Saturday, October 30, 2010

you can't have everything.

when you gain that, you'll lose this.
when you gain this, then you'll lose that too.
it's never fair.


hey guyss :D

have you ever feel like you want everything to be flawless,perfect?
i bet everyone does ..
unfortunately, life just doesn't give you sugar all the time.
sometimes they give you lime, salt or maybe bittergourd.
you gotta live with it ehs?

sometimes seeing the ppl around me smiling away.
i wonder myself " why can they smile every single moment? why not me? "
it's absolutely bugging me.
can't deny the fact that jealousy truly kills.
watching my friends having the moments of their life while my days are rottening
every second really pisses me off.
the feeling's like they got all the luck while i got none.
success is always not for me no matter how much i crave for it :(

being all sad and emo all the time isn't a way to live lol.
as you can see, next year f4 we'll have streaming classes.
that just means that we won't be seeing each other that often anymore.
who knows? we might be strangers again :O
like those ppl said,

when life gives you lemon, make lemonade.
im trying to knock that into my head too (: but it requires some time lol.
for everything you gain, you will lose something.

so i guess instead of feeling all jealous, envy and mad,
i should just open my freaking mind,
and let all the things out <:O
i will have times when i just get sick of how life treats me,
but haih. everyone has their bad days.

this is a random post tho :D
naah no hard feelings ;D
oh. today my class went on a one-day trip to MELAKA.
i didn't go coz the bus was full already :(
but im sure they had fun ;)
next sun we would be heading to Genting for 2d1n.
i've been praying every night that it would be perfect and memorable.
2 more months, and its all different.
how different? nobody knowss... x)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

you made me dissapointed

Am in a really bad mood now.

i really need someone to talk to.
someone trustable.
i feel so deadly dead right now.
gosh how can i survive the life there.
you guys,
really made me dissapointed.
haih. oh well.
it's hard to be yourself :(
i wish i could escape to a world.
where everything is in my own way.
it exists! but only in my dreams.
haih. stressed :S

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, October 25, 2010

a night in empire

HEY peepos ♥ :)

so.. it's monday alreadyy :O
last saturday, i skipped youth :X
actually i was all set for youth,
den parents say the whole family except me were going EMPIRE for a drum concert thingy.
my bro wants to see it,
so they wanted to go there too.
well, i don't wanna miss all the.. fun LOL.
so yeah i skipped youth D:
eee meanie me lol.

went empire, had kenny roger roasters for dinn dinn :D
awesome possum chicked muahahah.
is it me or the chicken shrinked weih O.O
omgosh. love love their banana muffins. GOSH <3
took picss ;D


Then on sunday,
i woke up late D:
so didn't make it to church GAHH. lol.
in the afternoon,
went to grandma's house in kota kemuning to see my cousin baby twins!
cammy, the bigger twin, can walk dyyy ;DDDD
she is super playful lol. me likey :D
canice, the younger one is still small so yea :D
oni took pics of the older twin ;D
lol. her eyes are big ehs :O
eeee oh-so-cute
 moved again :O
and again -.-


oh today.
after school went swimming with the ladies ;)
xingyi couldn't make it as it was a last-minute plan.
got scolded by mum for not discussing with her D:
but we made it larh.
swam, laughed, talked, gosspied, ate, did some gym stuffs. :O
tiring lol.
went home. flo stayed till 9pm +.
OMG she suceeded in water marble nail art laaa wthhh D:
gosh and i tried 50 over times.
ps : doing water marble nail art, you gotta have patience, and endurance :P
which i dont have lol.

super long post lol. byeeee.
am planning to go genting with classmates. ♥
hope it will be superbly fun laa (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, October 23, 2010

people change, things go wrong, but life still goes on.

When you play fire with fire,
you'll just get burnt yourself.
Life, is all about falling down,
Living, is about getting up.


HELLO peepps ♥
so.. i forgot to update about yesterday haha ..
yesterday was quite fun laa (:

went to school yesterday.
then, took part in a leo project.
cleaning the school leo pond :O
its so darn dirty wth >:(
first of all we had to move the fish out of the water into a big pail.
den remove the water, den start scrubbing :O
i didn't help much at the scrubbing part tho.
i just helped removing the leaves in the water AHHAH.
everyone was pretty exhausted, aahh. but the pond is now cleann :D
okay maybe not crystal clear kind of clean.
but its CLEANER :D
gahh whoever throws rubbish inside, screw them -.-

oh at night, went to church with family to watch a movie :D
it's called " letters to God "

basiclly, it's about a boy having cancer, yet he is living with a positive mind,
writing letters to GOD updating about his life,
in other words praying too.

his letters touched everyone around him,
soon, more ppl believed and followed GOD.
at last, he went back to GOD, leaving a good memory for everyone.

:D okay it's smth like that.
IMO, i don't really think it's that touching laaa.
i almost cried, but didn't lol.
i think that the movie i saw in youth last time was wayyyy more touching.
incase you don't know,
its call FIREPROOF.

that one, really gives ppl heartaches :O

but, the ending was awesome.
it's the ending that tears everyone apart.

