Saturday, March 26, 2011


Heyy :/

I wanted to blog about what i did the whole morning till now, which is 530 pm already :O
But, just when i opened facebook,
I saw something really unpleasant.

Dengggg :(
I felt DAMN unappreciated D:
It's like I don't exist among them at all :'(
It's darn hurtful to know you are not one of them who they will think about when they mention names. 
Am I that invisible? D': 

My happy mood just burst into broken pieces seconds ago. :'(
Shall blog next time.

Oh, just briefly, today I participated a movie drive event.
it's organized by leo club of smk seafield.
Basically, we are paying 15 bucks for the movie " RANGO ".
Partly of the money will go to the orphanage in PJ call House Of Joy.
Yeap that's about it.
Shall talk about it next time la. :S

Wth. I can't believe this actually happened D:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Choral speaking zone level & SPM :)

Heyy fellows :)

As my title showed, today was the big day :D
Yeapp it was the choral speaking zone level competition! :)
We practiced like mad cows the last week :O
Some of us even suffered sorethroat and stuffs :/

Well no matter what, I guess our hardwork paid off :D
We got first place! :D
It was totally unexpected though, since we lost to SMK SU last year,
so this year would most probably be the same.. :O
But suprisingly we won this time :D SU was good though, seriously.
We were blown off when it was their turn and that made us nervous craps :O

Okay my main point is to share this victory, 
and also share my experience in SMK Subang Utama!
The competition was held in SMK SU itself though,
We were all pumped up to visit another school xD
Just when we all stepped down the bus, our jaws practically fell to the floor.
The school is HUGE.
Suddenly Seafield seemed so small :X
It's so big i think we can actually get lost in there :O
Was totally amazed with the area, and what more the dewan!
It was spacious too, but quite stuffy i would say :/
Okay let the pics do the talking la :D
All the pics are blurry though :P

Along the road to SMK SU :D
Our bus is darn small with no air-cond at all wth :O

 the hall :D
Biggg you knoww :D

 Other teams doing sound check :)

 I wanted to take candid photos lol!
But Hong Li saw my phone and claimed I purposely want to take his pic -.-
So he practically posed lol.

 Bored faces :P
We waited super long till everything started though :/

Seriously, Malaysians are so not punctual -.-
The event was said to start at 730am till 130pm.
But we were there since like.. 8am?
And the judges just arrived at nearly 10am! :O
Ohmaigoodness, didn't they check the time? ISHHHHHH!! >:(

So blahblah everything started pretty late.
It was supposed to be 12 teams competing,
but from what i heard 6 teams gave up their rights :/
I don't really know why, but i guess it's something positive for us? LOL!

 Packing bags to leave to the canteen (:

After we got our results, we headed to the school's canteen before our bus arrived.
DAMN i tell you.
The canteen is HUGE too!
Okay i sound like some jakoon lol!
But it was an eye-opener for me laa, so haha bare with me lol!
But one thing is it has quite a few tables only :O
Super many food there too :O
Saw this super awesome ice shave food there :D
It's 2 bucks though, pricey to me :O
But no harm to try, right? HEEE :D
 Chocolate flavour <3
It was.. okay? Yeahh (:
It's worth the try though, we don't always get to eat this in SU :P

After that we went back to school,
it was 12 smth by then.
Sadly i didn't really get to talk to them D:
Before i knew it, they went back already :O
Saw many ex-seniors ;D
Most of them became hotter and prettier ;D
AHHHHH i love love love brown hair x)
Although I didn't get to give concern to those i know,
but i sincerely hope everyone is well and satisfied (:

I wonder what will I feel by then :O
LOL! less than 2 more years to go :O
GAHHHH oh please i can't even cope with my science subjects now -.-
After that, stayed back in school for Chinese lessons.
I was super sleepy and was half asleep throughout the whole class :X

 Introducing the retarded to the max retard, florence ong :D
She camwhored with my phone, so yeah :)

BLahblah so that's mostly about today (:
I'm so exhausted already!
I hope i can rest by 1030 at least >:)
Bye loves (:

p/s : DAMN. it was all a misunderstanding. So much for believing it :'(
pp/s : HOMEWORKS! ARGH crashing me to bits! :( 

xoxo, Jaslyn

A better plan

Hello humpty dumpties :D

Today has been a quite moderate day for me though ;)
But more on the happy side :D

