Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back home~

Pooh!! Just back from hometown in Perak..(Cheng beng)
Aaahh~~ Home Sweet home~~ Lol~
This morning i help to mengubah some flower lah... i make dat as a greeting for my grandpa..
everything is quite normal today..

nothing special.. Lol~~ When my mum, my lil bro and i reach home, my dad and my lil sis already reached home earlier than us! hahaha..
Den... i realize something shocking..
My hamster is missing!! actually it's not "my".. It's "ours"...
Our hamster is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it all starts when my lil bro missed the hamster and deccided to pay a short visit to it but den he discovered that the hamster is GONE!!!

Oh no!! Where could it been??D=
we're sad.. of coz..
we asked our pap but he say the cage door is already wide opened when he came back so the hamster must have escaped earlier...
We're more sad..
Hamster!! If u were to see this post pls come back to our cage!!! We will take extra care of u!!
Hahaha.. ya right.. like a hamster knows how to read.. lol

Ok.. it's quite late now... just came back from a long trip and hoped to rest.. Good nite!!

P/S: Did u guys support Earth Hour?? o.O

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