Monday, November 29, 2010

Rude rude people.

When you don't have it,
remind yourself that you will get a better one next time.
When you have,
make use of it to the fullest.
God always has plans.


Hello honayys :D
still working tho ahhas :D

Gosh ppl nowadays are so darn rudee ya know.
not to be racist or smth, don't get me wrong.
i have diff race of friends laa. they can be really funny and nice :D
but sometimes i really dislike serving indian/bangladesh customers.
some indian customers can be really rude and super impolite.
like just now, i just went through a scary situation with an indian guy.
the guy wanted to reload 5 bucks for his phone.
then i told him our shop charges 50 sen more for all amount below 10 bucks.
which means he has to pay rm 5.50.
den he got all furious and angry..
i guess he saw that the whole shop has only me and another 17-year-old-girl-employee there, that's why he got all the guts to raise his voice on us.
next thing we know, he raised his voice with the angry tone saying 
" why do i have to pay 50 cents more? i just want to reload 5 bucks. WHY! other shops don't charge like that! ..."
( there are lots more craps he said. forgot bleh -.- )
then i was like O.O " erm i don't know. it was always this price if you reload 5 bucks. "
then he continued his crap there.
deep inside i feel like giving him a big tight slap and scolding him.
" EXCUSE ME sir. this is how we charge. either you pay 5.50 or you just reload 10 and pay 10. if you still insist on your own concept, den buhbye go to that SHOP you said that DOESNT charge "
ARGH. but of course i didn't say that laa. he was darn scary i tell you. eyes were bulging and he looked like a monster who wanted to eat both of us :(
at last he gave 50 cents more, and he even said he will complain and write a report to whosoever to complain abt us -.-
what a lousy fella. 

Oh i mean. COME ON.
dont have to go all cuckoo over 50 cents.
you're not the first who asked us abt the 50cents charge.
some paid. some left.
if you are not satisfied with the price,
you may as well just leave and go to another shop you are please with.
am i right?
gahhh i can remember his face and i was so close to him.
the another employee, Jaecey even asked me " why did you even stand so close to him. didn't you know it's so dangerous. he was like mad angry just now. "
ahahahs thank GOD im safe and sound lol!

working here made me open my eyes bigger these days.
some ppl will just blame you if you did smth wrong even if it is because they gave wrong infos. 
some ppl will be all patient and polite.
some ppl might just be as unreasonable and rude like the indian guy just now.
and he's like old enough to be a father or even grandfather already.
is this how he treats or teaches his family members?
well i hope not.
because he's really NOT nice. VERY NOT nice -.-
thanks guys for reading tho :)
before i end this post,
just to show you guys smth really cool. 

fyi, i gave up water marble nail art since i tried over 100 times but hardly 10 suceeded.
you guys should really go see some videos of this nail art.
ahaha its still very pretty :D

 awesome enough?

till then, byeee :D
xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, November 25, 2010

run away love

( photo credits to Noor Diyana ) 
I want to get out of this hectic place,
to another peaceful wonderland.
without worries, without fear,
just us.


Hello darlings :D

i practically worked the whole week man :O
well not everyday. but at least 3 days over 5? ahaah
right now i have 150 bucks :D
okay maybe to some of you it's a small number.
but to me it's not.
coz it's like 5 days of working ! :O
incase you'd wanna know,
i'm working in my mum's shop since she lacks workers..
her workers took lift. that's why..

after this, will be my ace's potluck :O
we had one like last 2 weeks? to celebrate the start of hols.
and now we are gonna celebrate the last day of ace lesson (:
blah blah blah blah.
you guys should really check out my friend's photography album :D
her name is Noor Diyana.
damnnn she is super good in it :O
she even has her very own model bwahahah :D
sadly she didn't wanna expose it to photobucket or other websites.
it's okay. go check it out ;D

anyway last week i went to Acts Church.
it's in Summit hotel Usj weihh.
might be going there more often? ahahha i don't know lol.
it's wayy nearer to my address tho.
the space is like so much bigger than my current one :O
and the church has its own songs and album.
and some of their songs are really nicee :D
i'm desperate to find their songs but they didn't post it up on the church website.
fyi, you guys wanna know more abt acts church?
i enjoyed the sermon last week.
its about knowing your dream , destiny and moving forward!
sadly this sunday i can't go there since flo couldn't make it with me :/
im still new, so yeah i need someone to teman ahaha :P

bye that's all.
yay i can play " fall for you ", " heart of worship ", " this is my desire "
but im proud of it :'D
eeeee me no likey piano anymore.
haihhh. piano this sunday. -.-
xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, November 18, 2010

hold on tight

always hold on tight of what you have now,
because you'll never know when will you lose it.


Hello jello mellos :D

guess what? :(
my lappie's battery is spoiled now :(
which means i can't online that often from now on D:
the reason im blogging now is because im working right now :D
yeappp school ended on tues and here i am now,
working :O hardworking, no? :P

i'm halping out in my mum's shop tho :)
where i get my 1 hour break to have lunch and online :)
SIGH. my baby lappie is currently in a shut-down state D:
poor baby :(
screw the battery. it just got lose and now its not working already.

anyway, tomoro morning is the MIYF annual brunch :)
i paid so i needa attend :D
YAY dim sum lol! i love em :D
but i dont know whther they have the ones i like :O

alrites thats almost it.
quote of the day..
always appreciate what you have now.

