Monday, October 5, 2009

I guess it's the only choice right now huh...

Omg!! Starting to rotten in my house on the first day d.. LMAO..
Dats just simply why SCHOOL is invented..
It's too prevent us ppl from rotting in the house.. LOL

So B-O-R-I-N-G at home!!!
I know.. I got h/w lahh..
BUt who even have the MOOD to do homework..
I mean, du-uh.. It's the HOLIDAYS weih..

OKay.. simple-talking..
Today, My whole day is like..
- Wake up from bed
- Online till 1pm ++
- Took Lunch
- Watch TV till 5.30pm
- Dunno how.. But i seem to droozed off without myself knowing.. Hahah~ Too tired? Maybe...
- woke up at 6.48pm
- Dinner time!!!
- After dinner.. watch tv till 9pm
- NOw.. onlining.../blogging..

Today is basiclly ..
Eat, Play, Online, Computer, Tv, Sleep...
Dats why! I am sooooo rottening..
Yes.. My brain is corrupted by computer viruses dat rily make human being attracted DEADLY to it..
I am OBVIOUSLY one of the victims.. The serious addicted one..

My days are basiclly spent wif comps..
I know.. sometimes i feel bad abt it too..
Oh nvm.. Only addicted ppl understand.. LOL
I was STICKED to those dramas lately..
Haahh~ Been searching for GuiLun stuff...
they are such a cute couple..
He is freaking hot!
WAY WAY ( x10000) hotter den the guy in KO3..
Yes.. He is so attractive..
It just felt so DAMN hot although my air-cond is on 20 celcius...
See? This is the POWER of a HOT COOL HANDSOME guy~

Rily wanna catch up wif the studies tomoro..
Its the only MEANINGFUL thing dat i can think of to do right at this time..
Hahah~ Except for shopping lahh.. LOL
No plans.. Wait till got plan lahh..
This monthly test is ... freaking me out..
My heart will stop any second~
So.. To prevent me leaving this " beautiful " world..
I decide to actually ( i cant blieve i am saying this )
Dun Blieve.. Me neither.. LMAO..
It's the oni way to kip my heart functioning as always to live...

My bro is going to have PMR soon..
I think it's either tuesday or wednesday..
I can see he is rily frustrated..
He just felt so ....
you know? Like a 70 kg stone in his body..
yea.. he can hardly breathe in..
I hope he will be alright!!!
And bless all the other PMR-ers!!

p/s : so boring at home!
p/s : i nid to get studying oledy!!! Anyone with me?
p/s : I can hardly rmb the holiday homework.. mind telling me?

- Jaslyn -
- Normal mood -

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