Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hahah~~~ Semangat ooo...

We all 2-budi ppl kip doing pre-sales!! xDD Even though we just started on tuesday.. but we oledy earned RM 700++ ( dunno minus the cost oledy a not)... wEE~~ still earned some money oledy mahh.. xDDD =PP

I love my class weih!! I think our class is quite cooperative!! It's like before recess three periods we whole class ( some ppl..== din come down..== ) went down to "book" a place to open our pre-canival sales.. WeeHee~~ At first we are so nervous and so confused.. but after some experiences... we managed it quite well!!!

Weehee!! And guess wat? my class is gonna make a class t-shirt which i hope we all can wear on this sunday for CARNIVAL DAY!!! Wee hee~~ 2BUDI DAMN SEMANGAT WEIH~~ hahaha xPP

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