Saturday, October 31, 2009

Congratz to the sweet couple

Sorry.. i know i blog again.. haha~
COz today special marhhh...==
A couple was succesfully married today~
They're members of my church...
HAhha~ Although i do not know them well..
buT i know there are indeed a sweeeeeet couple..
And i seriously felt happy for them.. SERIOUS~
They look so happy together... Awww...

Why is today so special?
Hmmm... Coz i wore formal clothes?
Should be..
I hadn't wore them since.... last yeaR?
yea.. the last one should be at my lil aunt's wedding dinner..=D
Today morning..
My mum asked me wat i will wear afterwards...
I am like O.O .. ohya, what should i wear huh.. i forget weihh
CAn you believe dat?
I spent half day looking in my closet for formal clothes...
most of it are casual you see..
So.. haiz.. took me a lot A LOT time..
I saw this pokedot dress...
I wore it almost everytime at formal..
So.. that is it!! My dress of the day..=
The problem is not fully solved yet though..
My mum wont let me wear just a dress.. i would look hideous..
So.. Nid to find some thing.. like a small jacket..
But all the small tops are soooo..== standard-6-style..
Yes.. maybe i may look/act like a kid.. but i AM still a teenager rite...=D
HAhah~ So i say no to this and no to that..
My mum den go find me a scarf..
WOW~ I love it weih.. dats why..
I searched for bracelets and earrings to match it..
hahah~ over-reacting?
I dun think so.. This is the first time i am so excited for a formal dress.. haha~
Den i have no MOOD to revise my homework..
My brain was full of the wedding dinner.. haha~
So haiz.. din study at all..
Sadly again..
so i cannot ss.. YET!!
And mum didn't bring camera to the dinner.. so i cant take photos of the bride nor groom..
So when i came back... took my mum's camera..
and den ss.. haha~
Wat to do?
I like this dress mahh.. match nicely...:D
but too bad my skill is not very good..
I prefer taking wif my phone..
I miss my phone and the sms-ing sound..
It's true wen they say you will oni appreciate smth after you lost it..
I finally know how much my phone means to me..==

OKay.. here are the photos.. lol.. retarded..but.. it's me..=D

LMAO? Hahah~
COngratulations to the sweet couple..
I know their names..
Wat is it again... O.o o.O
Aaahaa! JASON and RU FEI
HOpe your marriage will last till eternity.. =D

p/s : still resisting myself from KO3..D:
p/s: tomoro channel 301 AEC got one million star ( 6.30pm).. ppl go support sun zi you!!!! He is cute!! OMG.. Falling for him weihh..=D )
p/s : 2 more days and i can live my life again..
p/s : PHONE BABY, COME BACK TO MUA.. I miss you soooo much..xDD

-xoxo, Jaslyn-
- Good luck to all 2b's in 2 more days!!!!! -

Friday, October 30, 2009

Naughty Naughty~

WOw... my last post was so freaking EMO.. hahah~
NVm.. okay liao..
Actually also not dat worse like i described..
Words can be wayyyyyyy beyong one's imagination..

I think i am becoming naughtier nowadays..
I just feel like going out..
OUT of my house............
Like go my friend's house for sleeping..
Or go to shopping..
Or just to catch a simple movie

So BORING to stay at home..
I wanna catch a lot dramas..
LOOKS nice..
1. KO3 ( thumbs up 4eva)
2. KO1 ( i know! I havent watch.. i just watched X-family xD )
3. TAO HUA XIAO MEI ( saw a lot of news abt it.. i think it should be nice )
4. QUEEN OF NO MARRIAGE ( watched a lil before.. nice lahh trust me )

I think no more liao gua.. BUt!!!!
I want my schedule to be full..
I wanna have fun before entering the f3 life of PMR doom..
I can get very very emotional..
cheh~~~ A sudden inspiration of LOVE.. LOL
Dun misunderstand for the love you part..
If you think it's weird.. den it'e definitely no for you.. haha~

LOVE M.C aka Mariah CAREY

OKay.. bye peeps.. I love touching my comp

Stupid to trust .. especially to trust people like you

YOu dunno how happiiiieee i am to TOUCH my laptop and also blogging...
I banned myself for 2 weeks liao...
Just for the finals..
It's counted as a SUPER BIG sacrifice for a computer-addict like mua..

