Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happie Birthday to pappy!!

Today is someone's birthday.... Hmm... Who is it??
It's my pappy...(daddy)!!! Hahaha~~~
Today is his 46th birthday!!!
I made a card for him!! it's from A4 paper but yet it is still Cool~~~
haha...papa hope you like it!!!
Erm... Because i wrote this in the morning so i am not sure what will happen at nite worr...
Maybe go out have a big meal?? Or...My mum cook herself?? LOl~~~
MOst important is i hope in this year my dad will have:

* What he always wanted for =P
* Prosperity
* Good Health... strong body~~
* Good luck all the way
* More salary (haha~~ xP)
* Happy everyday... broad smile every moment

Dat's all... And i hope he will always feel happy and warm in his heart in every second he spent wif our family!!!! God Bless you,papa!! ^^

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