Friday, March 27, 2009

Going for Cheng Beng oohhh~~ =D

Tonight i'm going back my mum's hometown in Perak for Cheng Beng~~
My lil bro too follows us!! But my older bro... i think he say he wants to stay at home ALONE~~
My lil sis and my dad already went back my father's hometown in Johor for Cheng beng this morning.. =)
Me and my lil bro follow my mum while my lil sis follow my pap... sad.. separated... because actually my father planned to go for cheng beng in my father's hometown with our whole family NEXT WEEK but my father suddenly say the relatives in Johor wanted to cheng beng this week so my father had to go back this week... Unfortunately, It's the same time when my mum decided to go for cheng beng in Perak!!! Luckily... my pap is a thoughtful person so he say my mum dun nid to miss her cheng beng...they both go to their cheng beng separately..=.=
So my mum felt kinda "guilty" so she ask one of my lil siblings to accompany my pap.. My lil sis volunteer~~ hahaha... luckily!! Sry pap.. coz i cant accompany you..T.T

So tonight is the EARTH HOUR!!! From 8.30pm -- 9.00pm
Haha~~ i cant do it coz by that time i am on my way to perak~~
Lol~~ Friends out there!! You guys MUST support EARTH HOUR!!! Haha~~ For saving our precious world... Pls you guys have to sacrifice something~~ Lol!!

P/S: today my cousin, Charmaine is going to join a singing competition held by "e-kids corridor" in SUMMIT!!
P/S: She's singing 'kuai le tian tang' (in english translation is " happy heaven").. lol.. hahah!! (i think me and my family are going to give her some supportation!!)
You rock, charmaine!! XP

* i hope she can control her stage fright problem!! XP

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