Finals are sadly NOT over yet.. BUt i decided to let myself relax for some time on FRIDAY NIGHT... coz tomoro saturday mahh.. saturday i will study kays?
Another reason to blog is ... to express...
Actually i wanted to write in my diary.. but i figure typing is faster... and a way to let my feel the fun of typing...xPPP

OKay.. Today was actually a QUITE bad day...
Firstly, I was LATE for school.. 1st time in HISTORY Jaslyn Chong was L-A-T-E for school... 1st time weihhhh~ L-A-T-E...
Okay.. lets dun make it over.. after dat.. nothing much..
I dunno how to do science paper2.. OMG... i din study coz i was too worried of PSV2, hahah~

So... nothing much... Felt very happiieeeeeeee liao coz can online..xPPP


* i shouldn't have trust you.. i admit i am quite... STUPID.. i cant believe i trusted you~ OMG.. i mean.. WHy should i trust you..?
i always and keep telling myself to NOT trust you... NOt even as a friend..
BUt i can't.. I still do treat you as a friend.. i guess it's just the FORGIVE and FORGET concept? LOL
BUt.. I was fooled again.. By YOU!!!!!!!!!I cant believe my eyes..
YOu can betray someone just because you want something dat you think will help you.. but honestly.. It dont lahh~ OPEN YOUR EYES LAH~
WHY I will trust you? I dun even get it myself..
BUt i know now.. dat you cant be trusted..
So.. Still thank you for letting me to realize dat you are not a trustable person..
I better know now den knowing after i share my closest stuff wif you..


-Wow.. damn emo weihh... sry to my form1 babes.. sry for treating you guys so cold.. Hahah~ Coz sme useless hopeless piece of shit persons come damage my beautuful mood.. but i am okay now -
- My mood bcame good again after listening to SUN ZI YOU's singing -
- i am forcing myself NOT to see KO3 YET!!! So suffering WTF-
- finals are GOING to END~~~ GOING To!!!-
- I want my holiday schedule FULL.. -
-xoxo, Jaslyn -

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Dive in the books~

I am soooo in to孫自佑

His voice is a BOMB!!
OMG~ I want him to get number 1 in ONE MILLION STAR~~

Yesterday night my house sot sot one..
MY bro say The electricity has not enough of voltage..
WOw.. dunno.. BUt it's a suffering night..
Anyway.. today~ Am going to study~
Hello? Get a dive in the books lahh~

Bye peeps

- xoxo, Jaslyn -

Tank+孫自佑 (如果我變成回憶) So sweeeetttt~ xD

Another Sunday~ Woots!! Whole day also quite bored.. haiz

Went to Summit for piano class...
BUt before dat!! Lunch!! Hahah~
Oni left pap, lil sis and me..
Lil Sis kip saying want to eat at GARDEN CAFE..
So.. Lets go!! Wee hee~
Ordered food..
While waiting.. camwhore wif my lil sis!! Hahah~ NO lahh..
Take her pic..
i lurve her clothes today!!! xDD Like a lady.. working one.. wee~ xD

After piano class... Den back at home..
Very long since i watch this show..
Lurve the singers.. talented.. haha~
LURVE this guy.. He look like an actor.. and he looked cute from afar.. haha~
And he sing wif TANK weihhh!!!!!
It's the song
" 如果我變成回憶 "
Aww.. so sweet
The guy is called 孫自佑

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jealousy in LOVE

Just finished KO3an guo ep 34~
Haih~ It's soooo nice weih~
This ep is more to LOVE..
Jealousy also contained a lil.. hehehe
I love KO3.. saw the comments in youtube...
hahaahh~ All also say
cute.. xPPP
BUt i still love guan yu.. muahhah~~~

Today nth special..
Hahah~ .
Felt as if smth is not right.. hahah~
NOw 3pm liao..
NID to start studying!!!!

Tonite got YOuth..
Christmas thing.. singing one rite?


Friday, October 16, 2009

Pooooh~ Speed up!!

Wooots! Muahah~ Guess wat?
I just finished my maths homework and it's already 10.41pm at night..
And i found out dat i seriously nid to speed up .. i am REALLY slow in maths..

Next year maybe going tution.. haha~ excited fot my first one~~ xD
There are seriously many distractions at home.. haha .. blaming them pulak..xP
The biggest one is the well-known.. INTERNET ONLINE~ xD

I woke up 10 smth this morning..
HAhah~ Felt weird suddenly no nid to go school again..
Somehow i missed school.. I know.. what's gotten into me..
hahah~ Watched youtube..
Notice this show " Wish to see you again 这里发现爱 "
It's a chinese drama.. it's nice lahh~
I watched it before..
BUt cant recall back..
so haha~ I decided to re-watch~ xD
But i just randomly pick some episods lahh..
Coz if i rily see all over again.. it would take all my attention..
Den finals jia lat luu.. so haih~
I seem to have sooo many things to do AFTER the exam..
Shopping, Movies, Dramas.. aww.. and Sleepover again~ xPP
The last sleepover i mentioned.. failed.. coz too rush~ xD

