Sunday, September 27, 2009

23rd Sept 09 - Where Got Ghost?

Date ~ 23rd September 2009
Theme ~ Where got ghost ?
Time ~ 11am ++ to 3pm ++
Ppl ~ Me, siblings, cousins, 4th aunt and uncle-in-law

Hahahah~! Just felt like updating abt this particular day..=P
this day is one of those days which i lurveeeee in this raya holiday~~ xDD
Yeap.. our main plan is to watch a movie..
My lil bro wanted to watch the hamster movie.. forgot wat name d..
but i dun want.. coz it looks boring..==
And!!!!!!! There are adults following along mahh.. watching those kind of movie is not fair for them.. yea i know i am kind.. haha
So after checking .. saw this poster of this new show " WHERE GOT GHOST?"
Since it's a chinese show wif horror + humour..
So it's gonna be it luu..
At first my di di so sad.. hahah~ ~ Den bought him popcorns and carbonated drinks.. his smile is broad again.. haha
Yea.. my di di is like dat one.. food can always satisfy him easily.. muhaha...

So.. we went to S.P coz i asy there got more shopping places that we can shop after the movies... heheheh..
BUt den the cinema is so darn fweaking crowded..
Yes.. teenagers booked till full house weih..
And the time is oni 11.30am ++..
So early ..== hahah
So we say okay lorr.. go Summit..
But b4 dat sure nid to shop a lil mahh..
Dun waste ticket money like dat...xPPP
So.. shop a while den off to summit..

We bought tickets for WHERE GOT GHOST? on 2.50pm..
Dat time it's like oni 2pm.. hahah~
So we bought food..
Yea.. waited there... xDD
I also took pics.. but dark dark one.. =="
Den when its time for the movies..
guess wat?
OUr drink and food are almost finish d..
Me, lil sis ( jamie ) and eldest cousin sis ( charmaine ) dun dare to tell the adults.. scared kena nag and scold.. ahha
So we combine money and secretly go buy one more LARGE drink..
using the excuse we wanna go toilet together... sneaky i guess..
Den we hide it in charmaine's jacket.. LOL

Movie starts!!!!
There are three parts in the movie..
First part is about ghost related to roads..
Second part is related to forests..
Third one is related to home and is a continue version of " MONEY NOT ENOUGH ".... xPP

I think the 2nd part is the climax.. xD
It is more attractive den the other two..
Nice show~~ xDD

enough talking.. now enjoy the pics of the day... =D

Hahah~ Starts wif my ss pic.. xD

Me and charmaine..

One of the recycle bags in F.O.S

Another bag.. this one is nicer..~~ xDD

Me and charmaine.. AGAIN.. LOL.. ss freaks.. i lurve this pic a lot weih~~ xDD

Blurr lahh.. Me, Jamie , Charmaine.. xDD 3 princesses..xPP

Me and lil sis ( JAMIE ) ... blurr again..

Me and charmaine .. she is wearing the mask i bought her earlier... haha

Again me and charmaine.. we rily know how to ss!! HAHAH
Finally.. let me introduce.. this is my lil cousin sis... Charmaine's lil sis.. look like me horr?? hehehe...

Lil sis eating lolipop...
Lurve this pic too but too bad Charmaine din look straight.. haiz.. nvm.. as long as i did.. CHEHhhhh~~ Hahah

Sushi in the tesco/jusco food court.. not very nice.. not original one oso.. hahah

Took this pic while waiting.. Looks interesting.. ahhah~

me and Jamie drinking.. ahha

Haha~ Blurr me and drink.. and my cousin's jacket

Inside the cinema.. dark dark ooo..

Another shot!!

Me and jamie ( lil sis ) ... in the cinema d..

Can you spot my aunt and uncle-in-law?? PLus my siblings..xDD Its dark..=P

Rily happy dat day~~ xDD

P/s : i got sorethroat and cough.. sadly.. MAY GOD HEAL ME~~ LOL.. pray for me.. ahha
p/s : still rushing pjk project~ haih~!

