Friday, July 17, 2009


MUHAHA~~~~ PSV prject is finally finished!!! Yea!!! I can finally online freely!!! xDDDDDDDD Weee!!~

It's been quite long since i update my blog... sorry yea peeps... coz i am quite busy wif my projects and homeworks... but it is seriously hard to banned yourself from onlining... haiz.. but we have to sacrifice smth.. hahaha

LOL.. anyways.. tomoro got librarian meeting from 7.30am to 1pm..
OMG... sadly i nid to skip my WUDO practise... haiz.. coz last week teacher say wanna teach us do pattern.. very yengg one lehh.. and i think i am going to get my WUDO uniform soon~~~ *Smiles broadly* hahahhaha~~~ Tomoro i am going to bring my h/p... Du-uh.. hahaha! Going to SS with siew yi gua...

HOpe everything goes fine tomoro... i heard that new librarians... ( example, me!! ) are going to receive a certificate tomoro to congrats us for joining.. LEMBAGA PUSAT SUMBER... hahhahah~

* and tomoro got jamuan lehh.. pooh!! Luckily they got prepare food after the long meeting.. hahaha~~ *

chiao!! xDD i will post about tomoro.. tomoro... hahah

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