Friday, October 9, 2009

I will LOVE KO3 forevaaa~~~ SO HOT

Just came back from WUDO..
Today is the big day..
But i can say the Master is not quite pleased.. Oh well..
Siew yi says i didn't do my WUDO 1 completely..
more like.. Cacat~
I dun blame her..=D i am a good gurl..
Coz i know i cacat too.. ahha~
Duuh~ Told you i got audience-fright.. Even two masters also counted..xP
I was almost lefted out in the grading..
I was so scared..
But it's over~
I rily rily rily rily superbly superbly syperbly HOPE we all can succesfully go up two stages.. Dat means from white belt to yellow-green belt, not just yellow..=P
And Flo and her pal, Stephanie..
Presented WUDO 5..
They seem quite.. lost~ hahah~
BUt they passed.. what a relief..xDD Congrats..
And dun put too much pressure yea~ xD

AAAhhh~ OMG~

Wanna scream till my lungs come out..
BUt screaming is not the BEST WAY to express my love towards this awesome movie...~ Not enough lahh~

終極三國 K.O.3anguo

Those who said it's ABSOLUTELY..
I mean ABSOLUTELY not nice at all..
You are sooo Busted... It may be long.. sometiems boring lahh..
Hahah~ I know ..
I also admit that..xPP
But it is still a nice show.. If you do not agree.. maybe recommend better show for me..
See whether you are right..=D

BUt!! Today's ep 33 is so ... Freaking super nice weih~
Serious.. It's a lil sad.. and den scary + nervous.. More like breath-taking..
And den~~ Tadaa.. LOVE and Happiness + Jokes + LMAO~~
Weeee~ I love them.. and i dunno why..
I find Zhou Yu quite an interesting guy.. yes..
He may not be the charming guy you think of..
But dunno.. just ADMIRE~~ xDDD
Maybe coz of his guitar skills and how he protected his ex-gurlfriend..
It's just soooooooooooo sweet..
Some part of it are hillarious too.. ahha~

Ohya~ This time i suddenly like to take pics of the interesting scenes in the episod.. So cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~
If only everything in it was real.. haih~
The real dialogue is about serious stuff.. But i will modify it.. to suit it lahh~
If not you guys wont understand my feeling.. I LOVE THEM!!!

BOY : *speaks softly* Don't go away.. pls?

BOY : Don't you know my feelings towards you?
GIRL : ... * stops walking * ... * waiting for the boy's response*

(ignore the chinese words)
GIRL : SAy what you want to say.. * waiting patiently *
BOY : ... * breathe in deeply* I.. Like.. YOu..
GIRL : *shocked* ... * looked back a lil just like the pic*
BOY : We broke up.. But we can still be together.. It doesn't matter..

GIRL : *sighs* You just dunno how i feel.. Dun you ever want to know the reason why we broke up.. it's because of you.. yes~ it's you.. *sadly look down* you just don't know what i need.. and .. maybe.. we are not fated to be together..
BOY : But....
GIRL : Sorry.. Maybe we have feelings towards each other dat is hard to explain.. but.. It's just ... complicated..

BOY : well.. i dun wanna be harsh and give you pressure.. * slowly let go.. *
GIRL : thank you.. but it's just.... not the right time.. * TT.. Let go finally *


So romantic rite?? But the real dialogue is not like dat lahh~~ xDDD
Anyway.. here are some pics.. Cute + sweet + Hillarious..

Omg.. So cuteeee couple.. The guy looks more yeenngg in this ... angle? hahah

Hahah~ PPl ask them to kiss~ Aww...

Hah~ Shy oledy.. aww.. hheheh~

This geourgeous gurl.. She is gentle..kind.. and soft-hearted.. ahaa~ I purposely took this angle.. pwetty huh.. okay lahh

And~! She's the gurlfriend of one of my hotty.. haha~ Yes.. hot guy + Pwetty gurl.. xDD

This is the hillarious part.. but.. overall.. they are just welcome-ing their principal..xPPP

LOL~~ xDD This is the mistaken scene.. ahha~

GUy called ma chao.. he's so cuteeeeeeeeeeee... this shot makes him look more.. Hot? haha~
Or perhaps... More cuteeeeeeeeeeee~

OKie.. No more to say... Holidays are gonna end and i havent flip my book.. haiz.. not in the mood...xPP

p/s : tomoro is Lick HUng Carnival day~~=D
p/s : NOthing's gonna change my love for you.. ( KO3 lahh..blekk.. ) xDD

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