Firstly, choral speaking.
I was nearly one of the subs :O
Well that's the price for coming just 3 days out of 6 the last holiday week laa :X
But, fortunately i had another chance and I'm in now :D
Thank God that he actually gave me this opportunity (:
I mean, yeah i'm like one of the seniors,
And for me being the sub? I felt terribly uncomfortable lololol!
okay sooo not bragging. I'm just lucky i guess (:
Super grateful though :')
OH! tomorrow's the zone level competition! :D
Wish me luck peeps ;)
May we bring victory and smiles back :D

Next was the club interview.
I was just informed on this morning itself -.-
Was totally shocked like crap :O
But like what daddy always said,
" You know you're going to do it , no matter if you want it or not, so just go for it, after that, nothing more "
Totally depended on that sentence and my hopes were quite low (:
It was quite okay for me, maybe it's because it wasn't my first time :O
i totally screwed up :S SIGH. 
OH WELL. Shall not think about the results then.. (:

Blahblah lastly accounts tution!
Teacher said today we're gonna have an accounts exam.
Just so you know, our retarded school didn't offer us accounts exam,
and we actually have to PAY for them to mark our project..
( how pathetic.. ikr! -.- )
So yeah my tution teacher was kind enough to give us exams for trials.
As soon as i got home i quickly took a quite glance throughout the notes.
I was thinking of skipping tution today and replacing other days,
So that i have more time to study and maybe get better grades?
But naahhh, schedules are all being shitty, so yeah, sticked to today.
It's over anyway!!! :D
It's bad though, all the aset, liabiliti, pengelarasan, perakaunan, kunci kira-kira.
URGHHHH so not my thing :S

BLahblah that's mostly about today laa :)
" God always has a purpose in everything.

If you think today sucks,
That just means HE's planning for a better tomorrow "
Now i know why was i screwed the last time,
It's because He wanted to prepare me for the stuffs later on.
It's silly of me for doubting his care for me, isn't it? haha :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, March 21, 2011

Have faith in Him :)

Hello teddy bears :D
Okay as i promised in my last post,
I'll post up pics i got in my hp :D
It's super less though :S I know! crappieee :/
but it's always better than none HOHO (:

First pic i took after a LONGGGG sleep 
from Subang to PD :)

Oh oh! can you see the board there?
yeap its the hotel baybeh :D
Like usual, i love taking pics of my room :P
That's practically my bed you're seeing ;)
Oh and my orange luggage heee :D
A quick shot from the balcony ;)
Pretty ehs? but the fact is it's quite dirty :/
Another shot :)

On the second day of camp, in the evening,
Hawaii Night was on.
So yeah everybody had to dress up on floral themes :)
I took some pics though, I look stupid in the dress.
Thanks to florence for lending it to me or i would be screwed :)

On Hawaii night on Day2 in camp :)
I was in my room with Pearl so I decided to snap photos with her :D
Snap 1 :)
The only pic when Pearl's not closing her eyes and neither am I.
Yay us :D
Sadly, the LAST picture i got before we headed home :O


So yeah, that's all about it though :)
It's super less but sighhh oh well ><
So.. if you have been reading my blog,
You would know i've been fussing with the piano in youth fellowship thing..
it's over! LOL!
It was quite bad though :(
It turned out totally not what i expected,
In rehearsal we sang 2 beats but for the real one everybody sang 4 beats,
I as the pianist felt really noob that time :/
Anyway it's over already laa :)
I'm still glad we made it through la :D
We changed the last song like.. 10 mins before the worship?
seriously! it's a great thing it went well :D
But i would say my first pianist experience was better, since i prepared earlier :P
BUT! think positive la :D
At least we all had an awesome time (:
Thank GOD for helping me.. AGAIN :D
" you are good. and your mercy is forever " - You are good by Gateway Worship

So after the whole youth thing,
went to mamak with other youths.
My bro wanted to eat so i had to follow,
Pulled tryphaena along :D
But then my mum arrived early, I can't go home yet cause tryphaena would stab me,
So turned out my bro and I both went with the youths LOL.
Mum had to go home :P
Still appreciate tryphaena for staying back with me, If not i would be some lost pig there

Today went to church real early, suprisingly. HAHA :D
after spent the whole day in Summit.
Ahhh Popular sales ;) Bought files :D useful though!
Right now i have tonnes of modules to rush :/
Tomorrow i will have Choral speaking practice till recess :/
I'm really concerned about it you see :O

I am really struggling though.
My school actually offers japanese classes for the whole student body.
It's 200+ bucks for 5 months at least?
they said it's very worth it though :/
But i have to make a decision between that and choral speaking :O
Some said choral speaking since I'm already the senior,
Some said japanese class because it actually benefits me by adding another language to my brain, maybe useful in future :S
GAHHHHH blocking my brain laaaa :/
Tomorrow's school. Doomed. :S
hate school. how i wish today was last sunday :D

p/s : you wouldn't know how much that sentence mean to someone ;)
pp/s : It's so sweet that i would just smile everytime i think about it :D
pp/s : I have to skip classes for choral speaking. Coping up is gonna be a problem 

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, March 18, 2011

Being a daughter sucks, sometimes..

