Friday, October 2, 2009

Sexxayy 14 to you Babe~ xD

02/10/2009 a.k.a Xing Yi's b'day

Everyday is a usual day..
But today it's not, because it's your 14th b'day !

~ quoted by FJM to XY ~
( dun get it? nvm then )

Too bad we oni remembered the day before the big day ..
If not we wouold have prepared more suprises.. LOL
but its okay for a half-day planning.. heheh

Sy and Flo bought the cake..
I think it's GOLDEN CHEESE CAKe..
Yummy you know~ Very filling too..

The next day morning sy and flo came to my house to do the card..
Yea... the b'day card..
I say dun want to write "happy birthday" infront coz its so common..
Wrote "Sexxayyy 14 " instead..
I think its great~ Hope you like it babe~
Den inside we decorate wif magic pens..
wrote a phrase... quoted by us 3..
And den wrote wishes..
But after go school ask more ppl sign..

Den at 11am---12am time,
Xy mum came.. fetched us to Usj 2 cafe..
BLISS 33..
1st time weih!!! xDDDD
Went upstairs..
Ask the waiter to help us kip the cake in the refrigerator..=D
Den order food...
Took many pics... ahha~
Chatted wif our special guest - vivien aka xy's best best friend..
A nice gurl..=P
We 3 order Italian Cheese baked rice + Sharkfin soup..
share share...
den.. after eating..
time to reveal the cake..
Xy love cuppucino.. but its out of stock.. wats left is sponge-made..
so bought cheese cake..
Took many pics..
den we lit up the candles..
Sang b'day song..
Got a group of teenage gurls who sat nearby also sang wif us..=D
You guys are sweet weih.. ahhaha
Aunties kip watcihng us... Halo??? Didn't see before ppl celebrating b'day singing song mehh..
Den we think of how too smash Xy's face wif cake..
Firstly siew yi out two candles on xy's piece of cake..
den say its a game..
Ask her to use her mouth to take the candles out..
Hahha~ Actualy wanna smash her face one
Xy knew it... so she dun want
Den vivien say " okay lahh.. dun play d"
She took out the candles..
And den suddenly smash the whole cake on her face.. i was stunned..
Den Sy and flo joined it..
i bcame the camera gurl.. ahhaha..
Xy's face is sooo.. cheesy..
den she tried to make everybody's face filled wif cheese..
But i dun want.. coz i say i am not involved.. LOL
BUt struggled a long time..
Den calm down..
Nid to clean up weih~~ ISH!!!!!
BUt sooooo sorry to the ppl working there.. the basin got stuck wif the cakes and creams.. ahaha~
SRy~ pai seh..
The aunties gave us the weird look again.. LMAO..

Den.. We ordered drinks as we are rily thirsty..
Me and Sy shared Iced peach tea..
Nice drink~ Taste like Justea.. AHhah~
Den.. we clean up..
Ate all the cakes..
Den go to school~

So sienn~~
NId to face the ppl...
Wanna go out.. mayb sleepover.. i think next week~ den buy xy her present
But dunno wat model..
haven buy.. LOL

NOw.. Enjoy the pics.. Some are rily blurr... LOL

AT MY HOUSE DOING THE "Sexxaayyy 14 " b'day card for Xing yi~ SS also lahh.. Du-uh~ Hahah

At Bliss 33.. =D The lunch part...=DD
Ss also... LOL.. And the cake the cake~~ xDD

Anyway... after school we splashes xing yi wif water... omg..
She screamed like a crazayy gurll... LOL

I want to wish those october b'day ppl ..
I can oni remember lil oni.. classmates mahh.. HAHAH
Yi jun , Bryan Cheng, Chian Wei( early wish =P ) ~
And others..LMAO
Happy b'day~

p/s : you just have to say smth bad and ruin her day don't you~ Well.. you failed.. So stop it lahh.. Annoying weihh... Eleh.. Like you conquer the whole thing.. Look into the mirror lahh..And dat you call a person?? eew~
p/s : felt happy today.. happy b'ady ppl... especially xy,yj,bc and ccw~ Have a great 14.. =D

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