Monday, June 29, 2009

So eager??

dunno why i so semangat wanna sell tickets for SMK SEAFIELD carnival day~~ LOL..
Maybe coz the price?? i dun think so lehh.. but when my aunt say "DUN WANT" to me.. i felt so dissapointed... i also dunno why i like dat lehh.. my brain rosak oledy..

Anyway.. you guys who want to come and have fun pls tell me...

the details....

DATE : 5th July ( this sunday)
TIME : Around morning 8am++ to 3pm++
TICKETS : tickets are sold by rows... Rm 10 per row... ( i gurantee you nid more than a row to have fun!! xDD )

PLs ppl~~ Support weih~~ Especially my friends!!! I trust you!!! xDDDD The dateline to buy tickets is this thursday!!! So pls hurry!! xDDD

*P/S: Omg... i am being semangat again~~~
*P/S: tomoro doing pre-sales~~ Hahah~~ I am gonna do the so called "poster" or "signboard".... hehe~~ SUPPORT

i should stop now~~ Hahaha~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

MIYF 22nd Anniversary

27/06/09 - Saturday

Today got class replacement.. AARRGGHH~~ BORING.. Hahah~~ Many ppl din attend calss.. du-uh.. who wants?

Nvm.. at the evening there's MIYF 22nd Anniversary.. I invited Flo and Xy and Sy.. but all cant come... dissapointing weih!!! ==

I went there late.. haiz.. but luckily the performance just started... xPPP

There are dramas.. singing performance and speeches... i took some pics oni.. about the performance and crowds.. LOL..

And i took pics with Joyce too.. a form 1 girl.. sweet one.. haha

I wanted to take pic with angel and charissa but they are too busy.. and i'm shy to walk over to them just to take pics... SWEAT!!!

haha~~ LOl simple post.. xDDD

*omgosh!! My friends went IU weih.. can't wait for their post!! Heheh

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Actually it's not rily counted a proper tution ~~
Coz du-uh... i dun planned to have one.. LOL... i dun hav time... and i dun rily like to RUSH RUSH...

haahah~ But Siew yi's Kasturi Tution had an offer for people who wanted to join a one-day free tution in Kasturi's.. well.. no harm mahh.. so i went lorr... hehehe~~ Haha~~ It's quite fun!!

Today's subjects are English.. den Geografi.. finally maths...
I LOVE ALL THE TEACHERS.. I think people should too ( who wants to go for tution) try going Kasturi's coz i think the teachers are rily nice and their teaching ways are rly interesting and nice... xDDDDD LOL... promoting here!!! Weehee~~ xDDDDD

While the breaks between subjects... i took some quick shots around the classroom.. actually just one.. xDD Others are SS pics..

A quick shot of the classroom.. xDD

MUHAHAHA~~ The exercise papers that the teachers distributed.. LOL... sweat..

First shot.. LOL~ Cute pair ( of friends )

Second shot... Heheh~~ Sticking out my tongue.. xDD

Third shot.. Just smiling.. the light is so bright... haha~

Tadaa~~ Finished the day... First day of tution.. ( trial tution..) Rating..







Tuesday, June 23, 2009


WAAhhh~~ T707 is so nice~~ Got Black..... Turquoise.. and pink... Wee~~ I LOVE ALL THREE COLOURS...

Sony Ericsson T707 - Highlights

  • Unique pulsating notification and light effects
  • Day and Night changing theme
  • Gesture control for muting calls and alarm
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS/HSDPA 2100
  • Stereo Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2.2" TFT external color display at 240 x 320 resolution
  • 1.1" internal monochromatic OLED display at 128 x 36 resolution
  • 100MB internal memory
  • Memory Stick Micro slot

I love this phone but the budget for AP oledy RM 698 ++.. Original surely more... Haiz.. Or plss ppl ... give suggestions... xDDDD


Walao.. now money rily damn freaking hard to earn...

IISSHH~~ Last time when i am still a primary school student.. i thought RM 10 is too much for a week's allowance!! But now NO MORE... 20 bucks can be not enough!!! ( but oni sometimes..xPP)

Gee~ Coz my phone before always has problems which i rily get annoyed with example.. LCD problem.. MIC problem or even AUTOMATIC-OFF problem! IIISHH!
So my mum forced me to use my savings.. ( in my piggy bank one.. not in the bank one) BUY A NEW PHONE!

