Saturday, October 30, 2010

you can't have everything.

when you gain that, you'll lose this.
when you gain this, then you'll lose that too.
it's never fair.


hey guyss :D

have you ever feel like you want everything to be flawless,perfect?
i bet everyone does ..
unfortunately, life just doesn't give you sugar all the time.
sometimes they give you lime, salt or maybe bittergourd.
you gotta live with it ehs?

sometimes seeing the ppl around me smiling away.
i wonder myself " why can they smile every single moment? why not me? "
it's absolutely bugging me.
can't deny the fact that jealousy truly kills.
watching my friends having the moments of their life while my days are rottening
every second really pisses me off.
the feeling's like they got all the luck while i got none.
success is always not for me no matter how much i crave for it :(

being all sad and emo all the time isn't a way to live lol.
as you can see, next year f4 we'll have streaming classes.
that just means that we won't be seeing each other that often anymore.
who knows? we might be strangers again :O
like those ppl said,

when life gives you lemon, make lemonade.
im trying to knock that into my head too (: but it requires some time lol.
for everything you gain, you will lose something.

so i guess instead of feeling all jealous, envy and mad,
i should just open my freaking mind,
and let all the things out <:O
i will have times when i just get sick of how life treats me,
but haih. everyone has their bad days.

this is a random post tho :D
naah no hard feelings ;D
oh. today my class went on a one-day trip to MELAKA.
i didn't go coz the bus was full already :(
but im sure they had fun ;)
next sun we would be heading to Genting for 2d1n.
i've been praying every night that it would be perfect and memorable.
2 more months, and its all different.
how different? nobody knowss... x)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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