Monday, March 21, 2011

Have faith in Him :)

Hello teddy bears :D
Okay as i promised in my last post,
I'll post up pics i got in my hp :D
It's super less though :S I know! crappieee :/
but it's always better than none HOHO (:

First pic i took after a LONGGGG sleep 
from Subang to PD :)

Oh oh! can you see the board there?
yeap its the hotel baybeh :D
Like usual, i love taking pics of my room :P
That's practically my bed you're seeing ;)
Oh and my orange luggage heee :D
A quick shot from the balcony ;)
Pretty ehs? but the fact is it's quite dirty :/
Another shot :)

On the second day of camp, in the evening,
Hawaii Night was on.
So yeah everybody had to dress up on floral themes :)
I took some pics though, I look stupid in the dress.
Thanks to florence for lending it to me or i would be screwed :)

On Hawaii night on Day2 in camp :)
I was in my room with Pearl so I decided to snap photos with her :D
Snap 1 :)
The only pic when Pearl's not closing her eyes and neither am I.
Yay us :D
Sadly, the LAST picture i got before we headed home :O


So yeah, that's all about it though :)
It's super less but sighhh oh well ><
So.. if you have been reading my blog,
You would know i've been fussing with the piano in youth fellowship thing..
it's over! LOL!
It was quite bad though :(
It turned out totally not what i expected,
In rehearsal we sang 2 beats but for the real one everybody sang 4 beats,
I as the pianist felt really noob that time :/
Anyway it's over already laa :)
I'm still glad we made it through la :D
We changed the last song like.. 10 mins before the worship?
seriously! it's a great thing it went well :D
But i would say my first pianist experience was better, since i prepared earlier :P
BUT! think positive la :D
At least we all had an awesome time (:
Thank GOD for helping me.. AGAIN :D
" you are good. and your mercy is forever " - You are good by Gateway Worship

So after the whole youth thing,
went to mamak with other youths.
My bro wanted to eat so i had to follow,
Pulled tryphaena along :D
But then my mum arrived early, I can't go home yet cause tryphaena would stab me,
So turned out my bro and I both went with the youths LOL.
Mum had to go home :P
Still appreciate tryphaena for staying back with me, If not i would be some lost pig there

Today went to church real early, suprisingly. HAHA :D
after spent the whole day in Summit.
Ahhh Popular sales ;) Bought files :D useful though!
Right now i have tonnes of modules to rush :/
Tomorrow i will have Choral speaking practice till recess :/
I'm really concerned about it you see :O

I am really struggling though.
My school actually offers japanese classes for the whole student body.
It's 200+ bucks for 5 months at least?
they said it's very worth it though :/
But i have to make a decision between that and choral speaking :O
Some said choral speaking since I'm already the senior,
Some said japanese class because it actually benefits me by adding another language to my brain, maybe useful in future :S
GAHHHHH blocking my brain laaaa :/
Tomorrow's school. Doomed. :S
hate school. how i wish today was last sunday :D

p/s : you wouldn't know how much that sentence mean to someone ;)
pp/s : It's so sweet that i would just smile everytime i think about it :D
pp/s : I have to skip classes for choral speaking. Coping up is gonna be a problem 

xoxo, Jaslyn

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