She told me this weeks ago.. i am so troubled with this.. coz i nid to choose properly so that i wont REGRET!!>< My own money lehh!! OMG!!
To say the truth... i prefer slide type or flip type of phones.. Flip type would be wonderfull... coz i din try before...xPPP

BUt every type of phone has their risks..

A. Candy Bar type ( one solid one) - the LCD.. the screen wpuld be easily damaged..

B. Slide type - The reben INSIDE the phone would be damaged easily ONCE you dropped your phone...><

C. Flip type - The spring would spoil easily because we nid to flip the phone to see wats coming.. xPP

Haiz.. SO i dunno lehh.. But i saw three flips one which i think looks okay~ Pl s leave message if you wanna say anything~ The models are T707 and Z770... Haiz.. others i have no idea.. you guys can help?? xDD

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Papa day

Papa day means Father's day.. xDDD

Today is father's day but nothing extraordinary happened... xPPP..

BUt anyway..

OMG!! Shortest post weih~~ Sry! Coz now oledy 12.27am in midnight~~ xP

Ok.. Photos~

Taddaa~~ Photos for scouts campfire night... xDDD hahah~~ Walao.. now oledy 12.25am in the midnight... Hahah~ So enjoy!! xDDD

Hehehe~~ xDDDD

OMG!! haha~ SS oledy..

Chairs.. Many ppl havent arrived.. =P

A guy fixing smth??

When the fire just started!! xDDDD

Big Fire... Campfire..

wow... xP

The guy who is taking the wood with two burning ends is Samantha's brother... Hahaa



The fire burning the word "SCOUTS"..

Siew yi and Xing Yi...

Siew yi took this!! Loong yi's back~~ haha

me and flo... xDDD

Siew yi took this pic... hahah~~

not clear... Loong yi lah... see me and flo oni.. haha

Group pic~~ xDDD

Kenneth tan.. LOL... weird post?

yerr.. Why hui ming see there?

Hahah~~ Eng Yaw~~ LOL

Guo Yuen and Bryan Low

with Guo yuen and they both so shy

Arina and Nadia with their cool costumes... heheeh~

A picture with Ee Yen~~ xDDD

did you notice that this is a picture of a band?? Hehehe~~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

too tired..

WOW!! I am just back from the 104th Scouths 9th campfire night... WEE~~ Hahaha
SERIOUSLY!! I am very tired... i know my friends are excited for me to tell the stories.. but i am too tired.. sorry... i wrote this post just to express my happy feeling right now!!

I think this year's campfire night is quite okay... although some parts are rily boring... *no offence*... I will upload the pics later.. but most of them are in Flo and SY there... xDDD

Okay.. enough for now... sorry and bye!!

* you guys should also continue-ing joining campfire night!!! The dancing-floor-anthem was so damn cool *

Friday, June 19, 2009

First time oo...

There is many first time-s.... This is my first time doing tagssss~~ I am the first person that XingYi tagged and yet i havent did it...xPP OK lorr... i do... BTW... the tag questions damn many!!! xDDD
ABC About You Questions:
A - AVAILABLE ??? errr~~ no??
B - BIRTHDAY: 28 December ( born in year 1995 )