Wow.. now 1.09am d.. bye.. tomoro open school d.. xDD Gud luck ppl!!!! xDD

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Appointment with the Dentist

Today i teman my lil sis to go for check-up..
Yea.. you guessed it!! At the dentist~
My sis had a teeth-growing problem..
You see...
One of her "men ya" ( door tooth / rabbit tooth ) fell out long ago..
But it had oledy been more den 3 months and the tooth don't seem to pop out from her gum..
The previous doc said its common for all kids untill std 6..
but my pap dun seem to let it go..
So he made an appointment..=D
I can say it's the 1st time in my 14 years of living dat i am going to a dentist...
But not to check my teeth but my sis'..
We waited nearly an hour for our turn...xP
Den when i went in the room i was like O.O..
I cant walk around coz it would be rude..
so i just stood aside and explore slowly wif my bare eyes..xDD
I took pics too!!! But i lost my phone cable so oh well xDDD
AHhah~ They even set up a small tv to distract the patient..=D
My lil sis was scared as this is her first visit to the dentist..
To me... All dentist looked so ...evil~! cunning...~!
ignore me.. Hahhah~
Maybe i have read too much Mr.Midnight books~~
Okay.. so check check check... den bye dentist~
Cost 10 bucks.. cheap? expensive? dunno lahh..=P

Saw Ko3 ep 31..
I am their number 1 fan weih..
My hotty is almost the half main character in this episod..
And he is also the main one in ep 32.. ( saw in the preview )

Next ep would be such a BLAST!!!
It would be more sad... touching...
Aww... ish.. but everything in a show is always a show..
yea right..
Like our stupid real life has a farytale ending..
Sometimes i rily hope i will have power you know..
Not kidding..
not the stupid power lahh... dunno exactly how to explain..
just.. watching KO3 always make me so excited and cheerful.. x3
If i have extraordinary powers.. how wonderful would dat be huh...
but.. it won't be unless in dreams.. Haih~~ =="

Tonight got youth fellowship..
Actually nid to invite friends coz today is movie night..
but i dun think they would go...
coz everyone will still be busy.. haiz..
This time i would buy some tit-bits to enjoy while watching..
hahah~ HOpe the movie would be nice~~

p/s : AAAAAAAAHHHHHh~ Doomed by tonnes of homework and PJK project~~ Sounds easy but hard to do~!!!!!! Help me ppl!!!!
p/s : miss my babes sooooooooooooooo much.. how are you guys??
p/s : today morn din go wudo bcoz of transportation prob... haiz.. how is it??

muahahha~ found my phone cable!!!
here are the pics.. for my lil sis...xDD

the table wif weird stuff... dentist stuff...==


ahhaha~ My sis so nervous... LOL

A quick shot of the dentist room..==''

NO~ She is not crying.. just rubbung her eyes ... hahah

Friday, September 25, 2009

Miss you!

Rily miss my home lahh...
Coz this holiday i am always in my grandma's house in Kota Kemuning..
Aww... Its like so desperate you know..
Just to go home.. a strong feeling..

Besides the shopping wif my love ones.. no more interesting plans d..
Actually wanna go visit the zoo.. but aunt is not free... haiz..

Wanna open school d..
Our beautiful fantasy dream is going to become a nightmare in days!!! Hours!! Minutes!!! Seconds!!! OMG... WE ARE DOOMED WEIH!!! LMAO..

Yea.. its been quite long since i update my blog.. hahah~! My blog is counted half alive half dead.. but i gave it a healer potion... muhahah~~

Hope you guys cherish everymoments and bits of this one-week-holiday or you will regret when the horror arrives ... ( School = horror ) LMAO..

Okay, chiaoz peeps xPPP

~ Jaslyn ~
~ Doing PJK project still.. wanna make it unique but still figuring... takes time... xPP ~
~ Wanna go home !!! ~
~ tomoro got WUDO.. dunno going a not... ~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

K.O.3anguo / 終極三國 Ep 30~~ =D

Yea~~~~~~~ Saw KO3 ep 30 today
Its about dignity!!!
About Friendship!
About Trust!!
About HOnour~~

This is the last part of ep 30.. nice one when the gurls fight~~ Woohoo~

Woohooo~~ Hahh~ Cant wait for ep 31..
Where a new character pops out!!
Ah xiang's ex-fiancee..
I thought Benji ( zhao yun ) is fang wei but it turns out not.. LOL
benji is OBVIOUSLY soooo betta-looking.. xDDD

This morning i went to WUDO class in school wif sy..
Cool weihh~~
We learned a set of moves as a pattern call "WUDO 1 "
Yea.. we learned for weeks or a month oledy..
but.. still cant get the hang of it nicely... LMAO

So today sir gave us extra training..
Ask us to find a pair..
teacher arrange me and siew yi..=D
Every pair has to present the pattern.. Den other ppl and teachers will be the judges..=D
Oh ya~ Forgot to mention... today had extra 2 teachers den usual.. means 4!!!

