Monday, March 30, 2009

My target !! xDD

Today was a satisfying day ~~ Lol XD

It was raining at recess time and i was sooo dissapointed.. Well.. coz today got PJK period mah.. I dun wanna miss it after so many days of already-missing-Pjk ... haiz..... i
But luckily.. i think God heard my wish?? Deeply inside my heart, i wish dat the rain would stop after recess coz i rily want to go PJK mah...
Well... it stopped!! Hehehe.. praise the Lord~~ Lol XD
but thx to Pn.Khadijah too for giving us permission to play badminton althoughit's still raining a little bit~ XP~ Thx!!

So... Me,Siew yi, Xing yi and Florence took some badminton rackets and gave some to others~~ Badminton game is ON!! xDDD
We first played in the tapak perhimpunan but then Pn.Khadijah suggest us to go play in the blank place nearby the koperasi where there's not much sunshine.. Haha.. thx Pn.Khadijah!! =DD
So we went there lor.. there is two post there so pretend dat is the badminton line lah.. So at first me and Xing Yi one group; Flo and SY one group.. At first i was so afraid coz the last time wen i play badminton.. it's so horrible!! I can't hit the shuttlecock!!
Boo Hoo HOo...DD=
I was so sad coz i cant reach my target last time so i was so afraid dat i would repeat it again..
But luck for me everything seems to be just fine!! xDDDD
I hit the shuttlecock quite some times!! xDD This time is SY who can't hit the ball... Flo too.. Lol.. not to praised myself but i am quite shocked coz the last time they two are the "PRO-S" while me and XY is.. oh well.. not very lucky??

Haha.. so i am now here.. writing this post.. feeling satisfied... coz i beat my target today~~ Yay!! WoOOoHoO~~ hahaha xPPP it just felt soo awesome for hitting the shuttlecock.. Lol.. ( i am making a small thing like a big deal~ Hahaha xP ) hahaha.. happy mah.. lol..

So today oni like dat lah.. (oh ya.. today morning got ICTL class.. I forgot to bring pendrive~ =PP lolzz but no big deal lah.. haha.. erm.. samantha and CCW join me and nadrah in ICTL coz their comps are not functioning.. haha 4 ppl in one group.. lol.. we can't find our last profile so we terpaksalah redo all the module all over again~~ haha but we managed to keep up wif others!! TEAMWORK~ xPP )

P/S: sejarah project!!! i am still LOST~~ hahaha.. someone help me pls... ( i want to know how to do the "tokoh pelajar" part~~ lol plsssss!! )
P/S: this week got Bm oral test... BM Ujian Lisan~~ To all 2B students.. Cikgu wants us to write a story or justa simple karangan.. and den memorize it then present to teacher (or maybe the whole class??) !! no holding the paper or marks would be deducted~
P/S: BM got project on "novel Pasir Salak"!! Dateline: 20/4/2009 !!

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