This afternoon around 12 babe Mel sms-ed me again~ Hahah~
She ask me to online.. I was already online since 11pm smth.. hahah~
Den she online..
We chatted ... And den talk about this guy who wants to stalk her almost every moment..
And the important thing is.. He is NOT hot or tall..=P
FYI, he is SUPERBLY short.. =P ( no offense.. but rily lahh~ )
ANd He is soooooooo not Mel's cup of tea..
But he wouldn't give up.. the power of LOVE i guess.. hahah~
BUt she is rily getting sick of it.. pity her.. BUt cannot blame her totally..
She just have the pwetty looks .. haha
OKie.. nth liao..

Cousin vormit weih~
Although sometimes dislike her.. but still pity her..
Her face so pale..
Food-poisoning? Pui! Touchwood~ xD

Haiz.. tomoro no WUDO.. kinda miss it lahh..
Wanna know the results..
So tomoro i have to seriously start to revise..
But i will on the laptop..
For songs lahh~

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- Lurve all my babessssssss.. miss you guys already D: -
- Waiting for KO3 ep 34.. muahahah~ -

It S-U-C-K-S!

Before reading this...
Just to tell you guys..
The words have no proper grammar.. or even vocab.. just like normal sentences you would say if you are depressed or angry~

I tell you..
I rily hate being an older sister..
Everytime kena scold scold scold..
Got wrong also scold..
No wrong also scold..
Ask the little ones to help just like taking a cup of water..
Den they go and do the stupid puppy face...
And den wat? Kena scolded again~
I hate being an older sister.. IT SUCKS!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A scar?? On MUA face? WTH?

I went to school..
Why? Erm.. no reason weih..

Met babes there..
they dun seem to have much physical differences lahh..
WenQi look as cheerful as before.. Michelle Kang is still.. sampat but cute?
Melissa lehh.. hahah~ NO comments... LMAO..
But she is still adt pwetty... and rily spend-able..
We already started planning fot the outting after final exam.. imagaine dat??
>< hahah~
BUt.. We have to wait.. and STUDY!!

Everything was great and fun~
UNTILL the bell rang.. WTH..
Bid to head to class already..
Wat a boring start of a new school day..
The air seems stuffy there..
Long time didn't come to school..
Rust liao...

Today was such a BIG bore~
Wait!! At sejarah class teacher gave us a cake.. I recognize it immediately.. From GIANT one.. haha~ ( cheap cake xPP )
But still teacher was very kind indeed.. she said that was the reward for winning on the sejarah quiz.. Hahh~ I didn;t do anything though.. coz at dat time i havent started studying.. Like now...TT..
But still we shared the cake.. Flo didn't come.. so sorry for her..
If you mind.. nvm.. belanja you one lunch? or say what you want.. hahah~

Shared among 5 of us ( me, sy,xy, pui yan and chin yi )
we are quite shy to take plates.. so we just took spoons from the canteen and immediately scooped spoons of cake ... ahha~ it's okay..xDD
It's kinda weird eating a cake in the canteen.. you know the feeling..?
Hahha~ but it's over..xPP

And!! I just found out

I have a lil scar on my face!!
( well.. not a very BIG + DARK scar.. like a mark after you kena scratch.. But still.. WTH? ) ><
Its not kidding weih..
Actually i felt smth painful everything i touch my cheek yesterday night..
But i didn't took attention.. D:
When i was in school just now..
Everyone was like
" Jaslyn.. what happen to your face?? Who or what scratched you? "
I was like O.O huh?
Den i took a look in the mirror.. OMG.. TT
I think i must have scratched myself with my finger nails or smth..
Is it DAT obvious?
It looks quite little to me..
but.. Just..
My face is ruined..xP
LOL.. I hope it will recover soon? hahah

p/s : haha~ YOur plan failed.. too bad~ Are you sad? Good. hehe xD
p/s : so jealous of my bro.. Just finished PMR weih..
p/s : YES.. i am going to school tomoro too.. you betta go too.. haha

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cant online d

Mum scolded me again..
Say i am addicted..
I admit lahh..
Cant online liao.. bye peeps...
Off tooo
Tomoro got school.. dunno going or not lehh..xPP



It's a band of hot pwetty gurls.. Maybe some of them are not very pwetty.. but their voices are a beauty... Dun agree? Listen for yourself..xDD den you know what i mean


Name: Mollie D.O.B: 04/06/87
Star sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Richmond, Surrey
Five words that describe you best:
Smiley, sometimes craaazy, honest, hard-working, and "Miss Disney" according to Frankie.