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Friday, November 12, 2010

guitarr ♥

 this is the part when we say we're in love,
and the part that we say it's forever,
this ain't a movie i know you can't come with me,
you've got your life,
She better be treating you right
HELLO sunshine :D
fyi, i'm recently super busy with a dance with other LEO club members.
it's a modern dance laa :D like duuh.
well basically it's one of the events on the principal's retirement day :)
yeap. my school principal is retiring :O
gosh we practiced 4 days and the whole routine is done!
omg im so proud of us laa :D
i hope that we will be the bomb on that day itself ;D
at least impressing the audience? bwahah :D
you guys should really go listen to these few songs :D

1. When we say by Aj Rafael
2. Your call by Secondhand Serenade

i heard both of these songs a very long time ago.
but recently i just caught up on them again :D
those are sad songs. super touchinggggg.

" i was born to tell you i love you, i am torn to do what i have to, to make you mine stay with me tonight "
" this is the part when we say we're in love, the part when we have our first kiss, this ain't a movie, i know you cant come with me, you got your life, he better be treating you right "

gosh. so sweet awwww ahah lol.
am super desperate to learn guitar >:D
acoustic of course.
it's easy to bring along and you just gotta learn the chords weihh! :D
but pressing the guitar strings really hurts :(
i have a guitar tutorial book for beginners.
guess i'll start there? :P
wish me luck :D weee x)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, November 8, 2010

A closer bond

HELLO loves :D

fyi, im back from my 2D1N trip in Genting :D
it didn't really turn out what i expected.
it turned out better, i would say :D

at first i thought it's gonna be another you-go-your-own-way-and-i-go-mine kind of stuff since you know.. we are not that close laa.
but it ended up okay :)
the boys were very active and open-minded.
of course there were some shy and awkward moments but it was alright (:

imma brief everything :O
basically on the first day, 7 nov,
reached there around noon, placed our luggages well then off to theme park!
it didn't really go that smooth cause it rained and all the games had to stop workin'
we practically waster 44 bucks walking around and eating :O

eat. talk. walk. blahblah.
sat some games that opened for a while.
gosh it was super duper cold -.-
played till evening, then we went back to the Hotel room :D
chit-chatted till 4am, then decided to go out and have a walk.

went to OLD TOWN, sat there and talked till 7am in the morning.
saw sunrise! then back to hotel bed to have a short few-hours-sleep.

woke up 10am.
which means we slept only 3 hours max :O

packed and checked out :)
went for window-shopping till its 1.30pm.
ate lunch together, den walk around again.
when it's 3pm +, it's time to wave goodbye.
thanks to xingyi's dad who is kind enough to fetch us down from the mountain :D
practically slept in the whole journey.
gosh we were exhausted. :O
shall sleep early today? bwahahaha :D

it was memorable of course.
especially the moments when we forced to talk till the next morning
when everyone can't barely open their eyes.
then the super long chatting session in old town. woahhh :D
and the WEATHER.
wind + rain = superbly cold weather killing :(
i tell you, a jacket is not enough. ==
i even added my scarf around me and i was still shivering.
i would say the pics are quite less.
but mostly on mayy's camera?
my hp just consists of ss pics with mua girls LOL.
i still think if the ppl who couldn't make it made it...
it would be perfect. :/
nvrm! it's never too late ;)

that's all for talking.
xoxo, Jaslyn

packing my stuffs for genting

when you think positive,
everything will be positive :D


hello sunshine :D

well.. just a short update here :)
fyi, im gonna go for a 2D1N stay in genting with school mateyyss :)
i dont really know all of them really well tho :O
but i guess it will be okay.. right? lol.
this will be my first going out for a stay with friends only  :O
experience ehs?

the thing starts tomorrow morning :O
and yet i haven't start packing :/
eeee i don't like packing :O
usually when i was small, my mum would settle it all before i know it :D
but now. imma big girl now LOL. so wrong :P
pack pack pack :))

oh yeah. just got back from youth :)
i went youth today. alone -.-
lol. trypheana or joyce didnt reply me booooo -.-
shall strangle them soon or later :)

oh gosh. i really really hope this genting trip will be nothing except fun and memorable :)
may GOD bless us in our trip
to be safe and sound
and also helping us to have the time of our lives :D
the end :D
shall go pack pack now :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, November 4, 2010

i will never forget this

im super sick now.
i feel like my whole body is burning.
and my nose is blocked.

and YOU make it a whole lot worser.
thanks for being all rude and mean. wth.
whats your prob.
thought we could communicate nicely.
i guess it's me, i was too dumb.
should have treated you the same way.

i will never forget this.
how you treated me.
i will never ever forget this.
YES im super angry and YES i do wanna take revenge.
im too sick too quarell. shall take that into my dream.
i hate you.
i just got said for no reason. whats that gotta do with me.
im super pissed.
how i wish to do meaner stuffs.
btu it wont get any better.

oh lord. help me to forgive.
i cant bare it. but i need to.

xoxo, Jaslyn