I was so darn fweaking sepremely nervous..
Yea... i always had " audience-fright "
small audience also counted lahh... LOL
So me and siew yi kip discussing abt the moves...=P
We are so in to it untill din even notice teacher was pointing us..
so out we go...
yea... i know my moves and stunts would be cacat-ed
LOL.. BUt i think we are quite on the same speed ....
Den after that sir gave us some comment..
Hahaha~ Said my blocks are too lembik..
I was shivering wif fright mahh...=="
but tell u something..
We are excused from the punishments..!!!!
Yea!! WooooHooooo~~
Overall we were the only gurl group dat didn't kena punish.. muhahaha
not to be proud but its a rily happy thing for me..
lol.. so delighted... tadaa!!

sad thing lahh..
Yesterday i went out shopping wif my babes...
Bought three Elianto's nail polish... plus a discount nail polish remover...=3
But today!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww... The red bottle one tip over!!! Yea..
It "polluted" my floor.. basin.. plus the Elianto plastic bag~~ and the other 2 bottles..D:
Yea... i spend almost an hour to finish cleaning up..
By that time my nails are so cacat d..
So i go remove the polish before and do it again..=D

My aunt from Perak is coming today!! Woohoo~~
i think she will bring us to movies and zoos.. ahhaha LOL

Have fun ppl!!
To all 2b...
Just to remind..`
gurls oni..
Got PJK homework..
do it in the hols!!

~ Jaslyn ~
~ Lots of x's and o's to all my babes ~
~ xoxo ppl.. ~
~ Am in a happy mood now ~
~ catching KO1 !!!! =PP ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished~~
Mission : Shopping .. reveal the attitude of a shopaholic
Destination : Sunway Pyramid lahh of coz
Date : 18.09.09 ( Friday )
Time : 11.30am ----- 7.30pm ( 8 hours ~~ xDD )
Ppl involved : Sy, Xy and me lah of coz... du-uh

( pics will be uploaded soon...xPP but now words.. LOL ~ )

Wow!!! The feeling after shopping is so awesome fantastic bombastic magnificent marvellous bravo great good nice cool fabulous !!!!

Woke up from sleep.. Still blurr...suddenly remembered the shopping..
Hurry brush up.. Wait for aunt to come fetch me...=P

~ 11 --- 11.30 am ~
Driving~~ Fetch siew yi and xing yi along from sy's house..
Reach Sunway Pyramid

~ 11.30am ------ 1.15pm ~
Shop shop shop.. Still early... so like so empty.. O.O not used to it...
den hungry d... coz me and xy also din eat breakfast ~~
Hahah~~ Discussed what to eat like 15 minutes???
Den decided t eat pizza hut.. lol.. coz cheaper...xDD We are not dat rich..
As long as the food is filling and finger-licking-good...
Its okay wif 3 of us..=D

~ 1.15 pm ----------- 2.05 pm ~~
yummy yummy food... i mean pizza...xDDD We order set one..
So everyone gets two pieces of pizza..
yea its filling..=DD
I realized that there is smth called " cheese powder "..
LOL~~ Its quite nice..
BUt adding too much will make it look a lil yucky..xPP
after eating.. we ss-ed in pizza hut's like half an hour???
hahah~~~ yea.. we received a lot of omg-what-are-they-doing-faces and looks
This is the world of teenage gurls.. du-uh.. FYI. xDD

~ 2.07 pm ---- 4.54 pm ~
Energy charged!!!!
Next stop!!
Help Xy find a green pants ..
She needs it for a drama...
So off we go!!!
Du-uh... and of coz buy our stuffs...xDD
Went to so many shops..

