Monday, March 30, 2009

My target !! xDD

Today was a satisfying day ~~ Lol XD

It was raining at recess time and i was sooo dissapointed.. Well.. coz today got PJK period mah.. I dun wanna miss it after so many days of already-missing-Pjk ... haiz..... i
But luckily.. i think God heard my wish?? Deeply inside my heart, i wish dat the rain would stop after recess coz i rily want to go PJK mah...
Well... it stopped!! Hehehe.. praise the Lord~~ Lol XD
but thx to Pn.Khadijah too for giving us permission to play badminton althoughit's still raining a little bit~ XP~ Thx!!

So... Me,Siew yi, Xing yi and Florence took some badminton rackets and gave some to others~~ Badminton game is ON!! xDDD
We first played in the tapak perhimpunan but then Pn.Khadijah suggest us to go play in the blank place nearby the koperasi where there's not much sunshine.. Haha.. thx Pn.Khadijah!! =DD
So we went there lor.. there is two post there so pretend dat is the badminton line lah.. So at first me and Xing Yi one group; Flo and SY one group.. At first i was so afraid coz the last time wen i play badminton.. it's so horrible!! I can't hit the shuttlecock!!
Boo Hoo HOo...DD=
I was so sad coz i cant reach my target last time so i was so afraid dat i would repeat it again..
But luck for me everything seems to be just fine!! xDDDD
I hit the shuttlecock quite some times!! xDD This time is SY who can't hit the ball... Flo too.. Lol.. not to praised myself but i am quite shocked coz the last time they two are the "PRO-S" while me and XY is.. oh well.. not very lucky??

Haha.. so i am now here.. writing this post.. feeling satisfied... coz i beat my target today~~ Yay!! WoOOoHoO~~ hahaha xPPP it just felt soo awesome for hitting the shuttlecock.. Lol.. ( i am making a small thing like a big deal~ Hahaha xP ) hahaha.. happy mah.. lol..

So today oni like dat lah.. (oh ya.. today morning got ICTL class.. I forgot to bring pendrive~ =PP lolzz but no big deal lah.. haha.. erm.. samantha and CCW join me and nadrah in ICTL coz their comps are not functioning.. haha 4 ppl in one group.. lol.. we can't find our last profile so we terpaksalah redo all the module all over again~~ haha but we managed to keep up wif others!! TEAMWORK~ xPP )

P/S: sejarah project!!! i am still LOST~~ hahaha.. someone help me pls... ( i want to know how to do the "tokoh pelajar" part~~ lol plsssss!! )
P/S: this week got Bm oral test... BM Ujian Lisan~~ To all 2B students.. Cikgu wants us to write a story or justa simple karangan.. and den memorize it then present to teacher (or maybe the whole class??) !! no holding the paper or marks would be deducted~
P/S: BM got project on "novel Pasir Salak"!! Dateline: 20/4/2009 !!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back home~

Pooh!! Just back from hometown in Perak..(Cheng beng)
Aaahh~~ Home Sweet home~~ Lol~
This morning i help to mengubah some flower lah... i make dat as a greeting for my grandpa..
everything is quite normal today..

nothing special.. Lol~~ When my mum, my lil bro and i reach home, my dad and my lil sis already reached home earlier than us! hahaha..
Den... i realize something shocking..
My hamster is missing!! actually it's not "my".. It's "ours"...
Our hamster is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it all starts when my lil bro missed the hamster and deccided to pay a short visit to it but den he discovered that the hamster is GONE!!!

Oh no!! Where could it been??D=
we're sad.. of coz..
we asked our pap but he say the cage door is already wide opened when he came back so the hamster must have escaped earlier...
We're more sad..
Hamster!! If u were to see this post pls come back to our cage!!! We will take extra care of u!!
Hahaha.. ya right.. like a hamster knows how to read.. lol

Ok.. it's quite late now... just came back from a long trip and hoped to rest.. Good nite!!

