Sunday, February 28, 2010

you mean the world to me

Hey :)
Short update kays ;)

Tomoro is the exam day !!!!
And guess what,
history is tomorrow -.-

Of coz im a good girl,
i finished history f3 and halfway through f1
lol another half f1 and a whole lot f2 to go

Guess i just have to stay up late again

4 days ...

 When i looked back,
you dont seem to care,
i wonder if you ever do look back

p/s : pls think again !!! this time, i hope you will change  your mind :/

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You are the reason i smiled today

Hey hey hey hey :)
YOu know what, my saturday went on pretty well :D
Except for the fact i saw some bunch of something -.-

LOL, morning had wudo :D
WEEEEEEE so happiee its been so long :/
Luckily i practiced at home so my feet didnt ache so much
PLus i just did my SEGAK lolz

Then the afternoon went for tambourine class
HAHA felt so "pro" there tsk tsk
It was short and sweet laa

went to carrefour,
so call study in MCD,
yea i brought some stuffs lol,
BUt ended up eating and shopping lol

At night, went to youth
AHAHAS it was okay laa,
then me and kor followed them to mamak
It was my first time going there,
so i chose the worst sitting placing of all -.-
EEEEEEEE so many cockroaches you know,
i kip looking back to the NEST of the cockroach
its a whole lot bunch :(
I almost cried -.-

WHAT? i am really scared of cockroaches okay~
Put one infront of me and i will scream till your ears burst :)

Bla bla my temper is getting worser O.O
Maybe its bcoz im pms-ing laa
wtv, just dont get on my nerves,
if not smth bad will happen hehe

BYE!! today din study laaa,
fully booked LMAO
 haha rest LOL
( jaslyn chong!!! monday exam still wanna rest arr? LOL )

P/S : SY FLO XY waaahh i got the hair thing dy!!! Go arr!!! we do the hair .. we are gonna be the brightest STARS LOL
PP/S : waaahh you really make me smile :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, February 26, 2010


Studying is super super boring
especially when you have to study
history and geo
I bet everyone agrees :)

My exam is coming in like 2 days
so.. i guess its just study study study for me -.-
HAHA after become kesiao of this -.-
wish me luck ;)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey hey hey ^^

Today's school was ok ok laaa..
PJK was fun though ;D
Did the SEGAK thing, kinda dissapointed of myself
but nvm!! its over ;)

Later at maths period,
wtf pn.sujatha came in and called
all those students who didnt change their uniforms to come out!!
omg obviously i was one of them LMAO
Lecture lecture lecture -.- then off to BILIK HEM!

eeeeeee once in my life i got caught to bilik hem O.O
or was it -.- maybe i did go before xD
I guess im just unlucky laaaa -.-
Bla bla,
den it started to rain !
Haha emo weather LOL xD

wtv laa,
gotta go study HARDCORE now!!
Seriously i havent started any revision,
and the exam is on monday?
wth rite?
Come on who studies in CNY -.-

SIGH~ nth to blame already,
bye :)

p/s : Pls dont go :(
pp/s : I Still study last minute after 3 years of ecperience haha

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's a girl thing

Hello earthlings
Here again x)

Bla bla
today school was kinda fun~
adter recess there were like 3 whole free periods ;D
HAHA~ it's was certainly smth to be remembered~

We 4 talked super long laaa (:
thx to the h2h talks,
idk how but we went to the topic abt boys ;D
seriously, GOOD boys are like one in a million
* winks *

lol its nothing secretive so i'll just say some,
SOME not ALL * shhh *
boys, there are one part of a girl's life
that's for sure~

AND AND~ the talks today was my fav h2h talk :P
Its sweet, and nice ^^
We should have more of these , duuh it makes us grow closer!!!!

