Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unbelievable~ O.o

Yup.. This thing i'm going to tok about sure is unvelievable!!!
This thing starts on yesterday nite wif a shout from my lil sis(jamie),cousins (charmaine & evelyn) and lil bro(jaydon)..and the blurr me.. xP
all kids: aaahhh!! (screams like mad ppl)
me: what happen?? (blurrrrrr)
jamie: jie jie!!! We're goin to eat KFC now!!!
me: (still very blurr.. look at the time den look back to my jamie) Dun simply say lah.. now oledy 9pm lor..
charmaine: It's real!!! Your mum say our results are quite ok so she will give us a treat in KFC!!!
evelyn: AAAAAHHHHh!! *screams* hurry!! We are goin!!!
me: (looking back to my dad who's watching tv den look back) Helloooo??? Look at daddy?? if he don't fetch you ppl go you think you can go meh?? Mum won't fetch you ppl go one lah..
jaydon rushed down the stairs straight to my daddy.
jaydon: Daddy!!! Mummy say we can go eat KFC!!! Hurry lah!!! After close oledy...
my dad gave him the astonishing look...then my mum came down the stairs and asked my pap to bring the kids go..
me: OMG?? (staring at my dad who's beginning to go change clothes) Daddy!!! You rily agree arr??? KFC worrr???
dad: hai yo.. ur mama say mah... plus they all just finish exam.. give them a treat oni mah..
me: Oh my goodness!!! Can i go can i go??? It's a life time chance!!! (over~~ xP)
Jaydon: jie!!!! you are the oni one left lah!!! Quick!!
me: ok ok!!! Wait arr..(rushed up to my room to change my clothes)

haha... So this is how everything goes... Why did i called this life time chance??
Coz my dad and mum *never* agree to let us eat KFC at late nite!!! (actually not very late)
Haha... My older brother also met wif us in MYDIN's KFC!!
happy ending~~ haha~~ happy treat!! XDxD

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