C - CRUSHING ON: still on David Archuletta gua... he's so cute....xDDDD
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: water ( duuh... hahaa xDD)
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: friends/ family... depends...xDDD
F - FAVORITE SONG: erm... a lot... "Through the rain" by Mariah Carey
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Erm idk... bears means teddy bears? those cuddly ones
H - HOMETOWN: erm.... mine? here... pap one is in JOhor... mum is in Perak
I - IN LOVE WITH: erm... david?? Hahah~~ No lah... just admire him so much?? "LOVE"... erm... no gua...
J - JUGGLE: I cant juggle... lol...
K - KILLED SOMEONE: why would i? But maybe... hahahahxxx.... LOL... no lah
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: erm.. the hourney back to hometown!! Arrgghh~~ Damn boring~~
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: i like ice-blended drinks better... but flavours i like vanilla and choco/mocha... xDDD Common ones..
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 4 ( includind myself )
O - ONE WISH: the world will have no bad people so that everybody wll live happily ever after... ( the end... *closes the book* hahaha )
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST:erm... my lil bro.. he is so annoying...xP
R - REASON TO SMILE: no specific reason... it's a natural reaction when you feels satisfied or lucky... or happy.. xDD
S- SONG YOU LAST HEARD: erm... " Gives you hell " by the ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS... in xingyi's blog... hahahx
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: wow~ Today arr?? 7.30am... WUDO LAH... Wth??
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR/PATTERN: why should i tell you?? xPP
V - VEGETABLE(S): erm... my favourites are... tauge and kangkung and brocolli
W - WORST HABIT: erm... very slow in deciding things.. xPP
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: not even once... ( i dun want even to do once!! )
Y – YOYOS ARE: fascinataing if you can play welll... unfortunately i can't... xP
Pig... xDDD (pigs are cute... xP ) (swine flu... hahahahxxx)

Random Questions About You:
Spell your name without vowels:(Jaslyn) Ch Ch L
What color do you wear most?: erm.. dark colours... like blue or black... xD
Least favorite color?: erm.. dun hav lahh... but i like bright colours~~
What are you listening to?: nothing right now.. just the sound of my finger pressing on the keyboard typing this thing.... xP
Are you happy with your life right now?: sometimes yes... sometimes no.. xD
What is your favorite class in school?: erm.. favourite class? mine?? Hahah~
When do you start back at school/college?: erm... on the 15th of June.. Monday..
Are you outgoing?: i dun rily know... but i think so...
Favorite pair of shoes?: fun flops... xDD comfortable..xDD but my mum dun like me wearing those... xDD
Where do you wish you were right now?: shopping with my friends??

Can you dance?: erm... everybody can dance!!! xDD
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: i will tell you if i can..
Can you whistle?: erm.. a lil.. but very cacat..
Write with both hands?: the left-handed writing looks horrifying... xPP
Walk with your toes curled?: erm... weird lah... haha...

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: yea~~ I thought there is a scientific explaination??
Do you believe in miracles?: erm... yes~~ "....There can be miracles~~ When you believe~~..."
Do you believe in magic?: erm... no actually.. i think it's just some good tricks dat we dunno.. xDD
Love at first sight?: i havent met the right one??
Do you believe in Satan?: Satan? devil?? Yes.. not believe.. just i know he exists.. and he is always around us when we feels down...
Do you believe in Santa?: i wanted to... i once believed.. but i din get any secret presents on Christmas night... so..?
Do you know how to swim?: yea of coz!!
Do you like roller coasters?: yes~~ But i always close my eyes when i am on them.. and i will shout my lungs out.. hahah~~~
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: you mean fear factor?? no lah.. those contestants really want the prize!! xDD

Have you ever been on a plane?: yea!! Once... but it's a to and fro one.. to Sarawak..xP
Have you ever asked someone out?: my beloved friends??
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: erm.. again... my friends?
Have you ever been to the ocean?: not rily.. ><
Have you ever painted your nails?:
polish lorr...

What is the temperature outside?: dunno the exact one... 27--30 ?
What radio station do you listen to?: AI FM.. FLY FM... HITZ FM..
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: erm.. restoran Le Kwang... This morning... xD
What was the last thing you bought?: erm... a bowl of "pan mee" in the restoran
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: erm... "Casper" on NTV 7

Who was the last person you IM'd?: you mean the symbol?? dunno..
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: erm.. me myself.. SS... haha
Who was the last person you said I love you to?: no one??

Ever really cried your heart out?: du-uh...
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: erm.. yes.. haha
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: no... lol..
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: nahh~ no..
Do you cry when you get an injury?: see lah... depends..
Do certain songs make you cry?: erm.. dun remember..

Are you a happy person?: many emotions worr... now arr?? yea
What can make you happy?: erm.. like a friendly advice from my friends or my parents??? or when i have very high marks for my exam!! xDD
Do you wish you were happier?: du-uh... who wouldn't?
Can music make you happy?:yes... heheehe~

How many times have you had your heart broken?: in love love matters.. no..
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: someone?? family..??
but DIE is just far too deep??

