Wednesday, September 16, 2009

your fault lahh..

* Screams *
Yay~~ !!!
Sept exam is finally over...
Although its oni like 2 days..
But it feels like 2 years..
Some subjects are rily hard... for me lahh...xDD
Like.. Sejarah... and Geo... plus chinese!! OMG
But i think... i rily pushed myself forwards this time..
(Although i just studied like one day b4 exam..xDD )
Coz samantha wanna go d..
To Australia... TT.. so jealous..
Chatted wif her just now...=D
Its late winter there now.. Aww..
it must be sooo cooling...
So Darn jealous...
Cant blame myself..
What? I haven't travel overseas before...
I know.. what a pity.. D= xD

This person..
Hate you weih..
Do smth wrong dunno say sorry..
Still ask ppl shut up..
Fuck weih.. ( i know.. harsh words.. cant avoid it.. haiz )
Ishhhh~~~ Wanna scold you.. or even slap your ass..
But nvm.. i sabar first..
Coz dun wanna si po lian..xDD
But you certainly suceed on spoiling my mood to finish my exam..
Oh ya.. dun perasan lahh ppl...
Anyway.. its a boy..xDD
So.. stop perasan-ing..
NO offense..=DDD

Okay.. Oh ya.. today when school ends..
The rain suddenly poures down like Shit..
Hahah~~ Me and my babes are so darn soaked wet..
Oh my gosh..
My shoes... haha... It sure nids drying xPP
Sy say she wanna wear slippers to school tomoro..
Says this is an oppurtunity.. hahaha
I want to.. but i got shoes.. xDDD
And after kena ejek how..
hhahha.. LMAO..
We are so wet...
I mean like... WET
Coz we rushed through the rain ...
and den wen we reached outside... no place to stand... TT
Wth.. so we like excuse me.. excuse me... ohh... thanks..
haha... So sempit..
And not to mention.. So darn fweaking cold... xDD
Cold breeze... hahah.. LOL
Xy so kesian.. haha... coz wear baju kurung...xPP
After dat ... Sy went back first... den Xy..
Aww.. left me alone...

~~ I can make it through the rain.. ~~ I can stand up once again ~~ On my own.. There's no doubt..~ That i'm strong enough to make ~~ "mariah carey "
LOL... So my father arrived...
Its oledy 6.o1pm..
== hahah~~ xPP
So late rite... den my father still suspect me
suspect me wat?? say i play in da rain.. i am like .. ==" O.O
haiz.. nvm

Woohoo.. long post.. xDD
NOw My mind is full of.. shopping~~
Next destination..

( or other shopping places.. to relax )

~ Jaslyn ~
~ Normal mood ~
~ Wanna go shopping!! ~

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