Monday, November 29, 2010

Rude rude people.

When you don't have it,
remind yourself that you will get a better one next time.
When you have,
make use of it to the fullest.
God always has plans.


Hello honayys :D
still working tho ahhas :D

Gosh ppl nowadays are so darn rudee ya know.
not to be racist or smth, don't get me wrong.
i have diff race of friends laa. they can be really funny and nice :D
but sometimes i really dislike serving indian/bangladesh customers.
some indian customers can be really rude and super impolite.
like just now, i just went through a scary situation with an indian guy.
the guy wanted to reload 5 bucks for his phone.
then i told him our shop charges 50 sen more for all amount below 10 bucks.
which means he has to pay rm 5.50.
den he got all furious and angry..
i guess he saw that the whole shop has only me and another 17-year-old-girl-employee there, that's why he got all the guts to raise his voice on us.
next thing we know, he raised his voice with the angry tone saying 
" why do i have to pay 50 cents more? i just want to reload 5 bucks. WHY! other shops don't charge like that! ..."
( there are lots more craps he said. forgot bleh -.- )
then i was like O.O " erm i don't know. it was always this price if you reload 5 bucks. "
then he continued his crap there.
deep inside i feel like giving him a big tight slap and scolding him.
" EXCUSE ME sir. this is how we charge. either you pay 5.50 or you just reload 10 and pay 10. if you still insist on your own concept, den buhbye go to that SHOP you said that DOESNT charge "
ARGH. but of course i didn't say that laa. he was darn scary i tell you. eyes were bulging and he looked like a monster who wanted to eat both of us :(
at last he gave 50 cents more, and he even said he will complain and write a report to whosoever to complain abt us -.-
what a lousy fella. 

Oh i mean. COME ON.
dont have to go all cuckoo over 50 cents.
you're not the first who asked us abt the 50cents charge.
some paid. some left.
if you are not satisfied with the price,
you may as well just leave and go to another shop you are please with.
am i right?
gahhh i can remember his face and i was so close to him.
the another employee, Jaecey even asked me " why did you even stand so close to him. didn't you know it's so dangerous. he was like mad angry just now. "
ahahahs thank GOD im safe and sound lol!

working here made me open my eyes bigger these days.
some ppl will just blame you if you did smth wrong even if it is because they gave wrong infos. 
some ppl will be all patient and polite.
some ppl might just be as unreasonable and rude like the indian guy just now.
and he's like old enough to be a father or even grandfather already.
is this how he treats or teaches his family members?
well i hope not.
because he's really NOT nice. VERY NOT nice -.-
thanks guys for reading tho :)
before i end this post,
just to show you guys smth really cool. 

fyi, i gave up water marble nail art since i tried over 100 times but hardly 10 suceeded.
you guys should really go see some videos of this nail art.
ahaha its still very pretty :D

 awesome enough?

till then, byeee :D
xoxo, Jaslyn

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