Saturday, October 31, 2009

Congratz to the sweet couple

Sorry.. i know i blog again.. haha~
COz today special marhhh...==
A couple was succesfully married today~
They're members of my church...
HAhha~ Although i do not know them well..
buT i know there are indeed a sweeeeeet couple..
And i seriously felt happy for them.. SERIOUS~
They look so happy together... Awww...

Why is today so special?
Hmmm... Coz i wore formal clothes?
Should be..
I hadn't wore them since.... last yeaR?
yea.. the last one should be at my lil aunt's wedding dinner..=D
Today morning..
My mum asked me wat i will wear afterwards...
I am like O.O .. ohya, what should i wear huh.. i forget weihh
CAn you believe dat?
I spent half day looking in my closet for formal clothes...
most of it are casual you see..
So.. haiz.. took me a lot A LOT time..
I saw this pokedot dress...
I wore it almost everytime at formal..
So.. that is it!! My dress of the day..=
The problem is not fully solved yet though..
My mum wont let me wear just a dress.. i would look hideous..
So.. Nid to find some thing.. like a small jacket..
But all the small tops are soooo..== standard-6-style..
Yes.. maybe i may look/act like a kid.. but i AM still a teenager rite...=D
HAhah~ So i say no to this and no to that..
My mum den go find me a scarf..
WOW~ I love it weih.. dats why..
I searched for bracelets and earrings to match it..
hahah~ over-reacting?
I dun think so.. This is the first time i am so excited for a formal dress.. haha~
Den i have no MOOD to revise my homework..
My brain was full of the wedding dinner.. haha~
So haiz.. din study at all..
Sadly again..
so i cannot ss.. YET!!
And mum didn't bring camera to the dinner.. so i cant take photos of the bride nor groom..
So when i came back... took my mum's camera..
and den ss.. haha~
Wat to do?
I like this dress mahh.. match nicely...:D
but too bad my skill is not very good..
I prefer taking wif my phone..
I miss my phone and the sms-ing sound..
It's true wen they say you will oni appreciate smth after you lost it..
I finally know how much my phone means to me..==

OKay.. here are the photos.. lol.. retarded..but.. it's me..=D

LMAO? Hahah~
COngratulations to the sweet couple..
I know their names..
Wat is it again... O.o o.O
Aaahaa! JASON and RU FEI
HOpe your marriage will last till eternity.. =D

p/s : still resisting myself from KO3..D:
p/s: tomoro channel 301 AEC got one million star ( 6.30pm).. ppl go support sun zi you!!!! He is cute!! OMG.. Falling for him weihh..=D )
p/s : 2 more days and i can live my life again..
p/s : PHONE BABY, COME BACK TO MUA.. I miss you soooo much..xDD

-xoxo, Jaslyn-
- Good luck to all 2b's in 2 more days!!!!! -

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