Sunday, October 11, 2009

I had a bad day..

Yes.. I was smiling.. but deep down to my heart..
It's full of tears dripping...

I posted these pics coz i like my tee.. long sleeve.. BUt it's true i had a bad day lahh... haih~~

I cant make it to LICK HUNG CARNIVAL..
NObody accompany me..
Xy and Flo all lick hung ex-students.. so not counted..xPP
Haih~~ And my mum dun let me go suddenly..

Just found out dat my mum registered me to MIYF youth camp without my permission.. ISHHHHHHHHHHHHh~~~
I dun wanna go to it..
But my mum always like dat one.. do things without asking me??
And still say it's for my own good..WTH~
The camp is on 26th ---- 28th December lehh~
28 Dec is my burfday..
told my mum..
Guess what stupid response she gave..
She say " burfday mahh~ Come back oni celebrate lahh.. And what mroe else can you do if you stay at home?? "
I can do lots of stuff lah..
I can go shopping.. sleepover.. PLaying comp..
JUst dun feel like listening to some speeches mahh..
Why cant she just ask for my opinion..??
Another pissed off day..
BUt luckily my church friends are going too..
Hope I rily will have fun..
haih~~ =.=

Dats why.. Bad day~
SO sad..
SO dissapointed..
SO dun mess wif me~

- kip sigh-ing and feeling NOT happy -

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