Thursday, October 14, 2010

water marble nail art ♥

HEY aliens ♥
pmr is over, so im like super free :P
HAHA in yout faces those who played when we studied like crazy :P
LOL jk :D

saw this awesome videos BEFORE pmr.
it's about water marble nail art :DDD

if you have no idea about it, check it out in youtube.

zomg like manicure/medicure or whatsoever and it's easier without all the processes thingy.
i tried the whole day today.
at least 20 times or more.
my polishes are almost gone BOO. elianto's hee :D
NONE of them worked. wth?

damn shit okay. D:
i don't know what's the problem laa!
either the drop of nail polish will sink,
or it won't spread!! D:
anyone of you is kind enough to share a piece of your thought pls comment :(
i want laaa DDDD:

tomoro i'm going to school again for librarian duty BOO D:
that's all.

xoxo, Jaslyn

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