Friday, October 16, 2009

Pooooh~ Speed up!!

Wooots! Muahah~ Guess wat?
I just finished my maths homework and it's already 10.41pm at night..
And i found out dat i seriously nid to speed up .. i am REALLY slow in maths..

Next year maybe going tution.. haha~ excited fot my first one~~ xD
There are seriously many distractions at home.. haha .. blaming them pulak..xP
The biggest one is the well-known.. INTERNET ONLINE~ xD

I woke up 10 smth this morning..
HAhah~ Felt weird suddenly no nid to go school again..
Somehow i missed school.. I know.. what's gotten into me..
hahah~ Watched youtube..
Notice this show " Wish to see you again 这里发现爱 "
It's a chinese drama.. it's nice lahh~
I watched it before..
BUt cant recall back..
so haha~ I decided to re-watch~ xD
But i just randomly pick some episods lahh..
Coz if i rily see all over again.. it would take all my attention..
Den finals jia lat luu.. so haih~
I seem to have sooo many things to do AFTER the exam..
Shopping, Movies, Dramas.. aww.. and Sleepover again~ xPP
The last sleepover i mentioned.. failed.. coz too rush~ xD

This afternoon around 12 babe Mel sms-ed me again~ Hahah~
She ask me to online.. I was already online since 11pm smth.. hahah~
Den she online..
We chatted ... And den talk about this guy who wants to stalk her almost every moment..
And the important thing is.. He is NOT hot or tall..=P
FYI, he is SUPERBLY short.. =P ( no offense.. but rily lahh~ )
ANd He is soooooooo not Mel's cup of tea..
But he wouldn't give up.. the power of LOVE i guess.. hahah~
BUt she is rily getting sick of it.. pity her.. BUt cannot blame her totally..
She just have the pwetty looks .. haha
OKie.. nth liao..

Cousin vormit weih~
Although sometimes dislike her.. but still pity her..
Her face so pale..
Food-poisoning? Pui! Touchwood~ xD

Haiz.. tomoro no WUDO.. kinda miss it lahh..
Wanna know the results..
So tomoro i have to seriously start to revise..
But i will on the laptop..
For songs lahh~

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- Lurve all my babessssssss.. miss you guys already D: -
- Waiting for KO3 ep 34.. muahahah~ -

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