What is your current hair color?: black
Current piercings?: yea~
Have any tattoos?: No..
Eye colours ?: Normal?? Brownish-black?? I wanted blue... hehehe..

Favorite eye color:blue?? or brown?
Short or long hair: short lah
Height: a lil taller than me will do.. xDD
Best clothing: handsome?? cool... yeenng.. mann..

Been to jail: no lah
Laughed so hard you cried?: yes~~ When siew yi said "kanak... Kanasai!!"
Cried in school: erm.. yes...
Thrown up in a store: erm?? no
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today: idk
Gone skinny dipping: ?? dun get it?

Pepsi or Coke: I dun rily like both of them.. i prefer 100 Plus.. but in this case... i prefer PEPSI lorr
McDonald's or Burger King: McD
Single or Group Dates: Group Dates gua... hehe
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla xDD
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries... xDDD blueberries are fine too
Meat or Veggies: okay okay.. cant choose
TV or Movie: Almost the same?? i think TV gua...
Guitar or Drums?: Also okay okay.. xDDD
Adidas or Nike: i am not really farmiliar with these brand stuffs...xPP
Chinese or Mexican: erm... i am a chinese ... haha
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: Corn Flakes... hehee
Cake or Pie: Cake.. ( Secret recipe)... xPP i hardly tasted a pie...
MTV or VH1:
?? O.o


Lets see who am i tagging.. DRUMROLL PLEASE....
..................................................................... ( tadaa)

1 - Sue Zen
2 - Olivia
3 - Charissa
4 - WeiWen
5 - Nadrah
6 - Yvonne
7 - Vi Jia
8 - Angel goh
9 - Yi Jun
10 - Hui Ying

( Sorry... oni can ten ppl... )

Are you playing with us?? ==

Haiz.... yesterday Hui Ying sms-ed me saying got WUDO today... but hui ying why you also din go...TT Oni me and SY two girls with Paul Low and his friends waiting there...

I was eating breakfast on the early morning when i found out it was oledy 7.40am!! Coz the Sifu mentioned earlier that there is punishments for those who are late den 8am!! So i rushed and rushed... haiz... If i have known earlier den i wont go larrr.... WTH?? Hahahahah~~~ Ah dui... But it's not Paul Low ( WUDO president) fault lah... He also dunno... but at least he went to school also...^^ Hahah~~~ The teacher's fault lah... wait untill 9am oni sms Paul Low saying that today no practise !!!! Really WTF lahh...== iiisssshhhh!!! =.=

Tonight got campfire night!!! xDDDD
Hope my babes and i can have lots of fun!! We paid RM 13 for this!!! xPP

Monday, June 15, 2009

and you think having a lil sister is... actually good??

Arrrggghh~~ Sisters are just so freaking annoying... Especially lil sis... Walao... I dunno What have i done wrong to have a punishment for having a lil sis like this.... wahh!!!!!!!!!! ==

Duuuuhh~ Obviously now you should know i have a lil sis... and a very super annoying and irratating one.. You see.. she followed my aunt back to hometown for quite some days and i kinda missed her.. so when she came back yesterday nite i welcomed her woth a broad smile.. and she also seems quite nice...

But today she went bck her old-self again... My goodness!!!!!!! Sometimes i wish i could just punish her or cane her coz she is just so stubborn... Yesterday night i asked her to wake me up if she woke up early than me... and she say ok.. but this morning.. she told me the wrong time and make me almost late for schooL!! I asked her why she bluff me.. and she say " i also the time i see is wrong.. how i know??!!! " (with a high tone... like as if i am her lil sis ) OMG!! Rily felt like punching her on the face... xPPP express... but i didn't lah... hahaha.. so i bcame my old-self-attitude again... Scold her back lah.. and this time she is more stubborn than ever!!! AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Walao... and just now when i came home from school i ask her to pack her stuffs which is rily messy.. and she does the same thing she always do when my parents are around ----- that is trying to ignore me... so when i talk she will just say "bla bla bla" or sing a song ... AARRRGGGhhh!!! I tell you!! She does that in PURPOSE... OMG!!!!! LIke slapping her man... hahah.. but again... i didn't... wwwaaahhhh~~ She is so pampered...== Sometimes i rily HATE her... why other ppl's lil sis kena scold will at least listen to their big bro/sis but mine doesn't????