P/S: Did u guys support Earth Hour?? o.O

Friday, March 27, 2009

Going for Cheng Beng oohhh~~ =D

Tonight i'm going back my mum's hometown in Perak for Cheng Beng~~
My lil bro too follows us!! But my older bro... i think he say he wants to stay at home ALONE~~
My lil sis and my dad already went back my father's hometown in Johor for Cheng beng this morning.. =)
Me and my lil bro follow my mum while my lil sis follow my pap... sad.. separated... because actually my father planned to go for cheng beng in my father's hometown with our whole family NEXT WEEK but my father suddenly say the relatives in Johor wanted to cheng beng this week so my father had to go back this week... Unfortunately, It's the same time when my mum decided to go for cheng beng in Perak!!! Luckily... my pap is a thoughtful person so he say my mum dun nid to miss her cheng beng...they both go to their cheng beng separately..=.=
So my mum felt kinda "guilty" so she ask one of my lil siblings to accompany my pap.. My lil sis volunteer~~ hahaha... luckily!! Sry pap.. coz i cant accompany you..T.T

So tonight is the EARTH HOUR!!! From 8.30pm -- 9.00pm
Haha~~ i cant do it coz by that time i am on my way to perak~~
Lol~~ Friends out there!! You guys MUST support EARTH HOUR!!! Haha~~ For saving our precious world... Pls you guys have to sacrifice something~~ Lol!!

P/S: today my cousin, Charmaine is going to join a singing competition held by "e-kids corridor" in SUMMIT!!
P/S: She's singing 'kuai le tian tang' (in english translation is " happy heaven").. lol.. hahah!! (i think me and my family are going to give her some supportation!!)
You rock, charmaine!! XP

* i hope she can control her stage fright problem!! XP

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unbelievable~ O.o

Yup.. This thing i'm going to tok about sure is unvelievable!!!
This thing starts on yesterday nite wif a shout from my lil sis(jamie),cousins (charmaine & evelyn) and lil bro(jaydon)..and the blurr me.. xP
all kids: aaahhh!! (screams like mad ppl)
me: what happen?? (blurrrrrr)
jamie: jie jie!!! We're goin to eat KFC now!!!
me: (still very blurr.. look at the time den look back to my jamie) Dun simply say lah.. now oledy 9pm lor..
charmaine: It's real!!! Your mum say our results are quite ok so she will give us a treat in KFC!!!
evelyn: AAAAAHHHHh!! *screams* hurry!! We are goin!!!
me: (looking back to my dad who's watching tv den look back) Helloooo??? Look at daddy?? if he don't fetch you ppl go you think you can go meh?? Mum won't fetch you ppl go one lah..
jaydon rushed down the stairs straight to my daddy.
jaydon: Daddy!!! Mummy say we can go eat KFC!!! Hurry lah!!! After close oledy...
my dad gave him the astonishing look...then my mum came down the stairs and asked my pap to bring the kids go..
me: OMG?? (staring at my dad who's beginning to go change clothes) Daddy!!! You rily agree arr??? KFC worrr???
dad: hai yo.. ur mama say mah... plus they all just finish exam.. give them a treat oni mah..
me: Oh my goodness!!! Can i go can i go??? It's a life time chance!!! (over~~ xP)
Jaydon: jie!!!! you are the oni one left lah!!! Quick!!
me: ok ok!!! Wait arr..(rushed up to my room to change my clothes)

haha... So this is how everything goes... Why did i called this life time chance??
Coz my dad and mum *never* agree to let us eat KFC at late nite!!! (actually not very late)
Haha... My older brother also met wif us in MYDIN's KFC!!
happy ending~~ haha~~ happy treat!! XDxD

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Informations?? Blah!!!

Yup!! You read it!! It's so difficult to find education information...(even in Internet!!) Well... Maybe i'm the oni one who will ever say this but it's quite true for me!!!
I sat on my bed busying surfing the internet for my Sivik project... (finding silly informations about our prime minister) ArGH!!! I sat there more than three hours..(pity me xP although i think surfing internet was so fun but three hours.. maybe even more is sooo NOT fun!)
Finally on 3pm++ i found almost all the data's of all 5 prime ministers... Well.. ALMOST!!
I was soo happy untill... untill i found out i haven't found the "anugerah" part...
Argh!! i rily dun like this project and i dun think anybody does!!!!!!!!!!! Ya right, prime minister... so wat?? Students have their own problems lah.. Why nid to trouble us more...== (sry for being rude) =)

So i kip surfing the Net for anugerah info's...
The 5th minister's one is easy coz there is a specific part for this "ANUGERAH" title...
But the other 4 was not very easy.... I read through all the long passages untill my eyes rily hurt and my brain is dizzy... I yet cant find the rite information...
Haiz... So here i am.. typing this post... telling my frustration...
Haiz... So my friends out there... pls kindly give me the website which consists this info if you finished the Sivik Project... Pls help me!!! I am drowning in the sea of words oledy...
I will be so grateful!! Pls!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love Holidays!!!!