Name: Una
D.O.B: 10.10.1981
Star Sign: Libra
Where my folks are from:
Ireland ..... Dad is from Athenry, Co. Galway, Mum is from Drumlish, Co. Longford.
Five words that describe me best:
Artistic, determined, emotional, romantic, feisty.

One of the gurls i love.. UNA HEALY...her voice is diff.. but still nice.. and she is very pwetty in the " ISSUES" music video..=D

I was attracted by their voices when they sang the song "Issues".. It's in my mixpod.. first song.. I heard it at Quite nice.. =D

Click Here to see THE SATURDAYS' profile.. superb hot.. and their voices aer awesome..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I had a bad day..

Yes.. I was smiling.. but deep down to my heart..
It's full of tears dripping...

I posted these pics coz i like my tee.. long sleeve.. BUt it's true i had a bad day lahh... haih~~

I cant make it to LICK HUNG CARNIVAL..
NObody accompany me..
Xy and Flo all lick hung ex-students.. so not counted..xPP
Haih~~ And my mum dun let me go suddenly..

Just found out dat my mum registered me to MIYF youth camp without my permission.. ISHHHHHHHHHHHHh~~~
I dun wanna go to it..
But my mum always like dat one.. do things without asking me??
And still say it's for my own good..WTH~
The camp is on 26th ---- 28th December lehh~
28 Dec is my burfday..
told my mum..
Guess what stupid response she gave..
She say " burfday mahh~ Come back oni celebrate lahh.. And what mroe else can you do if you stay at home?? "
I can do lots of stuff lah..
I can go shopping.. sleepover.. PLaying comp..
JUst dun feel like listening to some speeches mahh..
Why cant she just ask for my opinion..??
Another pissed off day..
BUt luckily my church friends are going too..
Hope I rily will have fun..
haih~~ =.=

Dats why.. Bad day~
SO sad..
SO dissapointed..
SO dun mess wif me~

- kip sigh-ing and feeling NOT happy -

Friday, October 9, 2009

I will LOVE KO3 forevaaa~~~ SO HOT

Just came back from WUDO..
Today is the big day..
But i can say the Master is not quite pleased.. Oh well..
Siew yi says i didn't do my WUDO 1 completely..
more like.. Cacat~
I dun blame her..=D i am a good gurl..
Coz i know i cacat too.. ahha~
Duuh~ Told you i got audience-fright.. Even two masters also counted..xP
I was almost lefted out in the grading..
I was so scared..
But it's over~
I rily rily rily rily superbly superbly syperbly HOPE we all can succesfully go up two stages.. Dat means from white belt to yellow-green belt, not just yellow..=P
And Flo and her pal, Stephanie..
Presented WUDO 5..
They seem quite.. lost~ hahah~
BUt they passed.. what a relief..xDD Congrats..
And dun put too much pressure yea~ xD

AAAhhh~ OMG~

Wanna scream till my lungs come out..
BUt screaming is not the BEST WAY to express my love towards this awesome movie...~ Not enough lahh~

終極三國 K.O.3anguo

Those who said it's ABSOLUTELY..
I mean ABSOLUTELY not nice at all..
You are sooo Busted... It may be long.. sometiems boring lahh..
Hahah~ I know ..
I also admit that..xPP
But it is still a nice show.. If you do not agree.. maybe recommend better show for me..
See whether you are right..=D

BUt!! Today's ep 33 is so ... Freaking super nice weih~
Serious.. It's a lil sad.. and den scary + nervous.. More like breath-taking..
And den~~ Tadaa.. LOVE and Happiness + Jokes + LMAO~~
Weeee~ I love them.. and i dunno why..
I find Zhou Yu quite an interesting guy.. yes..
He may not be the charming guy you think of..
But dunno.. just ADMIRE~~ xDDD
Maybe coz of his guitar skills and how he protected his ex-gurlfriend..
It's just soooooooooooo sweet..
Some part of it are hillarious too.. ahha~

Ohya~ This time i suddenly like to take pics of the interesting scenes in the episod.. So cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~
If only everything in it was real.. haih~
The real dialogue is about serious stuff.. But i will modify it.. to suit it lahh~
If not you guys wont understand my feeling.. I LOVE THEM!!!

BOY : *speaks softly* Don't go away.. pls?