Lots more... forget d... hahah~~~

~ 5.00pm ~

Legs are aching... haha~~
We went to "Snowy" dessert shop..
Omg.. got offer lunch..
but unfortunately we ate d..
We order two desserts..
One is mango flavour one..
The another oni is Watermelon flavour...
The waiter who take our order was rily kind..
But the one who serve our food was soooooooo impatient.. ISH..==
We ss-ed again.. all in xy's camera... coz camera's pics are more nicer
the shop is a beauty and sweet..
The desserts are wonderful..xDD
But the mango one got ice-cream....xPPP
We 3 are like ss-freak...
Especially siew yi.. hahaha~~
But at least she has the condition lahh.. ahhhah~~ Coz she is prettier than some other ppl.. lol.. ( kinda like me.. ) BUt ss is not a sin...xDDD so nvm..

~ 5.25pm --- 6.30 pm~

Off again~~ We went to living cabin~~
Wanna buy some stuff for my sis...
Bought star paper..
hahahh~~ xDD I know she will lurve it... LOL
Den Siew yi have to go home first.. sadly..
We accompanied her to the main entrance.. xPP
Its raining a lil.. No place to sit.. hahah
Den we saw a nice spot... hahah~~ Sofa with no table..
Betta den nth rite...
So we let down our stuff..
ss-ed again.. LOL
Den we saw another nicer spot..
Change place...
Chit chat.. Gossip..
Den ss-ed..
Den Laugh here laugh there..
Good times..
Den oh no!!!
Siew yi have to go home..
Said good bye..
Me and xy continue our mission bagi pihak siew yi

~ 6.30pm to 7.30 pm ~
Me and xy chit chat..
kinda lost inside s.p coz usually siew yi will take the lead
But we manage to find our way to popular bookshop..=="
We talked abt drama..
Den we got tired..
SO we decide to buy an ice cream from McD's..
and sit down and chat..
But den after oni find out no place d.. all the malays "booked" the place..
They ordered the food d... waiting to buka puasa.. ahha~~
Den xy say she hungry..
So we bought donuts from Dunkin Donuts...
Xy belanja me.. tq babe.. muaxx
i choose a vanilla filling one.. she chose a white chocolate topping one..=D
BUt i dun rily like mine.. Oh well xP
After a long walk again.. ( haiz )
We saw seats behind "New Zealand" ~
Actually its for the customers oni..
But we dun care d..
Hahah~~ We have a great view of the skating arena just below us... hhaha~
Den Xy's parent called...

~ 7.45pm ~
Xy's pap reached.. =D
Drived Prado..
haha~~ i thought i can sit the new car.. LOL.. nvm..
Next time lahh...xPPP
Xy's pap was not as serious as i thought... ahhaah
he looked kind and friendly..=D
Reached home around 8pm..
thx xy for the transportation.. Again muaxxxxxxxxxxx!!! =3

~ 8.30pm~

Pap "ta-pau"-ed my dinner fr outside..
yea... havent eat..
dun want eat in s.p... xP
Ate fried kuey teow

So i guess dats all for today... xPP
I spend almost Rm60..
Is it too much?? I hope not~~ or is it..==
paiseh lehh papa and mama..
once a long time mahh..xDD

But i still hope i can go out wif my form 1 babes... it will be more merrier..
Maybe go ice-skating?? heheh
or go sunway lagoon..
Dunno... see lahh.. xDDD
Nitez.. Its oledy 1.28am in the midnight!!!
Tomoro still got wudo!!! OMG~~

p/s : am rily happy he apologised... although quite late... but betta den dun hav.. still got hope.. hahah~~ For another guy.. HOpe less lahh.. ISHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~

p/s: actually i can see Ko3 one now... but will leave it for tomoro!! xPP

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's so on Babe.. Just you and me..

Currently status had changed to
"watching Ko1"
Its okay for me..
Of coz.. KO3 nicer.. Muahahhah~~~
Coz there got more hotties...