Hello smileys (:

As you can see from my title, 
this post may be more of an emo post :/
LOL! but just to bore you less :P
I want to share something really awesome ;D

First of all, shall post some of the pics in my phone.. in the NEXT POST ;D lol!
Damnn !! Didn't take much in PD during youth camp :/
Crappieeee :(

Like i said in my previous post, 
My song leader gave me the piano scores on wednesday,
and thursday was rehearsal.
I was so stressed and tensed that i spent hours on the piano.
* super proud of myself *
HAHA lol! 
Although it had just been less than 2 days,
i managed to get the hang of most of the songs,
maybe changing chords still needs practice,
but overall at least i'm not a total blur jakoon during rehearsal ;D
Went to the guitarist, ee laine's house to rehearse.
We worked out on some chords and changed here and there,
Oh my i was so pressured by that time :O
Was there 2 WHOLE hours though, yeap.
songleader Michelle fetched me to and fro, how nice of her :D
It's also her first time song leading though,
I bet both of us are super nervous :O xD
But credits to God who helped me to adapt the songs in time! :DD
May He continuously bless our whole band throughout the whole song worship <3

TADAA smiles :D
now frown! :(
why? cause i'm super emo and sad now.
Sometimes it really feels sucky to be a daughter in the family,
worse to be the eldest daughter >:/
I always got blamed here and there for undone chores,
HELLO? I'm not the only one using the house you know :/
The boys were just sitting there on the couch and watching TV.
while I have to sweep, clean, fold clothes.
CRAP? it's the 21st century la come on!
Daughters, so what?
Sons have to do something too, shouldn't they?
URGHHH. teared a lil just now.
The heavy rain in the afternoon practically caused the clothes to NOT dry,
which made me got scolded.
Mum thought I left the clothes in the rain.
ISHHHH. i kept it la! It's just not dry, what can you doooo? -.-

Sometimes I just really felt like running away from home.
Okay i won't la, where how when and who right?
Ahhhh many consequences.
But the scolding and nagging is driving me nuts!
Daughters Girls Women. 
what about Sons Boys and Men?!?!?!
Maybe mummy is stressed for work,
but helloo, blaming me for doing my part and not doing my brothers' 

okay i'm done fussing around.
If you are a girl, and a daughter, and your maid is about to leave soon,
You will definitely feel my pain :'(
But if you're not, ahhh just forget it D:

p/s : Tomorrow's my second pianist experience!
6 songs in a row! GOD BLESS ME. and our WHOLE team xDD

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

can hardly take a break :(

Hello bloggers (:

I'm super drained :(
If i'm a wet tissue that you guys always receive after a wedding dinner, 
I'm so dry that you can't even feel a tiny bit of moisture in me :(

This holiday week is what I've been waiting for,
But now it's not treating me good!! :'(

Spent my weekends, monday and tuesday in MIYF youth camp at PD.
It was interesting though (:
Although there were some left-out and boring moments,
which is common :/
But overall i had a great time laa ;D
At least i got to talk to people i don't usually talk to.
The beach there was really dirty though! :S
But some of them said it was cleaner than before..
omg imagine what was it like ! :O

Yesterday reached home at 430. took bath and headed off to accounts tution.
ohmaigoodness. imagine the organs in my body they are so swollen already D:
After tution i was drop dead tired.
Today went to Bm replacement tution again! :/

My song leader just gave me the song scores today,
And tomorrow is rehearsal.
SEE? kill me, just stab me or smth :(
Luckily she said it's okay if i just play chords,
If she insisted me to figure out the notes one by one, i would commit suicide :(
( no i won't, i'm not that stupid.. lol!
but i might just faint due to over-stressed lololol! )

SIGH. but i really can feel the burden on me D:
Tomorrow there is choral speaking practice from 8 - 12,
And the hanging-out-with-my-girls plan from 12-2,
then youth rehearsal from 5-7.

God please guide me throughout the whole week,
not forgetting catching up with school works.
God has His way, i will just follow :'/


I really love our camp theme song though :D
To let all the world know that Jesus saves (:
Without Him, There's no us <3

xoxo, Jaslyn