Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy sial

hehehehe... I like this pic... took in the car... hahhaah

Waaaaaaaahhh...time goes sooo fast weih... so fast den exam coming lorr.... in 3/4 days time!! And i hardly revised... oMG... den the following months also got exam... WTH... the school crazy one ...

Anyway...i can see that i very long dun get to online ed... hahahaha... coz no time lahh... everything so damn packed... HAiz.... ==

Waahh... i wanna go Shoppign weih... i havent get to buy siew yi a present... D:
i told her ed... she say nvm... but i wanna get her one... i always go to summit... but summit stuffs dun suit her needs lahh... haiz... i wanna go shopping lahhhhhhh

Erm.. in holidays.. I think me, SY and Xy are going to plan an outting with the form 1 cuttie's.... hehehehe... Cant wait for it... LOL..

dunno wat to write ed... excited for tomoro's WUDO... first time... coz i can finally get my outfit... hehehhee....xDDDDD

oh ya!! Today we three and Melissa went to librAry to do revision.. hahaha... we aer like melissa's teacher... lol
BUt i manage to revise a lil... hehehehe..

okay... noth to rite ed... bye xDDD

Sunday, July 26, 2009

26th July girl

Another July birthday girl ooo...
On 26th July 2009...
Firstly... I would like to introduce her...

She is....
- Cute
- Adorable
- Good Friend
- Good with homeworks
- Quite social
- Friendly
- Caring

Although so...She could be...
- Mad
- Annoying ( LOL... )
- Angry
- Emo

BUt she is still a very good friend... xDDDDDD And did i mention she is also good-looking??? Hahahaha...

Her name is no other than


-loves to drink soup
-likes Roxy brand stuff
-strict in studies
-wears specs
-LOVES shopping 100%

-has a super long to-buy-list... (you cant imagine it... )
-Choosy in food xPPP

- is a librarian

Today is her 14th birthday... Yea... This girl has been born to this earth for 14 years... Time passes so fast before you can stop and stare... Haizz... Why i am toking this for?? LOL
Anyway... actually we all wanted to help her to colebrate... with her favourite event... SHOPPING
!!! But she wants to celebrate with her family.. Haiz... nvm... i wished her early this morning... And sher mentioned dat she has a lot of plans ed... so... no nid to worry lahh.. HAHHAHA~~~ Anyway.... these are the pics...

She is the right one... siew yi... hehehe..

On the right... xDD

This is what we took in form 1 i think??? when she still has long hair... xDDDD

Align Center
She is the left one... took this in outing in SP..

Middle girl... looks betta without glasses??? xDDD

Still the centre one... xDD

Hahhahaha~~ Hari Carnival promoting fresh guavas... she's on the right... xDDD looks pale huh... xDDD

She's on the bottom right... smiling broadly... haha..

Tadaa!!! This is all i can do for her.. sorry siew yi.. if you can go shopping with us maybe i can buy you a present... maybe i will buy a belated present... xPPP


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oo... I just mentioned in a post earlier abt my PSV projects rite??? Tadaa... here are some results of my batik... from tissue and paint... Muahhaah~~ Enjoy!! xDDD

Nice?? It took me time lahh.. lol... okay.. bye...

Kar Yee and Flo

Happy Belated Burfday to ....



May GOD always grant you great wisdom and good health plus wealth for all your life...
May all your wishes come true!!!
And may you always be in a happy and cheerful mood!!!

I just wanna say..

Always Smile girl!! Your simple smile will bring a lot happiness to those who cares about you... hope you have a sweet + memorable 14 !!! xDDDD

A lot muaxxxxxxxx and hugsssss......

From, Jaslyn xDDD


18th July 2009 - SMK SEAFIELD 2009 AGM librarian meeting

Sorry peeps.. coz i kinda busy nowadays...Hahahah~~ Sorry yea..

LOL!! So.. 18th JUly is librarians' big day... Muhahahah~~~

Actually it's quite boring lahh.. hahha
... Coz all the important duty places are not my business... hahaha!!! Lol.. ExCepttttttttttttt...

The part where they actually congrats us ppl like ME to officially enter LEMBAGA PUSAT SUMBER... the LIBRARY COMMUNITEE!!!! xDDDDDD Hahaha~ I got a certificate too.... LOL... but i dun think it will help much in da future rite?? Hahah...