Woohoo... today is the last day of school d..
Wow.. the teachers are improving their marking skills..
Although i rily rily rily dun want to get my results at first...
Talking abt results..
its a sword through my heart..
Omg.. In history...
My maths would be so horrible..
I guess my speed is extremely slow... haiz
But at least i din cheat.. haha
( lol.. comforting myself oni..=D )

tomoro holiday..
BUt too bad its not public holiday
If not everything will be smooth..
Going out wif my babes..

There seems to be so many Ko3-loveers out there...
I am the number 1 fan weih!!!
For all Ko3-lovers,
The newest episod will always be uploaded on every friday at midnight 1am.. ( or maybe later ) LOL
So betta watch it!!
or watch it on saturday..

Bye peeps... xDD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

your fault lahh..

* Screams *
Yay~~ !!!
Sept exam is finally over...
Although its oni like 2 days..
But it feels like 2 years..
Some subjects are rily hard... for me lahh...xDD
Like.. Sejarah... and Geo... plus chinese!! OMG
But i think... i rily pushed myself forwards this time..
(Although i just studied like one day b4 exam..xDD )
Coz samantha wanna go d..
To Australia... TT.. so jealous..
Chatted wif her just now...=D
Its late winter there now.. Aww..
it must be sooo cooling...
So Darn jealous...
Cant blame myself..
What? I haven't travel overseas before...
I know.. what a pity.. D= xD

This person..
Hate you weih..
Do smth wrong dunno say sorry..
Still ask ppl shut up..
Fuck weih.. ( i know.. harsh words.. cant avoid it.. haiz )
Ishhhh~~~ Wanna scold you.. or even slap your ass..
But nvm.. i sabar first..
Coz dun wanna si po lian..xDD
But you certainly suceed on spoiling my mood to finish my exam..
Oh ya.. dun perasan lahh ppl...
Anyway.. its a boy..xDD
So.. stop perasan-ing..
NO offense..=DDD

Okay.. Oh ya.. today when school ends..
The rain suddenly poures down like Shit..
Hahah~~ Me and my babes are so darn soaked wet..
Oh my gosh..
My shoes... haha... It sure nids drying xPP
Sy say she wanna wear slippers to school tomoro..
Says this is an oppurtunity.. hahaha
I want to.. but i got shoes.. xDDD
And after kena ejek how..
hhahha.. LMAO..
We are so wet...
I mean like... WET
Coz we rushed through the rain ...
and den wen we reached outside... no place to stand... TT
Wth.. so we like excuse me.. excuse me... ohh... thanks..
haha... So sempit..
And not to mention.. So darn fweaking cold... xDD
Cold breeze... hahah.. LOL
Xy so kesian.. haha... coz wear baju kurung...xPP
After dat ... Sy went back first... den Xy..
Aww.. left me alone...

~~ I can make it through the rain.. ~~ I can stand up once again ~~ On my own.. There's no doubt..~ That i'm strong enough to make ~~ "mariah carey "
LOL... So my father arrived...
Its oledy 6.o1pm..
== hahah~~ xPP
So late rite... den my father still suspect me
suspect me wat?? say i play in da rain.. i am like .. ==" O.O
haiz.. nvm

Woohoo.. long post.. xDD
NOw My mind is full of.. shopping~~
Next destination..

( or other shopping places.. to relax )

~ Jaslyn ~
~ Normal mood ~
~ Wanna go shopping!! ~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st practical

To make this story a lil shorter...
Its mainly about my 1st piano practical exam..
Its a sad story..
Yea... you guys should have guessed it ed..
BUT... I din fail.. =)
LOL... If i fail i dun thnk i am going to school tomoro... Hahahh~~
Its just dat...
I just passed!!
And the worst is...
its my first time lahh...
Dissapointed lah of coz if you ask.. Dx
But... teacher say other students all also got pass oni...
Dunno whether its real or is she just comforting me... x)
Yea... i cried in piano lesson...
I felt ashamed too.. ==
but i cant resist it...
I thought it would be soooooooo much better...
at least Merit mahh... TT

HOpe i will do better next time...xDD

Friday, September 11, 2009

So darn fweaking touching....

OMg!!! Just finished watching KO3 ep 29...
It was awesome, great, cool, bombastic, magnificent, fabulous, hillarious, fun and of coz NICE~~

The oni think i dun like is the part when the real liu bei comes back... hate it weih... == like so miang and so evil... LOL...

