Thursday, November 4, 2010

i will never forget this

im super sick now.
i feel like my whole body is burning.
and my nose is blocked.

and YOU make it a whole lot worser.
thanks for being all rude and mean. wth.
whats your prob.
thought we could communicate nicely.
i guess it's me, i was too dumb.
should have treated you the same way.

i will never forget this.
how you treated me.
i will never ever forget this.
YES im super angry and YES i do wanna take revenge.
im too sick too quarell. shall take that into my dream.
i hate you.
i just got said for no reason. whats that gotta do with me.
im super pissed.
how i wish to do meaner stuffs.
btu it wont get any better.

oh lord. help me to forgive.
i cant bare it. but i need to.

xoxo, Jaslyn

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