Friday, March 18, 2011

Being a daughter sucks, sometimes..

Hello smileys (:

As you can see from my title, 
this post may be more of an emo post :/
LOL! but just to bore you less :P
I want to share something really awesome ;D

First of all, shall post some of the pics in my phone.. in the NEXT POST ;D lol!
Damnn !! Didn't take much in PD during youth camp :/
Crappieeee :(

Like i said in my previous post, 
My song leader gave me the piano scores on wednesday,
and thursday was rehearsal.
I was so stressed and tensed that i spent hours on the piano.
* super proud of myself *
HAHA lol! 
Although it had just been less than 2 days,
i managed to get the hang of most of the songs,
maybe changing chords still needs practice,
but overall at least i'm not a total blur jakoon during rehearsal ;D
Went to the guitarist, ee laine's house to rehearse.
We worked out on some chords and changed here and there,
Oh my i was so pressured by that time :O
Was there 2 WHOLE hours though, yeap.
songleader Michelle fetched me to and fro, how nice of her :D
It's also her first time song leading though,
I bet both of us are super nervous :O xD
But credits to God who helped me to adapt the songs in time! :DD
May He continuously bless our whole band throughout the whole song worship <3

TADAA smiles :D
now frown! :(
why? cause i'm super emo and sad now.
Sometimes it really feels sucky to be a daughter in the family,
worse to be the eldest daughter >:/
I always got blamed here and there for undone chores,
HELLO? I'm not the only one using the house you know :/
The boys were just sitting there on the couch and watching TV.
while I have to sweep, clean, fold clothes.
CRAP? it's the 21st century la come on!
Daughters, so what?
Sons have to do something too, shouldn't they?
URGHHH. teared a lil just now.
The heavy rain in the afternoon practically caused the clothes to NOT dry,
which made me got scolded.
Mum thought I left the clothes in the rain.
ISHHHH. i kept it la! It's just not dry, what can you doooo? -.-

Sometimes I just really felt like running away from home.
Okay i won't la, where how when and who right?
Ahhhh many consequences.
But the scolding and nagging is driving me nuts!
Daughters Girls Women. 
what about Sons Boys and Men?!?!?!
Maybe mummy is stressed for work,
but helloo, blaming me for doing my part and not doing my brothers' 

okay i'm done fussing around.
If you are a girl, and a daughter, and your maid is about to leave soon,
You will definitely feel my pain :'(
But if you're not, ahhh just forget it D:

p/s : Tomorrow's my second pianist experience!
6 songs in a row! GOD BLESS ME. and our WHOLE team xDD

xoxo, Jaslyn

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