The fake one is way more betta.. It's so hard for a guy to cry you know...
BUt int he show he cried quite some times...
For his beloved gurlfriend... Aww... isn't dat soooo sweet~~ !!!!!
And the gurl...
why must separate one...==

I 'd seen the whole episod...
its touching... and also sad...
but funny too in some parts...
Hotties are just so darn fweaking hot..
Haiz... wat to do... LOL...

I also tried to squeeze my tears out but i couldn't...
the oni thing i did was
clunching my pillow to my chest...
hugging it rily tightly in those emotional parts...
Dun say me xing yi... you cant cry too... ahhaha~~

My babe Sue Zen teached me how to upload video d... last time so darn noob... LOL... Enjoy... ( i uploaded the bye-bye part )

Anyway, you are actually quite welcomed to comment abt this video.. haha
Especially to Ko3-lovers~~

Muaxx.. so darn touching... click on this to see in youtube!!!woo hoo~~

WTH... I had a bad day... ==

Cousin charmaine ... plus me lahh of coz... ( a lil blurr..== )

Omg.. today fweaking embarassing...
dun wanna tell abt the whole thing..
But it's so darn emabarassing
Dunno got ppl notice it...
I can be the first in the history weih!!!

Haiz.... So sad...
BUt to cheer myself up...
I decided to forget abt it and enjoy my KO3 ep 29...xPPPP
Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You cant blame for being so crazy abt it...
I waited a week!!! Can you feel the torture?? == Nvm... too dramatic d...
Loading now... chiaoz~!!!!

p/s : after youth got steamboot nite.. Woohoo.. gonna take pics...xDDD
p/s : I wanna forget abt it... TT...

xoxo hug and kisses to you

Pics wif my lil sis...she also like to ss one.. hahah~~


Omg... Tuesday is gonna be the first day of exam..
Din study lately coz nid to prepare her special suprise present...

Sometimes i dun get myself too...
Am i just acting good...
Or rily wanna have peace between them huh...
Friendship cant be purchased...
if it can.. Den its not as Valuable oledy lorr..
So ppl outside there...
Dun waste your friendship...
And most importantly..
Dun spoil your precious teenage life just bcoz of some dumb dumb ppl...

Yea... i should tell myself too..
Coz i am currently having problems... xDDD oh well...

LOL... everybody say its just a part of life...
But i also dunno why i am so concerned abt it..
Maybe coz of the past...


Today we came to school at 10.30am ... OMG..
SO darn early weih... ppl should be still in their sweet dreams..
you should wonder why..
to prepare her suprise present lahh...
Omg.. all the pasting and cutting is driving me crazy!!!
And we have to make it creative... OMG..

And the worst part is!!! We sacrificed our lunch.. OMG!!!
Dats why we so darn hungry and staving by the time we went in class...
At maths i can hardly concentrate...
Dat made PN.HO misunderstood me..
I cant hardly wait longer for recess... == And she pula think i dun like attending her class... Big sacrifice...TT

Nvm... Once in a life time lahh... for her... can lahh...xPP

Den when school is gonna end..
When we are discussing...
The school bell rang...
Xy dunno why screamed... followed up by SY..
OMg... i was sitting infront of her and i was so shocked and startled at the same time...
You should see how Pn.Roslina reacted..
Hahah~~ She is like O.O
Hahha~~ I rily laugh till my tears drop out..
This is how nervous can a person be...
Untill scream like gila babi...
Omg... So crazy like they all...
This is like the best day ever... I mean the school-ending part...

~ ends post ~
~ Jaslyn ~ xoxo ~

p/s : I am so darn aDDICTED to KO3.. Omg...Its so darn nice... Wtf.. Nid to wait untill tonight 1 am... dat means tomoro oni can watch lorr... ==
p/s : I will miss her... although the situation now is so beku.. haiz..
p/s : tomoro wudo... xPP
p/s : Exam is coming!! SHIT SHIT SHIT

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aha!! Tomato Rules For All Eternity... =3

Omg... Today was such an LMAO...
At first in the early morn 7am i was forced to leave my comfy bed to go for librarian duty... Haiz...
Due to late-night-sleep... Yea.. my eye bags are more obvious den usual...
And... its shocking to count how many times i yawn for just the few hours i am on duty...
So the day started wif a boring starting... but nvm...