Interact IU is arriving soon haha~
like on 28th March!
My F1 peeps you guys better come xD
WAAAHH~ wanted to go audition but,
hmm.. haha pressure and im scared ):
Wtv laaa, i'll scream for you florence,
you will notice a girl screaming her head off, thats me :D

Tomorrow has PJK period,
Gonna do SEGAK O.O
pls pls ( x10000 ) may GOD help me through all the things (:
I dont wanna humiliate myself out there XD

* Haha "bitch" i wont be a total one laa, coz you are the perfect one :P
* Its hard to let go, but you must >:)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to where it starts

Hello !!
Another sunday is gonna be overrr
Woke up today for church,
 got called to be an usher :D
HAHA~ its no biggie but still i'm proud haha

" Im going to thai "
" omg wth yerrr so good -.- "
" haha~ you all leh? "
" balik kampung lorr still got what "
" haha i'm gonna go new year shopping ^^ "

was like a week ago -.-
where holidays are just getting started
BUT NOW, its gonna end in like a few hours :(

How sad,
i wasted the whole week laaa,
excluding the balik-kampung-days lahh
I didn't really use every moment meaningfully :(
I'm a bad girl -.-

Oh well,
here i am ,
fussing around abt my life,
while there's like super lots of projects and hw-s waiting for me
I didnt touch any of them,
its CNY! who bothers abt hw -.-
now i do ><
And i need to go rush rush now

p/s : cherish every moment ! if not you will end up like me hehe xD
pp/s : Lets just stay as a student :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stupid me

Cute Quotes Pictures, Images and Photos

True isn't it?? :D
TOO BAD~ its his loss :)


Guess what ?
I thought today was sunday

for cancelling the outting :(
I thought it was sunday
so i wanna stay home and relax

stupid me :S

p/s : Im getting obsessed with taylor swift's songs~ :)
pp/s : MELISSA CHAN!!! heard the taylor-s just got a short role in VALENTINES :(

xoxo, Jaslyn

The OC, orange county

i am getting all the creeps now :(
I missed school, but i missed my holidays too D:

Have you guys watched THE O.C. ?
Saw on youtube, it has really nice cute sweet scenes~ :)
I didnt follow the show though,
but i would love to recommend it :DD
For girls, its a romantic show laaa :D
I love the people in there,
especially the main couple,
Ryan and Marissa :)
its a sweet sweet sweet show,
but like all love shows, one of the mates died D:

Marissa who is roled by Mischa Barton
 is really pretty~
She is hawt and fabulous :D

Her boyfriend, Ryan,
by Benjamin McKenzie
is hawt too :DD
He is one super lucky man here hehe xD



OKAYY enough of shows :)
Still, do watch :P
Been chatting with my girl just now,
on meebo xP
HAHA, talked abt guys,
sometimes guys can be really useless LOL
* no offense * we are girls DUUH -.-
Bla bla today is saturday already!
i havent started any of my homeworks!!! HOW HOW HOW??
Pls save me ! :( the mood just ain't here :(
Yea, i need a special homework mood to do my hw .. hehes
OH OH OH! did i mentioned yesterday ( fri )
we went to mid valley ?
yea  to replace the no-more-genting-plan
LOL, it was quite fun though~
i love sushi but its too ex!
So since dad says he wants to replace,
so we must play kao kao laa -.-

LMAO.. bla bla..
then reached home,
online till 2 in the midnight with florence :)
She is in thai!! :DD
And i heard she's gonna buy me a necklace oOoo xD
thx babe lol
I painted my nails! :DD ( FYI very long ago )
HAHA~ 3 colours! red, purple and blue lmao :)

Mummy says i looked like i was poisoned O.O
LOL but nvm, the sad thing is :(
i have to rub it off already :(
yea i painted them just for CNY awwww :D

Bla bla days are getting so boring here :(
I guess i will go do my hw laaa :S

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

how i wish you were here ~

omg i am so darn super freaking sad now :(
AND! heartbroken.. D:
Many things happened today,
the worst is,
the dissapointment i had :(

One of it,
I just had a surprise message that said my family and i will be going GENTING tomorow
With relatives too laa~
I dont dare to believe it,
but i made myself too HAHA~
And then just now at night,
my mum CANCELLED it omg :(
Just bcoz they were too tired playing mahjong till late night
how can they be so selfish :(

I am so down now :(
I hoped and wished,
you are right beside me now D:
but~ reality is always the opposite,
i have to face it alone :(

OMG so dissapointed!!!!!!
And sad~
And i still remembered i told sy how happy i was to be going to GENTING tomoro :(
now its all GONE!
no theme park,
no icy weather,
no chilly water,
no fun :(

What a sucky day :*(

the part where i saw this korean drama SWEET SPY in youtube
which has super hawt cute kissing scenes~
xD hot guys and hawt girls, they cheered me up :D
( i am a romanceholic, thats the lil things that can cheer me up :D )

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I fake a smile so he won't see ....