GOSH. i like that movie HAHAHAH xD
watched it no? what cha' waitin for? :D

awww i really miss my cousin baby twins ♥
camie and canice :D
they must be super plumpish now >:D
weeeeee i wanna pinch their super cute cheeks :D
lol that sounded so mean :O

bye :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, October 21, 2010

what hurts the most♥

what hurts the most, was being so close
and having so much to say. watching you walk away.
and never knowin.. what could have been.
and not seeing that loving you, is what i was trying to do..


HELLO prettehs :D

after some hours i will be heading to ace tution :O
tonight we're gonna have a small party.
kinda to celebrate PMR is finally gone :D

imma bring egg sandwiches :O
gosh i hope they liked it ;D
but chun li's bringing smth like sandwiches too :/
hmm. i hope all our sandwiches can be finished laaa. >:P
like seriously. lol.

anyway, i would like share with you guys about this super AWESOME artist ♥ :)
at first i thought it was just a guy singing.
i was so amazed when i heard his song in youtube. :O
he totally caught my whole attention mannn.
but after some research lol. i found out its like a small band :O
with 3 ppl inside. weird ehs?

you guys should really check out their songs.
its the BOMB.♥
i really really like their sad songs :D
it's like.. magical you know. lol.
it totally touches the deepest place in my heart :(
proves how talented are them. ;)
i recommend " what hurts the most  " as a start.
gosh i've been playing that song more then 100 times. seriously lol.
yayy. love them.

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, October 16, 2010


when i put on a smile,
doesn't mean i'm not mad,
i just don't want to show you my tears.


HELLO gorgeous :D

today was a normal day..
a bit bad at the end :O

the day started off with loads of bored-ness -.-
no hw, no assignments, no worries.. HAHA?
lol " like that also wanna complain? "
ahha im not :P just.. saying im too free LOL.

BUT i do have plans laaaa :P
wont waste my 2 months plus like duuh.
OH OH did you heard that?
PMR results day is on dec 28 aka
fyi, my heart needs to be handle with care coz its super fragile.
i dont think i can take it on that day :O
okay fine. leave it LOL.

blahblah went to youth fellowship today :D
had theme talk. it was super long LOL.
BUT. this time i stayed like super awake the whole time

then, that's when something bad happened. wth?
was shit damn angry.
felt like beating up whoever who bugs me the next moment.
ARGH >:( was totally pissed.
family issues. so.. gonna kip it inside.
thanks to Joyce who gave me a trip home.. THANK YOU LOTS (:
parent can be super inconsiderate. like really selfish >:(

oh oh.
today wenjun from youth gave souveneirs he bought from s'pore to the youths.
i received a key chain tho.
its a gingerbread man with the word " i'm a love holic "
which means romanceholic  laaa :DDDD
didn't expect it tho :O totally suprised.
ahha thank you :P

i need to say this.


Mwah mwah mwah <333
he has that UBER cute wink that can murder ladies everywhere.
AND. he has a different accent from other members of 2pm.
he's called " the thailand prince " coz he is special and talented.
HIS WINK OMG. so cute laaa.

nickhkhun is so awesome. untill awesome is not enough.
they need to make a new word for him.

geesh when he smiles, the whole world stops and stares for a while.
coz he's amazing, just the way he is ♥

off now.
xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, October 14, 2010

water marble nail art ♥

HEY aliens ♥
pmr is over, so im like super free :P
HAHA in yout faces those who played when we studied like crazy :P
LOL jk :D

saw this awesome videos BEFORE pmr.
it's about water marble nail art :DDD

if you have no idea about it, check it out in youtube.

zomg like manicure/medicure or whatsoever and it's easier without all the processes thingy.
i tried the whole day today.
at least 20 times or more.
my polishes are almost gone BOO. elianto's hee :D
NONE of them worked. wth?

damn shit okay. D:
i don't know what's the problem laa!
either the drop of nail polish will sink,
or it won't spread!! D:
anyone of you is kind enough to share a piece of your thought pls comment :(
i want laaa DDDD:

tomoro i'm going to school again for librarian duty BOO D:
that's all.

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pmr ends, finals starts!! :D



omg look at the last blog post date :O
its like a month ago?? :O
goshhh cant believe i made it not blogging! HAHA :D
okay maybe i did check out my blog, but i didn't write laaa :D
but now i can :D
so put in mind this post will be full of sampat-ness and random stuffs (:

first of all,
today is the last day with the last papers CHINESE 1 & 2.
it was complicated tho.
its difficult inside the easy LOL. get it no? nvrm :P
after PMR we were suppose to scream and fly out the school.
BUT, we ended up arranging back the tables and chairs with that frustrating weather -.-
AFTER THAT, mich flo xy and I headed off to Summit :D
okay maybe summit is not cooler than sunway :/ BUT at least we can go out right :D
Sunway is inconvenient laaa :O
ate lunch at MCD's, watched movie and shop around randomly :O
mich and flo was trying dresses like some women.
omg i saw a pwetty dress there laa :D
flo tried it on.
it was H.O.T omg. but not because of her :P
the dress itself was elegant and stunning.
BAAM that is like the BOMB.

geesh enough writing.
BOO i think my writing skills are getting worser,
don't you think?
i can't continue this anymore lol.
GAHH tomoro i have to go to school to return SPBT books and attend the f4 ceramah.
how lame -.-
toodles peeps :D