Saturday, September 26, 2009

Appointment with the Dentist

Today i teman my lil sis to go for check-up..
Yea.. you guessed it!! At the dentist~
My sis had a teeth-growing problem..
You see...
One of her "men ya" ( door tooth / rabbit tooth ) fell out long ago..
But it had oledy been more den 3 months and the tooth don't seem to pop out from her gum..
The previous doc said its common for all kids untill std 6..
but my pap dun seem to let it go..
So he made an appointment..=D
I can say it's the 1st time in my 14 years of living dat i am going to a dentist...
But not to check my teeth but my sis'..
We waited nearly an hour for our turn...xP
Den when i went in the room i was like O.O..
I cant walk around coz it would be rude..
so i just stood aside and explore slowly wif my bare eyes..xDD
I took pics too!!! But i lost my phone cable so oh well xDDD
AHhah~ They even set up a small tv to distract the patient..=D
My lil sis was scared as this is her first visit to the dentist..
To me... All dentist looked so ...evil~! cunning...~!
ignore me.. Hahhah~
Maybe i have read too much Mr.Midnight books~~
Okay.. so check check check... den bye dentist~
Cost 10 bucks.. cheap? expensive? dunno lahh..=P

Saw Ko3 ep 31..
I am their number 1 fan weih..
My hotty is almost the half main character in this episod..
And he is also the main one in ep 32.. ( saw in the preview )

Next ep would be such a BLAST!!!
It would be more sad... touching...
Aww... ish.. but everything in a show is always a show..
yea right..
Like our stupid real life has a farytale ending..
Sometimes i rily hope i will have power you know..
Not kidding..
not the stupid power lahh... dunno exactly how to explain..
just.. watching KO3 always make me so excited and cheerful.. x3
If i have extraordinary powers.. how wonderful would dat be huh...
but.. it won't be unless in dreams.. Haih~~ =="

Tonight got youth fellowship..
Actually nid to invite friends coz today is movie night..
but i dun think they would go...
coz everyone will still be busy.. haiz..
This time i would buy some tit-bits to enjoy while watching..
hahah~ HOpe the movie would be nice~~

p/s : AAAAAAAAHHHHHh~ Doomed by tonnes of homework and PJK project~~ Sounds easy but hard to do~!!!!!! Help me ppl!!!!
p/s : miss my babes sooooooooooooooo much.. how are you guys??
p/s : today morn din go wudo bcoz of transportation prob... haiz.. how is it??

muahahha~ found my phone cable!!!
here are the pics.. for my lil sis...xDD

the table wif weird stuff... dentist stuff...==


ahhaha~ My sis so nervous... LOL

A quick shot of the dentist room..==''

NO~ She is not crying.. just rubbung her eyes ... hahah

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