He says he's so in love
He's finally got it right
I wonder if he knows
he's all  i think about at night

Hey hey :)
No lah no more auto-publish posts :)
I am back!!! :D
YAYYYY! I am so happiiiee HAHAHA~
After 5D4N trip, i missed my home and peeps more than ever xD
To say the truth, its not that bad this time ^^
Yea~ its actually kind of fun,
well it is supposed to be since its CNY right? xD
Anyway, there are alot of lion dances there,
and fire crackers too, DUUH xD

I gambled super lots there,
mum scolded me few times already -.-
haiz, old people are like dat lahh ( dont deny it )
Took lots of pic there when i was bored xD
post some only lah hehe xD

we are retards, but we are hawt retards HAHA

AND!!! i found out the skies  there back at the kampung,
are wayyyy prettier than here ones in subang :)
Maybe coz the place here is polluted :)
Save the environment ppl! HAHA~ if not there will ne no pretty skies :(
Skies are really pretty , do you know? :D
it can make your mood go up up up! :)
thats all, dont wanna blah already :X
Away from the kampung and Back to the City :)
Everything will be fine,
because i know you are with me :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, February 15, 2010

Panda -.-

3rd auto-publish post HEHEH~
I am like a rotten meat here :(

Yea i can predict the future,
by this time,
i must be complaining abt mosquitoes!! :(

I cant sleep well at night!
I knew it alright :(

See me next time,
recognize the girl with huge panda eyes,
that will be me :)

PLS PLS PLS! time fly faster~
i wanna be home :DDDD

hows your CNY peeps??

xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, Hugs, Romance, Kisses, Letters, Messages

2nd auto-publish post HAHA
What day is today?
Ive been blabbing abt this day so long ago,
if you read my blog always,
you should know that today is...


To all my friends, babes, classmates, youths, family, relatives
May love always surround you guys,
and romance will always cheer you up!!! xD

( geesh i need to celebrate in kampung wth -.- )

pls appreciate your love ones :)
Guys you better buy smth for your girlfriend :)

Please know that my love is with you okay? :D


Friday, February 12, 2010

Its gonna be a long journey -.-

I might be half way or already in JOHOR right now :)
This is an auto-publish post xDD
There dont have internet,
if got, i will go back every year HAHA

Anyway, its gonna be a super long journey xDD
Because today is the day alot ppl starts to go back kampung,
that includes me :)

Very sienn lor need to go back there,
to say the truth,
ppl there are so kedekut sial!!!! -.-
lol, you know what is the max they give? 5 bucks!
what is the min? 1 buck?
I am like OMGOSH,
my mum side would give at least 5 bucks and max 50 lahh -.-

BUt ,
I have to accept lah,
-.- haiz~ I am gonna miss home so badly,
miss me ppl~
my heart is with you xD

p/s : pls comment if you see this, to make sure it comes out on time heheh

xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi peeps!!!!
CNY is coming weeeee !! YAY!
HAHA, angpaus = Ka CHING! $$$$
and fire crackers!
and~ GAMBLING! hahah~

Lets start from the morn :)
was late for choral speaking -.-
quite fun lah :D

today is the day where all the pressies for val is out!!
NOt all clubs lah,
VULCANZ  havent hahahaah~
Tq for those who sent me lol~ xD
it was no big deal, but i do appreciate it alot :)

Sadly i dotn get the cute huge teddy bear i wanted :(
LOL its 10 bucks xD
Oh well xD at least i have sweets! xD
Florence had a rose and she was so crazy abt it ^^

Tution in Ace,
ROLE PLAY!!! everything was cool! xD
i still remembered teacher still ask us to re-plan our play last week!
-.- omgosh today morning we were sooooo darn worried! x(
But then we practiced our new plan roughly,
i am acting as a dumb waitress inside WTF -.-
sacrifices, see? heheh
Everyone did great! :)
It sure gives me more confidence ^^

