Wednesday, March 16, 2011

can hardly take a break :(

Hello bloggers (:

I'm super drained :(
If i'm a wet tissue that you guys always receive after a wedding dinner, 
I'm so dry that you can't even feel a tiny bit of moisture in me :(

This holiday week is what I've been waiting for,
But now it's not treating me good!! :'(

Spent my weekends, monday and tuesday in MIYF youth camp at PD.
It was interesting though (:
Although there were some left-out and boring moments,
which is common :/
But overall i had a great time laa ;D
At least i got to talk to people i don't usually talk to.
The beach there was really dirty though! :S
But some of them said it was cleaner than before..
omg imagine what was it like ! :O

Yesterday reached home at 430. took bath and headed off to accounts tution.
ohmaigoodness. imagine the organs in my body they are so swollen already D:
After tution i was drop dead tired.
Today went to Bm replacement tution again! :/

My song leader just gave me the song scores today,
And tomorrow is rehearsal.
SEE? kill me, just stab me or smth :(
Luckily she said it's okay if i just play chords,
If she insisted me to figure out the notes one by one, i would commit suicide :(
( no i won't, i'm not that stupid.. lol!
but i might just faint due to over-stressed lololol! )

SIGH. but i really can feel the burden on me D:
Tomorrow there is choral speaking practice from 8 - 12,
And the hanging-out-with-my-girls plan from 12-2,
then youth rehearsal from 5-7.

God please guide me throughout the whole week,
not forgetting catching up with school works.
God has His way, i will just follow :'/


I really love our camp theme song though :D
To let all the world know that Jesus saves (:
Without Him, There's no us <3

xoxo, Jaslyn

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