Saturday, September 19, 2009

K.O.3anguo / 終極三國 Ep 30~~ =D

Yea~~~~~~~ Saw KO3 ep 30 today
Its about dignity!!!
About Friendship!
About Trust!!
About HOnour~~

This is the last part of ep 30.. nice one when the gurls fight~~ Woohoo~

Woohooo~~ Hahh~ Cant wait for ep 31..
Where a new character pops out!!
Ah xiang's ex-fiancee..
I thought Benji ( zhao yun ) is fang wei but it turns out not.. LOL
benji is OBVIOUSLY soooo betta-looking.. xDDD

This morning i went to WUDO class in school wif sy..
Cool weihh~~
We learned a set of moves as a pattern call "WUDO 1 "
Yea.. we learned for weeks or a month oledy..
but.. still cant get the hang of it nicely... LMAO

So today sir gave us extra training..
Ask us to find a pair..
teacher arrange me and siew yi..=D
Every pair has to present the pattern.. Den other ppl and teachers will be the judges..=D
Oh ya~ Forgot to mention... today had extra 2 teachers den usual.. means 4!!!

I was so darn fweaking sepremely nervous..
Yea... i always had " audience-fright "
small audience also counted lahh... LOL
So me and siew yi kip discussing abt the moves...=P
We are so in to it untill din even notice teacher was pointing us..
so out we go...
yea... i know my moves and stunts would be cacat-ed
LOL.. BUt i think we are quite on the same speed ....
Den after that sir gave us some comment..
Hahaha~ Said my blocks are too lembik..
I was shivering wif fright mahh...=="
but tell u something..
We are excused from the punishments..!!!!
Yea!! WooooHooooo~~
Overall we were the only gurl group dat didn't kena punish.. muhahaha
not to be proud but its a rily happy thing for me..
lol.. so delighted... tadaa!!

sad thing lahh..
Yesterday i went out shopping wif my babes...
Bought three Elianto's nail polish... plus a discount nail polish remover...=3
But today!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww... The red bottle one tip over!!! Yea..
It "polluted" my floor.. basin.. plus the Elianto plastic bag~~ and the other 2 bottles..D:
Yea... i spend almost an hour to finish cleaning up..
By that time my nails are so cacat d..
So i go remove the polish before and do it again..=D

My aunt from Perak is coming today!! Woohoo~~
i think she will bring us to movies and zoos.. ahhaha LOL

Have fun ppl!!
To all 2b...
Just to remind..`
gurls oni..
Got PJK homework..
do it in the hols!!

~ Jaslyn ~
~ Lots of x's and o's to all my babes ~
~ xoxo ppl.. ~
~ Am in a happy mood now ~
~ catching KO1 !!!! =PP ~

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