Coz my babes always make my day...
So.. No worries LOL..
So Xy came to library at 12pm ++...
We chit chat...
And i am busy doing my duty... help ppl borrow and return books...xDDD

Den Sy came... LOL..
Den we continue chit chat... xPPP... late for sivik class... ( who cares...==?)

Meanwhile when Pn.Chan came in to relief..
Thats when we 3 bcame crazy... LOL..
Dunno how Siew yi said smth dat to her i look like a tomato... and xy look like a banana hahah...
den i say she look like a carrot...xDDD
And den Xy just kip quiet... LOL...
Den Dunno how and why..
Sy ( Carrot) and Me ( Tomato ) started to complain about each other...

( a part of the silly dialougue )

Tomato : Your carrot is so dry... my tomato has natural mosturizer in it...
Carrot : your tomato made your face soooooooooooo red... LIKE TOOOOO RED!!!
Tomato : Yea... But its always betta den your pale white face...
Carrot : Coz your face is too blushing red.. Like wanna burst!! Mine is smooth
Tomato : No you aren't!! Your face have totally no nutrien and no vitamin at all...

( dismissed.... tomato or carrot wins?? I think tomato has more chances to win!! LOL )

Yea... Lots more... But lazy to say... and xy was getting annoyed as our voice volume was getting more louder by minutes... hahaha... She said quite some times of "SHUT UP" but it didnt work... LOL... ( xy you have to practise harder or saying SHUT UP... LMAO )

yEA... Today was a fun day!! =DD

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dun NAG me d... =="

Aha... dun nag me abt the tag d... i am going to do it right now!!!
LOL... I thought very long one... but i saw SY's blog...
Not very long lahh... so i will do it... xDD


1.Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?
forehead.. ;P

2.How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ?
sleepy.. wanna sleep back but cant coz nid to go attend WUDO class ==

3.Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ?
erm... myself gua... =="

4.Would you consider yourself SPOILED ?
erm... dunno...==

5.Will you ever donate BLOOD ?
i think so.. wait till my age is enough...^^

6.Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ?

hmm... friends got lahh.. but best friends.. no gua... xP

7.Do you want someone to be DEAD ?
To be honest, Yes.... Muhahah~ To the ones i hate... LOL.. but hating someone is so tired... so .. oh well..xPPP

8.What does your last text message SAY?
erm... "K k Now On9"
9.What are you thinking about right NOW ?
after got go buffet wif my aunts... heheh ( no youth )

310. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ?
erm... yes... my babes..

11.What was the time you went to bed last night ?
Dunno the exact time...after 12am.. xDD

12.Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?

My mum bought it...=D i dunno where

13.Is someone on your mind right NOW ?
Not exactly... LOL..

14.Who was the last person who text YOU ?

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz .
1. Olivia
2. Lim Zhe Xian

3. Melissa
5. Charissa
6.Wei Wen
7. Angel
8. Wen Qi
9.Sue zen
10. My bro??

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship WITH ?
sry i dunno... diff school.. old classmate..xPP

16. Is no.3 a male or a FEMALE ?

Female... and a cute one.. haha

17. If no.7 and no.1 get TOGETHER , would it be a good ?
I dunno... coz i dun think they know each other..LMAO

18. What is no.1 studying??

19. When was the last time you chatted with THEM ?
in school ?? O.o / Msn gua

20. IS no.4 SINGLE ?
I think so .. go ask her yourself...xPP

21. Say something about no.2.

He is my old classmate which is guy with pretty much sense of humour...:P

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being TOGETHER ?
LMAO!! they don't know each other..

23. Describe no.9
She is a caring, sweet and pwetty girlfriend aka old classmate too.. but we still keep in touch through blogging...;D

24 . What will you do if no.6 and no.7 FIGHT ?
Dunno.. havent experienced yet...==

25 . Do you like no.8 ? which kind of Like??
Yes... Friends lorr... Duhhh.. xDDD

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Follow the flow...

