Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love Holidays!!!!

My HOLIDAYS are sooooo COOL!! I love Holidays!!! I rily do!!

But too bad my holidays is going to finish... sad..(dun wanna think about it!)
On the past few days are sooo fun!!!

SAT-Went back to my father's hometown to visit my grandma who just operated few days ago
SUN-Came back from hometown in Johor,so tired.. reached home at nite..straight to bed
MON-My forth aunt came and brought me and my lil siblings to my Grandma's house (my mother side) We went to summit..(i forgot what is the reason)
TUES-Rest at home... do my school h/w...i manage to finish it!! XDXD
WED-Went to summit (again ==) to watch a movie.. "RAise to witchy mountain"...Nice movie!!!!

So today's journey so start so i dun know what is goin to happen... see you guys!! Love you!! muaxx...(to my frens lah...) LMAO

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