Anyway... Me and my besties SS so long there... hahaah~~~

Let me list out first..
1. Michelle Tong ( my galfriend )
2. Melissa Chan ( cute + super pwetty )
3. Wen Qi ( nice girl )
4. Michelle Kang ( form 1 + sampat + funny + cheerful girl )
5. Pei Ru ( strict one ... xPPP )
6. Jia Yann ( vulcanz cheer ooo... )

OKay... here comes the pics!! I use more than half an hour to post these lahh!! xDDDD

My bottle and bag of the day!!!! xDDD

Me and Michelle Kang... awww... xD

Two cute girls... Jia Yann & Jia Qi

Another Shot...

OOO... there is performance of hip - hop on the stage... got moonwalk lehh... so cool weih!!!

These are the form 5's singing a song coz they nid to graduate soon...=/

MUAHHAh~ Me ss-ing with my cert...

Another closer shot on me and siew yi's ( michelle tong ) certs... hahaha

Both gals ss with certs... LAME LAH... haha

Me and Wen Qi... xDD

Librarian Buddy.. Rohen.. hahah~

Dumb Dumb with Pwetty... hahaha~ Chehe... michelle tong and melissa chan... haha

Me, Jia Yann, and den..... Wen Qi.. hehe...

3 pwetty + cute + kind librarians.. haha...

Ooooooo!! This is my favourite pic of the day... everyone looks soooooooo CUTE!!! xDD

This one also okay lahh... why am i looking sideways huh... LOL...

Pooh!!! Finally finished!! Heheh~ Comment yea... xDD

Friday, July 17, 2009


MUHAHA~~~~ PSV prject is finally finished!!! Yea!!! I can finally online freely!!! xDDDDDDDD Weee!!~

It's been quite long since i update my blog... sorry yea peeps... coz i am quite busy wif my projects and homeworks... but it is seriously hard to banned yourself from onlining... haiz.. but we have to sacrifice smth.. hahaha

LOL.. anyways.. tomoro got librarian meeting from 7.30am to 1pm..
OMG... sadly i nid to skip my WUDO practise... haiz.. coz last week teacher say wanna teach us do pattern.. very yengg one lehh.. and i think i am going to get my WUDO uniform soon~~~ *Smiles broadly* hahahhaha~~~ Tomoro i am going to bring my h/p... Du-uh.. hahaha! Going to SS with siew yi gua...

HOpe everything goes fine tomoro... i heard that new librarians... ( example, me!! ) are going to receive a certificate tomoro to congrats us for joining.. LEMBAGA PUSAT SUMBER... hahhahah~

* and tomoro got jamuan lehh.. pooh!! Luckily they got prepare food after the long meeting.. hahaha~~ *

chiao!! xDD i will post about tomoro.. tomoro... hahah

Monday, July 13, 2009

second try

today mum made a second try on making mashed potatoe...
The first try was quite long ago.. and to say the truth... it is quite awful... xP

BUt today's one okay lahh... acceptable... hahah~ but a lil salty.. too much anjimoto... LOL...xDDDD haha... but still nice... i took some pics of it... but i cant find my handphone cable... LOl... i guess it's next time lahh...

Hahaha~~ LOL... i hope i can eat the third try one... it WILL be better....


ANd go check out this link... it's about a english girl named " Connie talbo "... and guess what... SHE's just EIGHT THIS YEAR!!!
OMG!!!!! ==
Connie Talbo - i will laways love you ( in japanese show )

Connie talbo - i will always love you ( in "ONE MILLION STAR")

She is soooo cute... no teeth... hahahah~~ xDDD and she always smiles like a normal cute girl but her voice is so special weih... heheh

Okay... bye bye peeps xD

Thursday, July 9, 2009

very annoying one lorr...

Haiz... this few days i kip coughing lehh... very hard to talk or laugh or even sleep!!
Damn annoying one lorr.. WTH.. haiz.... and the worst part is... It hurts!!! haiz

Ah dui~ So annoying and irratating.. feel like taking out my throat and soak it in a big pail of cool water... den put back... hahah~~~ Funny description?? LOL...

Haiz... these days... i always have a feeling dat everything is so close... so packed... so tight!!!! IIIISSSHHH~~ Feel like a big bomb... den BURST... BOOMMMM!!!!! Heheheh~~

OKay.. short post... xDDDDDDD

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ppl around you

Today horr... actually i dun wwanna write post one lorr... now... me typing this post... i felt... dissapointed and sad and pity..
For what?? Good question... for the world!!!!!

