL
it never will LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn

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