BOY : Don't you know my feelings towards you?
GIRL : ... * stops walking * ... * waiting for the boy's response*

(ignore the chinese words)
GIRL : SAy what you want to say.. * waiting patiently *
BOY : ... * breathe in deeply* I.. Like.. YOu..
GIRL : *shocked* ... * looked back a lil just like the pic*
BOY : We broke up.. But we can still be together.. It doesn't matter..

GIRL : *sighs* You just dunno how i feel.. Dun you ever want to know the reason why we broke up.. it's because of you.. yes~ it's you.. *sadly look down* you just don't know what i need.. and .. maybe.. we are not fated to be together..
BOY : But....
GIRL : Sorry.. Maybe we have feelings towards each other dat is hard to explain.. but.. It's just ... complicated..

BOY : well.. i dun wanna be harsh and give you pressure.. * slowly let go.. *
GIRL : thank you.. but it's just.... not the right time.. * TT.. Let go finally *


So romantic rite?? But the real dialogue is not like dat lahh~~ xDDD
Anyway.. here are some pics.. Cute + sweet + Hillarious..

Omg.. So cuteeee couple.. The guy looks more yeenngg in this ... angle? hahah

Hahah~ PPl ask them to kiss~ Aww...

Hah~ Shy oledy.. aww.. hheheh~

This geourgeous gurl.. She is gentle..kind.. and soft-hearted.. ahaa~ I purposely took this angle.. pwetty huh.. okay lahh

And~! She's the gurlfriend of one of my hotty.. haha~ Yes.. hot guy + Pwetty gurl.. xDD

This is the hillarious part.. but.. overall.. they are just welcome-ing their principal..xPPP

LOL~~ xDD This is the mistaken scene.. ahha~

GUy called ma chao.. he's so cuteeeeeeeeeeee... this shot makes him look more.. Hot? haha~
Or perhaps... More cuteeeeeeeeeeee~

OKie.. No more to say... Holidays are gonna end and i havent flip my book.. haiz.. not in the mood...xPP

p/s : tomoro is Lick HUng Carnival day~~=D
p/s : NOthing's gonna change my love for you.. ( KO3 lahh..blekk.. ) xDD

I dun understand ~

Rily pissed off now....
Ya lahhhhh~
Dunno what he want..
Stupid one ..
He suddenly get so GRUMPY and HOT-TEMPERED in a blink of an eye..
Rily F*** one..
Just because of PMR?
Den it's so stupid.. S-T-U-P-I-D~
Just because he is stressed den he can scold ppl whenever he want?

How can he do that to me?
I know i do not deserve this unreasonable scolding COZ!!!
I was just watching happily On youtube about shows..
I wont mention about it more coz it's almost same..
Hot guys.. + interesting scenes..=D
Nvm~ Back to the stupid part..

Just now he scolded me~ So darn pissed off

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chocolate Indulgence - pap + mum's 19 anniversary

Today is My pap and MUm's 19th Wedding Anniversary..
Ate the second cake of the month~~
But i reminded my pap to DON'T buy cheese cake..
Have enough of it on Xy's birthday oledy..
So i suggested CHOCOLATE BANANA or TIRAMISU cake..
but my pap said out of stock..

So he bought a chocolate cake instead..
Secret recipe one.. Muahah~
It is okay lahh..
But dunno why i ate 2/3 mouth den bored d..
Like wanna throw up.. ahha~ Maybe coz ate dinner??
Dunno lahh~
Took pics.. =DDDD

Today i rily spent the most time on homeworks lahh..
Rily!! BUt havent start revising..xPP
I cant wait for this saturday and sunday!!
SAT - ( to all WUDO ppl like Sy, Flo, Yj, CCw, Hy and others...) GOT EXAM!!
BRING YOUR MONEY!! I think it's over 100bucks.. haha~
SUN - LICK HUNG carnival~~~~ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! xPP

I hope mummy likes this suprise.. hehhe
Yea.. we made a lil suprise..
When mum is busy doing her work upstairs..
Lil bro suddenly say smth dat make mum rushed down and tadaaaa~~!!!

This friday, tomorow..
Is Children's Day!!!
So sad.. Coz cant celebrate anymore..
HOw i know? Coz my sis and mum kip doing jelly these days .. say for children's day celebration..
Haih~~ Time flies..
After children comes teenager life..
Every part of life is full of new things..
But sometimes.. you just WISH you can rewind the time and stay at your precious moment forever..
but .. WHAT TO DO?

( if you guys wanna say smth good about this, say it out loud and clear.. if smth bad.. den just shut your mouth and get your hands off.. Thx~ Or you can just watch.. =D )

Seriously i dun like this pic.. but.. memories..=P