Friday, September 25, 2009

Miss you!

Rily miss my home lahh...
Coz this holiday i am always in my grandma's house in Kota Kemuning..
Aww... Its like so desperate you know..
Just to go home.. a strong feeling..

Besides the shopping wif my love ones.. no more interesting plans d..
Actually wanna go visit the zoo.. but aunt is not free... haiz..

Wanna open school d..
Our beautiful fantasy dream is going to become a nightmare in days!!! Hours!! Minutes!!! Seconds!!! OMG... WE ARE DOOMED WEIH!!! LMAO..

Yea.. its been quite long since i update my blog.. hahah~! My blog is counted half alive half dead.. but i gave it a healer potion... muhahah~~

Hope you guys cherish everymoments and bits of this one-week-holiday or you will regret when the horror arrives ... ( School = horror ) LMAO..

Okay, chiaoz peeps xPPP

~ Jaslyn ~
~ Doing PJK project still.. wanna make it unique but still figuring... takes time... xPP ~
~ Wanna go home !!! ~
~ tomoro got WUDO.. dunno going a not... ~

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