Saturday, March 26, 2011


Heyy :/

I wanted to blog about what i did the whole morning till now, which is 530 pm already :O
But, just when i opened facebook,
I saw something really unpleasant.

Dengggg :(
I felt DAMN unappreciated D:
It's like I don't exist among them at all :'(
It's darn hurtful to know you are not one of them who they will think about when they mention names. 
Am I that invisible? D': 

My happy mood just burst into broken pieces seconds ago. :'(
Shall blog next time.

Oh, just briefly, today I participated a movie drive event.
it's organized by leo club of smk seafield.
Basically, we are paying 15 bucks for the movie " RANGO ".
Partly of the money will go to the orphanage in PJ call House Of Joy.
Yeap that's about it.
Shall talk about it next time la. :S

Wth. I can't believe this actually happened D:

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