They both are my cute cute sis... and we will always stay close no matter what happens... although soemtimes we kinda dislike each other ;P

Wow... now i kinda like writing in the centre...
LOL... Coz last time i thought it is annoying... nvm
Guess whats new...
I think my faithful readers would know...
Yea... i made my own mixpod...
I put effort in it you know... it's hard to find songs that is soft.. but yet still in the trend... or maybe just nice to listen???

MOst of my favourite chinese songs are chosen by Xing yi ed...
I love the songs weih... So i like to go to her blog and relax...
hahah~~ BUt i still chose one song lahh... Pet's "gou ai"..
Fweaking nice weih...
The Mv is so touching... ( It would be extra touching x1000000 if you guys watch KO3... Hahahah!~ Cheh )

Btw, school was such a bore today... still so beku lah everything...
coz now puasa time so everything seems to go so fast...
Every period seems to be shorter and shorter...
It's funny to say this.. but i think i am sooooo not used to this... LOL
today got nothing special oso...
Oh ya... Sy damn super hyper weih...
Hahaahh~~ She kip saying dumb stuff plus stuffs-that-doesnt-make-sense kind of stuff... haiyo... equal to craps lahh...
And today chinese teacher distributed new chinese worksheets for us... more as in like a workbook... Arggghhh...
And she kip asking for money... suprisingly... she somehow get to remember EVERY SINGLE PENNY ~~ Omg... incredible i guess....

today someone i rily care kena caught ny teacher for doing something against the school rules... I think its cheating... dunno lahh...
I hope the teacher in charge will give him/her a chance.. and May GOD bless him... So that he wont repeat the same mistake...
He/she also very pity dd... go here go there also kena scold... Pity D=

Today english period is so nervous...
Coz we are suppose to present the puppet show... xDD Aural stuff... stupid rite..
I know... what to do... all the teachers are same... LMAO
HUi ying plus Hui Shing they all presented... i didnt listen through all coz i was also SUPER nervous wif mine... LOL.. but i am sure they did well coz i could hear the big applause they received... Good for them... =DD I hope mine too...

My group is going to present tomoro...
wish me luck and clap your hands for my group yea...

p/s: i treat you good.. you should too... but if you treat me in a bad way... den there's no point i should be polite wif you.. It's just a simple theory... Follow it or ignore it... its you choice.. but you will have to face whats coming up..xPPP Muaxxxxx to all... Love ya!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

waste money oni!!!

beautiful sky horr.... i took it myself.. eleh..


Waste my money oni nia~~

Shit the patriotic competiton lahh...
Before hols say wanna compete on September 1
Make me so nervous

Again H1N1 thing lorr...
Dunno when it will stop spreading...
BUt somehow from the bible...
It seems to be Just a tiny lil punishment for us humans for making GOD's property so ruined...
Dunno lahh... May GOD bless all my beloved ones...xDD

Anyway... not to mention..
yesterday i oni soooooooo rush go so many shopping complexes to buy white long sleeve blouse and slacks coz i dun have...xDD
waahhh... why the person incharge dun spread this news earlier...
but cannot blame him/her also..

But so kesian lahh...
I spend my money dd...
Not my money....
but still sakit hati... ISH ISH ISH ...
Damn it lahhh!!!!

Anyway today start school d...
First day oni lehh... i oledy cant wait for school to end... ahhaha
Schooling days are such a bore..
Well... i suppose most of it...
Except for the part when i gossip and laugh and share almost everythings wif my cuties...xDDD

Sy say next monday got public holiday lehh...
We plan to go shopping...
Tak kisah de H1n1 oledy...xPPP
Cannot resist dd... the whole week stay at home..
CAn crazy lahh...

Wow.. so long horr...xDD
hehehe... I wanna update details about my hols... but lazy...xDDD
Next time lahh =PP

p/s: its so hard and tired to have bad feelings abt someone... i am so sick of it... if words are so easy to break us apart... maybe it is meant to be like dat..
pp/s: Let just forget abt this okay.. so sien..xP
ppp/s: i am agin so darn addicted to K.O.. while waiting for KO3... maybe should watch KO1..hahaha...

~ xoxo ~ Jaslyn ~
~ happy ramadhan for all malay ppl ~ happy puasa ~ xP ~
~ Smiling.. ~