Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chocolate Indulgence - pap + mum's 19 anniversary

Today is My pap and MUm's 19th Wedding Anniversary..
Ate the second cake of the month~~
But i reminded my pap to DON'T buy cheese cake..
Have enough of it on Xy's birthday oledy..
So i suggested CHOCOLATE BANANA or TIRAMISU cake..
but my pap said out of stock..

So he bought a chocolate cake instead..
Secret recipe one.. Muahah~
It is okay lahh..
But dunno why i ate 2/3 mouth den bored d..
Like wanna throw up.. ahha~ Maybe coz ate dinner??
Dunno lahh~
Took pics.. =DDDD

Today i rily spent the most time on homeworks lahh..
Rily!! BUt havent start revising..xPP
I cant wait for this saturday and sunday!!
SAT - ( to all WUDO ppl like Sy, Flo, Yj, CCw, Hy and others...) GOT EXAM!!
BRING YOUR MONEY!! I think it's over 100bucks.. haha~
SUN - LICK HUNG carnival~~~~ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! xPP

I hope mummy likes this suprise.. hehhe
Yea.. we made a lil suprise..
When mum is busy doing her work upstairs..
Lil bro suddenly say smth dat make mum rushed down and tadaaaa~~!!!

This friday, tomorow..
Is Children's Day!!!
So sad.. Coz cant celebrate anymore..
HOw i know? Coz my sis and mum kip doing jelly these days .. say for children's day celebration..
Haih~~ Time flies..
After children comes teenager life..
Every part of life is full of new things..
But sometimes.. you just WISH you can rewind the time and stay at your precious moment forever..
but .. WHAT TO DO?

( if you guys wanna say smth good about this, say it out loud and clear.. if smth bad.. den just shut your mouth and get your hands off.. Thx~ Or you can just watch.. =D )

Seriously i dun like this pic.. but.. memories..=P

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