Monday, October 25, 2010

a night in empire

HEY peepos ♥ :)

so.. it's monday alreadyy :O
last saturday, i skipped youth :X
actually i was all set for youth,
den parents say the whole family except me were going EMPIRE for a drum concert thingy.
my bro wants to see it,
so they wanted to go there too.
well, i don't wanna miss all the.. fun LOL.
so yeah i skipped youth D:
eee meanie me lol.

went empire, had kenny roger roasters for dinn dinn :D
awesome possum chicked muahahah.
is it me or the chicken shrinked weih O.O
omgosh. love love their banana muffins. GOSH <3
took picss ;D


Then on sunday,
i woke up late D:
so didn't make it to church GAHH. lol.
in the afternoon,
went to grandma's house in kota kemuning to see my cousin baby twins!
cammy, the bigger twin, can walk dyyy ;DDDD
she is super playful lol. me likey :D
canice, the younger one is still small so yea :D
oni took pics of the older twin ;D
lol. her eyes are big ehs :O
eeee oh-so-cute
 moved again :O
and again -.-


oh today.
after school went swimming with the ladies ;)
xingyi couldn't make it as it was a last-minute plan.
got scolded by mum for not discussing with her D:
but we made it larh.
swam, laughed, talked, gosspied, ate, did some gym stuffs. :O
tiring lol.
went home. flo stayed till 9pm +.
OMG she suceeded in water marble nail art laaa wthhh D:
gosh and i tried 50 over times.
ps : doing water marble nail art, you gotta have patience, and endurance :P
which i dont have lol.

super long post lol. byeeee.
am planning to go genting with classmates. ♥
hope it will be superbly fun laa (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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