Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A better plan

Hello humpty dumpties :D

Today has been a quite moderate day for me though ;)
But more on the happy side :D

Firstly, choral speaking.
I was nearly one of the subs :O
Well that's the price for coming just 3 days out of 6 the last holiday week laa :X
But, fortunately i had another chance and I'm in now :D
Thank God that he actually gave me this opportunity (:
I mean, yeah i'm like one of the seniors,
And for me being the sub? I felt terribly uncomfortable lololol!
okay sooo not bragging. I'm just lucky i guess (:
Super grateful though :')
OH! tomorrow's the zone level competition! :D
Wish me luck peeps ;)
May we bring victory and smiles back :D

Next was the club interview.
I was just informed on this morning itself -.-
Was totally shocked like crap :O
But like what daddy always said,
" You know you're going to do it , no matter if you want it or not, so just go for it, after that, nothing more "
Totally depended on that sentence and my hopes were quite low (:
It was quite okay for me, maybe it's because it wasn't my first time :O
i totally screwed up :S SIGH. 
OH WELL. Shall not think about the results then.. (:

Blahblah lastly accounts tution!
Teacher said today we're gonna have an accounts exam.
Just so you know, our retarded school didn't offer us accounts exam,
and we actually have to PAY for them to mark our project..
( how pathetic.. ikr! -.- )
So yeah my tution teacher was kind enough to give us exams for trials.
As soon as i got home i quickly took a quite glance throughout the notes.
I was thinking of skipping tution today and replacing other days,
So that i have more time to study and maybe get better grades?
But naahhh, schedules are all being shitty, so yeah, sticked to today.
It's over anyway!!! :D
It's bad though, all the aset, liabiliti, pengelarasan, perakaunan, kunci kira-kira.
URGHHHH so not my thing :S

BLahblah that's mostly about today laa :)
" God always has a purpose in everything.

If you think today sucks,
That just means HE's planning for a better tomorrow "
Now i know why was i screwed the last time,
It's because He wanted to prepare me for the stuffs later on.
It's silly of me for doubting his care for me, isn't it? haha :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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