Friday, September 18, 2009

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished~~
Mission : Shopping .. reveal the attitude of a shopaholic
Destination : Sunway Pyramid lahh of coz
Date : 18.09.09 ( Friday )
Time : 11.30am ----- 7.30pm ( 8 hours ~~ xDD )
Ppl involved : Sy, Xy and me lah of coz... du-uh

( pics will be uploaded soon...xPP but now words.. LOL ~ )

Wow!!! The feeling after shopping is so awesome fantastic bombastic magnificent marvellous bravo great good nice cool fabulous !!!!

Woke up from sleep.. Still blurr...suddenly remembered the shopping..
Hurry brush up.. Wait for aunt to come fetch me...=P

~ 11 --- 11.30 am ~
Driving~~ Fetch siew yi and xing yi along from sy's house..
Reach Sunway Pyramid

~ 11.30am ------ 1.15pm ~
Shop shop shop.. Still early... so like so empty.. O.O not used to it...
den hungry d... coz me and xy also din eat breakfast ~~
Hahah~~ Discussed what to eat like 15 minutes???
Den decided t eat pizza hut.. lol.. coz cheaper...xDD We are not dat rich..
As long as the food is filling and finger-licking-good...
Its okay wif 3 of us..=D

~ 1.15 pm ----------- 2.05 pm ~~
yummy yummy food... i mean pizza...xDDD We order set one..
So everyone gets two pieces of pizza..
yea its filling..=DD
I realized that there is smth called " cheese powder "..
LOL~~ Its quite nice..
BUt adding too much will make it look a lil yucky..xPP
after eating.. we ss-ed in pizza hut's like half an hour???
hahah~~~ yea.. we received a lot of omg-what-are-they-doing-faces and looks
This is the world of teenage gurls.. du-uh.. FYI. xDD

~ 2.07 pm ---- 4.54 pm ~
Energy charged!!!!
Next stop!!
Help Xy find a green pants ..
She needs it for a drama...
So off we go!!!
Du-uh... and of coz buy our stuffs...xDD
Went to so many shops..

Lots more... forget d... hahah~~~

~ 5.00pm ~

Legs are aching... haha~~
We went to "Snowy" dessert shop..
Omg.. got offer lunch..
but unfortunately we ate d..
We order two desserts..
One is mango flavour one..
The another oni is Watermelon flavour...
The waiter who take our order was rily kind..
But the one who serve our food was soooooooo impatient.. ISH..==
We ss-ed again.. all in xy's camera... coz camera's pics are more nicer
the shop is a beauty and sweet..
The desserts are wonderful..xDD
But the mango one got ice-cream....xPPP
We 3 are like ss-freak...
Especially siew yi.. hahaha~~
But at least she has the condition lahh.. ahhhah~~ Coz she is prettier than some other ppl.. lol.. ( kinda like me.. ) BUt ss is not a sin...xDDD so nvm..

~ 5.25pm --- 6.30 pm~

Off again~~ We went to living cabin~~
Wanna buy some stuff for my sis...
Bought star paper..
hahahh~~ xDD I know she will lurve it... LOL
Den Siew yi have to go home first.. sadly..
We accompanied her to the main entrance.. xPP
Its raining a lil.. No place to sit.. hahah
Den we saw a nice spot... hahah~~ Sofa with no table..
Betta den nth rite...
So we let down our stuff..
ss-ed again.. LOL
Den we saw another nicer spot..
Change place...
Chit chat.. Gossip..
Den ss-ed..
Den Laugh here laugh there..
Good times..
Den oh no!!!
Siew yi have to go home..
Said good bye..
Me and xy continue our mission bagi pihak siew yi

~ 6.30pm to 7.30 pm ~
Me and xy chit chat..
kinda lost inside s.p coz usually siew yi will take the lead
But we manage to find our way to popular bookshop..=="
We talked abt drama..
Den we got tired..
SO we decide to buy an ice cream from McD's..
and sit down and chat..
But den after oni find out no place d.. all the malays "booked" the place..
They ordered the food d... waiting to buka puasa.. ahha~~
Den xy say she hungry..
So we bought donuts from Dunkin Donuts...
Xy belanja me.. tq babe.. muaxx
i choose a vanilla filling one.. she chose a white chocolate topping one..=D
BUt i dun rily like mine.. Oh well xP
After a long walk again.. ( haiz )
We saw seats behind "New Zealand" ~
Actually its for the customers oni..
But we dun care d..
Hahah~~ We have a great view of the skating arena just below us... hhaha~
Den Xy's parent called...

~ 7.45pm ~
Xy's pap reached.. =D
Drived Prado..
haha~~ i thought i can sit the new car.. LOL.. nvm..
Next time lahh...xPPP
Xy's pap was not as serious as i thought... ahhaah
he looked kind and friendly..=D
Reached home around 8pm..
thx xy for the transportation.. Again muaxxxxxxxxxxx!!! =3

~ 8.30pm~

Pap "ta-pau"-ed my dinner fr outside..
yea... havent eat..
dun want eat in s.p... xP
Ate fried kuey teow

So i guess dats all for today... xPP
I spend almost Rm60..
Is it too much?? I hope not~~ or is it..==
paiseh lehh papa and mama..
once a long time mahh..xDD

But i still hope i can go out wif my form 1 babes... it will be more merrier..
Maybe go ice-skating?? heheh
or go sunway lagoon..
Dunno... see lahh.. xDDD
Nitez.. Its oledy 1.28am in the midnight!!!
Tomoro still got wudo!!! OMG~~

p/s : am rily happy he apologised... although quite late... but betta den dun hav.. still got hope.. hahah~~ For another guy.. HOpe less lahh.. ISHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~

p/s: actually i can see Ko3 one now... but will leave it for tomoro!! xPP

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