Sunday, September 27, 2009

23rd Sept 09 - Where Got Ghost?

Date ~ 23rd September 2009
Theme ~ Where got ghost ?
Time ~ 11am ++ to 3pm ++
Ppl ~ Me, siblings, cousins, 4th aunt and uncle-in-law

Hahahah~! Just felt like updating abt this particular day..=P
this day is one of those days which i lurveeeee in this raya holiday~~ xDD
Yeap.. our main plan is to watch a movie..
My lil bro wanted to watch the hamster movie.. forgot wat name d..
but i dun want.. coz it looks boring..==
And!!!!!!! There are adults following along mahh.. watching those kind of movie is not fair for them.. yea i know i am kind.. haha
So after checking .. saw this poster of this new show " WHERE GOT GHOST?"
Since it's a chinese show wif horror + humour..
So it's gonna be it luu..
At first my di di so sad.. hahah~ ~ Den bought him popcorns and carbonated drinks.. his smile is broad again.. haha
Yea.. my di di is like dat one.. food can always satisfy him easily.. muhaha...

So.. we went to S.P coz i asy there got more shopping places that we can shop after the movies... heheheh..
BUt den the cinema is so darn fweaking crowded..
Yes.. teenagers booked till full house weih..
And the time is oni 11.30am ++..
So early ..== hahah
So we say okay lorr.. go Summit..
But b4 dat sure nid to shop a lil mahh..
Dun waste ticket money like dat...xPPP
So.. shop a while den off to summit..

We bought tickets for WHERE GOT GHOST? on 2.50pm..
Dat time it's like oni 2pm.. hahah~
So we bought food..
Yea.. waited there... xDD
I also took pics.. but dark dark one.. =="
Den when its time for the movies..
guess wat?
OUr drink and food are almost finish d..
Me, lil sis ( jamie ) and eldest cousin sis ( charmaine ) dun dare to tell the adults.. scared kena nag and scold.. ahha
So we combine money and secretly go buy one more LARGE drink..
using the excuse we wanna go toilet together... sneaky i guess..
Den we hide it in charmaine's jacket.. LOL

Movie starts!!!!
There are three parts in the movie..
First part is about ghost related to roads..
Second part is related to forests..
Third one is related to home and is a continue version of " MONEY NOT ENOUGH ".... xPP

I think the 2nd part is the climax.. xD
It is more attractive den the other two..
Nice show~~ xDD

enough talking.. now enjoy the pics of the day... =D

Hahah~ Starts wif my ss pic.. xD

Me and charmaine..

One of the recycle bags in F.O.S

Another bag.. this one is nicer..~~ xDD

Me and charmaine.. AGAIN.. LOL.. ss freaks.. i lurve this pic a lot weih~~ xDD

Blurr lahh.. Me, Jamie , Charmaine.. xDD 3 princesses..xPP

Me and lil sis ( JAMIE ) ... blurr again..

Me and charmaine .. she is wearing the mask i bought her earlier... haha

Again me and charmaine.. we rily know how to ss!! HAHAH
Finally.. let me introduce.. this is my lil cousin sis... Charmaine's lil sis.. look like me horr?? hehehe...

Lil sis eating lolipop...
Lurve this pic too but too bad Charmaine din look straight.. haiz.. nvm.. as long as i did.. CHEHhhhh~~ Hahah

Sushi in the tesco/jusco food court.. not very nice.. not original one oso.. hahah

Took this pic while waiting.. Looks interesting.. ahhah~

me and Jamie drinking.. ahha

Haha~ Blurr me and drink.. and my cousin's jacket

Inside the cinema.. dark dark ooo..

Another shot!!

Me and jamie ( lil sis ) ... in the cinema d..

Can you spot my aunt and uncle-in-law?? PLus my siblings..xDD Its dark..=P

Rily happy dat day~~ xDD

P/s : i got sorethroat and cough.. sadly.. MAY GOD HEAL ME~~ LOL.. pray for me.. ahha
p/s : still rushing pjk project~ haih~!

Wow.. now 1.09am d.. bye.. tomoro open school d.. xDD Gud luck ppl!!!! xDD

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