My HOLIDAYS are sooooo COOL!! I love Holidays!!! I rily do!!

But too bad my holidays is going to finish... sad..(dun wanna think about it!)
On the past few days are sooo fun!!!

SAT-Went back to my father's hometown to visit my grandma who just operated few days ago
SUN-Came back from hometown in Johor,so tired.. reached home at nite..straight to bed
MON-My forth aunt came and brought me and my lil siblings to my Grandma's house (my mother side) We went to summit..(i forgot what is the reason)
TUES-Rest at home... do my school h/w...i manage to finish it!! XDXD
WED-Went to summit (again ==) to watch a movie.. "RAise to witchy mountain"...Nice movie!!!!

So today's journey so start so i dun know what is goin to happen... see you guys!! Love you!! muaxx...(to my frens lah...) LMAO

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happie Birthday to pappy!!

Today is someone's birthday.... Hmm... Who is it??
It's my pappy...(daddy)!!! Hahaha~~~
Today is his 46th birthday!!!
I made a card for him!! it's from A4 paper but yet it is still Cool~~~
haha...papa hope you like it!!!
Erm... Because i wrote this in the morning so i am not sure what will happen at nite worr...
Maybe go out have a big meal?? Or...My mum cook herself?? LOl~~~
MOst important is i hope in this year my dad will have:

* What he always wanted for =P
* Prosperity
* Good Health... strong body~~
* Good luck all the way
* More salary (haha~~ xP)
* Happy everyday... broad smile every moment

Dat's all... And i hope he will always feel happy and warm in his heart in every second he spent wif our family!!!! God Bless you,papa!! ^^

Friday, March 6, 2009

2nd Atenddance In WUDO!!

WoOHooOO~~ Monday no school ~~~ All rite yeah!!!! HAhahaaha...
Today is saturday so i have to go for badan beruniform koku... Haiz~~ T.T
I went for WUDO~ This time, i brought my learning fee along with me!! XD
it's Rm 70 for fees and another Rm 70 for the uniform... it looks like taekwando one...^^
Anyway... the practice is like normal lah... but this time is more serious one... (dun play play ar...)
LMAO (haha... i learned that word from Mayyean! Lol~~ )Anyway... We learned all the punchings and kickings... Let me think... There is ... lower middle punch,front punch, single punch, double punch... And then... there is side kick and front kick... Hahaha... And then there is also a skill called "horse rising sun"... it's like sitting on an invinsible chair... My legs rily tremble when i did that you know... Muscles hurting!! Hahaha...XP
Master/Sifu also thought us how is the hand positions... You have to protect your face and your head coz that is the main part of your body... Logic mah~~
hahah~~ xDD...
Then Jaymi & Xin Wei came late!! but the coach din notice that.. ( Actually... the Sifu said that all late-comers will be punished by doing pumpings!! They two sure are lukkayyy!! Hehehe...)... ==
So... After that... our WUDO pengerusi who is PAUL from 4C asked everybody to gather... he announced that our next meeting will be on 28th of March after the holidays!! ^^ But... Because we paid our personal fees oledy so the Sifu cadang that we have another practice next week outdoors... not inside the school but on the field nearby... (by nearby i think it means USJ 2 field).. I dun know worr... Hui ying, Chian Wei, Siew yi... are you guys goin to go?? LOl~~~ I'm a chicken lah..== (hey! I have to ask my mum's permission mah... see got transport a not!! =P)

So... i guess that's all..
I haven't wish my grandma who is in Johor... I wish and rily hope you can recover soon after the operation!!! XD (she doesn't understand english but i know she will receive my message!! )
You see... Some days before... my pap received a shocking news from my relatives in Johor regarding my grandma.... She has a weird thing growing inside her intestine & is adviced to do an operation ammediately... We all were so shocked... So on Yesterday... which is the day my grandma should be operated near her tummy...My pap represents our family went back Johor early morning to take care of his mum... my grandma... Before that i did a super big card from pink Manila Card... (prosperity and love ~~ LOL)I asked every family member to sign it... it shows our concern about her...XDXD
So grandma or should i call ''Ah Ma''!! zhu ni zhao ri kang fu!!! Recover soon!! God Bless you!
And to my pap... Have a safe journey to and fro plus... Love you!!! Come back ASAP!! XP

So... everything has come to an end... TQ!!!