I have to pack my luggage now -.-
Tomoro after school i need to go back to JOHOR~
I dont want to, but mum say its a MUST :(
Going there to feed mosquitoes only laa~
the mosquitoes there must be craving for our fresh SUBANG blood xD

Gonna go there for 5D4N!!!!!
So longggg! 
after reading wei wen's blog,
i decided to make some auto-publish posts too HEHE xD
Tomoro last school day~

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Its better to tell your friends,
" i am jealous abt you "
Its far more better then backstabbing,
for that is when jealousy rose to envy and hatred

Hello hello again :)
I am kinda addicted to quotes weeee :)
Thx to flo -.-
Random short post
cause i wanna share something,
actually some story that i think is exciting :DDD
Its sweet!!!
and romantic !!!
and and and! valentine-nic~

Once upon time,
there was a girl,
she was very hardworking,
her days were always full of studies,
It was like black and white...

But till then, she met this guy,
he was the so-known popular guy in school,
she admired him sooooo much,
its like she WANTED to own him,
but she knew its impossible for him to like her...
Its just not real for her..

One day,
She received a gift,
its a valentine teddy and chocolates,
she was suprised and checked who was the sender,
and she stunned when she found out..
It was like a dream,
but it wasn't,
from that day onwards, she knew,
that her life would never be the same ....


LOLOLOL~ random lahh~
feel like sharing nia XDD

Anyway, today nothing special in school though,
except for homeworks -.-

p/s : WTF i lost my book from ACE ED-VENTURE!!! how?????????? :(
pp/s : Dont say eeewww if you are jealous, just admit

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everyone has someone, do you?

Hello readers :)
HOws your day? Mine is fine alright xD

Anyway, been helping out in the library
 nowadays for VALENTINE'S gift wrapping!!!
some of the messages are really super cute !! :D
They may not be professional qoutes,
But its from the heart

I remembered some..
" You are the hot plate for my roti canai, and the cili padi in my sambal "
" If My heart is the house, you are the owner "

LOL!!!! So cute rite? OMGOSH~
You can feel the love yo~ x)

He gave her!!!!!!!
Although its just 8 bucks, its the heart that counts :DD
AND! its tobelrone weih LOL~ xD
He is so sweet,
BUT! do not judge a book by its cover lahh :D

Its when all the romance from all peeps pop out :D
And you can feel the love in the air :D
THEY are just too sweet ^^

I can smell valentine now :D
And its full with love :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going down down down down down down down down ...

He can be hawt..
He can be nuts too :)
So, hold on your engine girl,
we've got your back :D

Hello lovely~
Woke up fweaking early for church :)
LOL~ manage to listen to the whole sermonnn laa~
Good job ^^ heheh~

Lets start from yesterday ...
Yesterday skipped youth for SiewYi's partayy~ :)
her bro's party i suppose :D
Well i dont skip purposely la, i was late anyway :P
LOL!!! Anyway, went to sy house at 8 smth :)

Omg it was SO DARN awkwarddddd~ -.-
EEEEEEE dont wanna think abt it heheheh~
Anyway, it was quite fun laaa~ :)
Except for the parts where the guys there are somehow pervert hahaha
LOL~ but!!! we had a great time :)

XY cant join coz she cant manage the transport thing,
So we chit chatted and screamed, and gossiped, and played games, and..
Pics are at SY's~ you guys just need to wait for some while lahh :)
She is very slow HAHAH~

Anyway, today was quite nice :)
nth sad :S lol
omg so despo for school now,
for someone's someone :DDD
OMG OMG hahahah~ I am so bad~
me likey :DD


My heart is sinking wayy down there,
like an anchor without any help,
it just wont come up,
because you didn't notice me today :(
Or did you?
Oh well, for now ,
its down -.-

p/s : WTFFFF???? This yr's valentine has soooo NO romance? what shyt? -.-
OMG why is it the same day as CNY :(
SO bad... :( EEEEEEEEEEE :(
pp/s : Although sooooo, waiting forward for val,
tell me everything gurl ^^

xoxo, Jaslyn