Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Burger + Sausage day / awesome 14 to you

LOL.. yea.. today was as usual..
Except till evening..=P

Wait..Just wanna say smth..
LOL.. there are certainly many many october babies i know..
Nvm..Today is to a gurl from mua class..

( grab this pic from your blog.. i think this one is nice~ =D )
Name - Chew Chian Wei
School - Same as me and same class.. LOL..
As far as i know.. she lurves to ss too.. LMAO.. who doesn't.. =="
And.. She is a major shopaholic..
She lives in USJ 2..
She loves nail polish..
She doeen't like being said/scolded especially by teachers.. ( if you know what i mean )
She lurves her babes..

Awesome 14 to you Chian Wei..
May GOD bless you in your daily life..
Always Smile..
Your smile lightens up other's days so SMILEEEEE~

Today is my bro's first day for PMR..
He asked my parents to dun ask a thing..O.O
LOL.. Hope its okay~

Today i did chinese homework..
My brain is rusty.. nids fresh air and re-painting..
Hahah~ I even take moree than half an hour to even write the first paragraph of the essay homework....
I know!!!! OMG O.o o.O
I am shocked myself..

Did till 5pm ++.. Watch tv.. haha~ yea.. till 9pm..
NEVER get bored.. LMAO..

At the evening,
My mum say today's dinner would be burgers and hot dogs..
I am like '' are you sure??''
yea~ My mum started to cook burger and sausages at 6pm..
I helped to toast the breads..
After toasting they became more tastier and crunchy-ier..
Yummy~ Duuh~! who am i? Jaslyn lehh~ Hahha~
Took pics of the food.. hehehhe~
Ate them..
It was finger-licking good~ Serious lahh...
but you will get bored after some time lahh..xPP
So.. My lil bro was starving so he ate like a hungry cow that didn't eat for a week..
Hahah~ he ate two turns and wanted to have MORE~
but my mum stopped him.. Luckily..
If not he can hardly hardly breathe by now.. Hahah~
den at 8.45pm..
My pap came home..
Mum asked me to make a set for my pap..
But the burger-ham was left only one piece..
So i toasted 4 piece of bread..
decided to make a SUPER LARGE one wif a piece of burger-ham and many other ingredients like cucumbers and tomatoes.. =D
Heheh~ After it's done it certainly looked LARGE.. hahah~~
I have one more extra bread.. so put it beside the LARGE burger/Sandwich..
hahah~ Took pics.. XDDD

Tasty? LMAO..
Anyway.. Just wanna tell my babes cant go sleepover d..
My mum suddenly say NO..
haiz.. But i FORCED her to say YES for the LIck HUng Carnival~~~~
Weeeeeeeeee~~ xDDD
I dunno who can teman me coz i dun wanna go myself..
I am/was not a lick hung student mahh..
But i rily am very interested..
Babe Sy say she cant make it coz got other stuff to do..
haiz~ Xy say can but she was Lick Hung student mahh~
Maybe my cousin will accompany me.. Maybe not..
hope someone will teman me..
Seafield's Carnival day wasted my time!
I just kip selling stuff and din get the time to hav fun..
So i want to go this time.. To LICK HUNG..
I havent been there before.. ahah~
So give me reply asap yeaa~
Maybe ask flo or xy help me buy tickets.. hehehe

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