Monday, May 17, 2010

you make me wanna.. surrender my soul

Hello people :D
it sucks.. whole lot =)

Been feeling real frustrated these days =/
my youth camp on 28th seems to clash with my exam which starts at 27th
at first i just want a refund,
but come to think of it, i guess i will give it a try x)
means i will study study study, den if i can,
i will go go go xD

So i guess what i can do now is study real hard
gonna make it no matter what it takes ...
if GOD wants me to do it, he's gonna make sure i do it =)

i've been receiving lots of concern nowadays.
from youths, friends and family x)
It's nice to know that you mean something to them and they really hope you are okay

yea sometimes you just feel like you are doing this ALONE -.-
nobody can help you, everything is on you
that feeling sucks D: it's just a torture

but if just someone, anyone who would just care for you
the heart will go AWWWWWWW xD
well that is how i feel laaaaaa ;D
i guess i just have to have more trust in GOD that he will help me
and trust in MYSELF dat i can make it through the rain =)

I can make it true the rain,
i can stand up once again
on my own, and i know,
that im strong enough to mend
- awesome mariah carey -

help and guide me dear lord =D
xoxo, Jaslyn

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