Have you personally look around?? LOOK at the ppl around you.. yea~~ Friends and family... yes.. many many more... but are you sure they are truthful and trust-worthy as you think they are?? I have no comments on family.. but besides family.. have you ever experienced smth dissapointed or smth that rily make you angry AND sad at the same time?

If you haven't... den nvm.. If you have.. you will probably know what i am talking about... I do not write this to backstab any ppl.. just a general feeling dats all... okay??

Haiz... Sometimes the world is so unfair... Sometimes you just accept the fact that no matter how semangat or how diligent you are.. you just cant win those PRO-ppl with PRo-maskes and PRO-talking-which -will-always-convince-other-people!! Argh!!! Sometimes you just feel like slapping them or just make them !!!! Haiz.. ( wow~ It sound like i am so furious?? hahah ) But ppl around you!!! You can gurantee to me that they are always pure, clean, polite, realistic??? I dun think so larr... even family members have probs among them... Haizz..

But we cant do anything to fight back.. FISTS CAN'T SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS.. BUt one day, those woo deserves will gety their punishment soon or later... Soon Or Later...

OKay.. finish ed!! But pls.. do not trust a person fully or you will regret one day!!!! Unless that person is rily relyable!!! But always be careful!!!! mark my words i tell you!!! xDDD ( LOL~~ )

Sunday, July 5, 2009

long sleeve!!

Today my mum bought me a long sleeve top!!
Why am i so happy?? Coz it's my first one!!! xDDD
Hahaah~~ yea~~ i dun hav any long sleeve top that i can wear till today..
Although the design is very simple.. but i love it!!! yay!! xDDD



Sorry peeps.. Hahah~~ Coz yesterday it was oledy nearly 5pm when i went home from school's carnival day... xDDD SO i was too tired... slept for 2/3 hours... den when i woke up it was nearly 7pm.. so i asked my lil bro and sis whether they want to play badminton with me.. ( i was still tired... but somehow i wanted to play badminton)
.. Weird girl.. Muhahah~~

So today i uploaded the pics i took yesterday.. oni some larr... busy selling stuffs... LOL~~

Oh ya!! F.Y.I.. my class' stall sold...

1. Guava

2. Guava Juice

3. Orange Juice ( free gifts from "cheers" brand coz we bought a big amount of "cheers" rootbeer )

4. Rootbeer ( "cheers" brand larr )

5. Rootbeer Float ( rootbeer with vanilla ice-cream .. Yummy !!! )

Tadaa~~ A lot stuff rite.. heheh!!! i met some of my old classmates there..
there is....

1. Thomas Lee Ming Zhang

2. Teo Bao Sheng

3. Khoo Chee keat

4. Chai Juan Hong

No more... Lol... all boys... xPPP...

Anyway... there goes the pics..

A beautiful day always starts with one of my cute smiles.. ( perasan ) hahaha~

This is the guava juice... green~~ heheh~ ( got colouring xPP )

These are the fresh guavas... Waah~~ *thumbs up*

These are the drinks... rootbeer and guava juice...

My mum took this from her camera.. hahah~ Many peeps ... LOL

Hahaah~~ Siew yi and Xing yi~~ promoting guavas and guava juice!! xDDD

Wow~~ So many bottles of rootbeer!! But it's going finish in a blink..!!! xDD

Muhahah~~ i took this of hui shing filling a cup of guava juice!! heheh~~

Our form teacher, Cik Dziatul helping out!! She didn't notice it took this too... xDDD

Another shot of Cik Dziatul~ Heheheh~~ xDDD

Busy Busy Busy.. LOL~~ look at the messy table!! hehehe

LOl~~ Another shot of hui shing serious look.. coz i know she doesn't like to look at the camera... So i took her sideway pic... xPP

Can you spot me?? I am in green tee~~ hehehe~ ( my mum took this too!!)

A closer look of 2 Budi Stall!!! Business weih!!!

Now don;t you tell m e you cant spot me!! xDDD~~ Xiao hui looked so serious..==

i wanted to take a pic with Xy but it turned out like this.. Oh well... xPP

Oh~~ After finished our selling.. we went to walk around and den we sat on a bench and table infront of the koperasi.. Xy counting her coupons... dunno where to spend.. xDDDD

TAdaa~~~ last group pic in the canteen!! xDDD

let me tell you smth.. actually it's not rily dat fun to spend our tickets.. coz when we finished selling.. the stalls are already starting to close.. Haiz... But nvm.. it's still fun though...xPP

OKay~~ Dats all~ Comment me yea! xDD