AARRGGHh~~ *releasing my anger by shouting inside my pillows*

Anyway... today is the first day of schooll... everything normal lah... except the results... super hurting..T.T... i still hope i c
an remain inside no.10 in class...=O.. Haiz...

OK... bye ppl...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

MIYF outing 2009

This year is the first year i joined " MIYF OUTING 2009".. church youth fellowship one day trip...sponsored by my church...^^ (youth fellowship xDDD)

This year's theme is like treasure-hunting...^^ But the venue is a secret untill we go and experience ourself...Hahah~~ I wear a comfortable shirt and track-bottom... like school sukan... hahahxDD (coz i thought teasure hunt is like going uot to somewhere in some forest...xPPP)

Reach at church before 8am like Charmain sms-ed me... me and bro went upstairs and found out the church has not been opened yet... so went back down... i thought we would be like the last one coz the sms say we have to reach before 8am but it's already 7.45am... So me and bro were so shocked... he tried to contact the MIYF ppl but nobody answers?? Luckily Edric and his lil bro, Benjamin arrived not long... and this time we sure we have to meet at the church first... so we four waited downstairs...

Den... Other ppl arrived... And then Charmain arrived at about 8.10am... What the... Hahhaha~~ Still sms us so early... ah dui.. and den we followed rachel go upstairs the church... and then we waited for more ppl... den Jeremy and Rachel put us into groups... I grouped with Zhan Wei and Elaine Siah... ( actually i was like OMGosh.. Coz i not very close...=PP ) but everything turns out ok lahh... Elaine was a very nice example... like a good sister and a good christian... xPP I like stupid stupid one among we three... hahaha~~ xDDDD And the questions arr... I totally blurr case... LOL

Coz all the questions are about places... like "write the all the streets that has 7-eleven stores " Apalah... i "lu chi"... totally dunno all the road stuff... so i just followed them walk there and walk here...== hahah~~ But i got help with 2 questions!! One is the copying all the Mcdonald's toys name.. Another one is about finding graffiti... Hehehe~~ Cool..

And you know what?
We arrived as the first team!! We are so happy... we even took pics!! xDD But den Rachel checked our answers and found out there's a mistake... so we actually didn't get first place... haiz.. but that question we got cheat a lil.. we use Zhan Wei's car... Hahaha~~xDDD Nobody notices...xDD

today is ok lahh... i am rily happy coz i get to know more about Elaine Siah and Zhan Wei... ^^ But actually i expected more like.. go jungle trekking or go to any taman pertanian?? Dunno lah.. But ok lah .. Overall..

*P/S: Still rushing Geo project... "Grafik" part is rily confusing!! Any helps?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Waaahhhh!!!! I thought i would die coz i oni got lesser than a week to finish up my geo project but it turns out not so bad~~ WEEHEEEEE~~

I am so happy rite now!! Coz i just finished the "dapatan kajian" part....^^ wooOHoOoO~~~ Hahahah~~ Wish everybody good luck too~~ xDDD

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is the first day i am alone in my house... ( not alone for the first time oledy lah...) I mean first day in the holidays... Wah!! To say the truth... there is so much more fun and things dat i can do out there... BUt i decided to just stay at home and do my homeworks and projects... Although it's a lil too late...==

hahahah~~ I rily havent started my geo nor moral projects... H/w...
I finished maths!! But not Science... Haiz... i will worry about it AFTER i finished my 3 projects... There's 2 moral projects!!

1. Geo project - Petempatan penduduk USJ 2 ( dateline: 15th June)
2. Moral project (1) - About Pulau - Pulau one... You have to find 5 pulau at least and each of the pulau's must have at least 1 kepentingan... nid pics and infos ( dateline:18th June)
3. Moral Project (2) - About nilai murni one... Like what we did in form 1... the one doing house chores... but we still dun have the paper.... All Caleb's fault!! He didn't photostate it so he dun manage to distribute the papers about the project to us all before holidays start...== But we have to do somehow rite...haiz ( dateline unknown)

Waahhh~~ Actually i should be typing the moral projects info by now... but i cant resist to view my blog when i online!! hahahah~ Addicted..^^ LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool shopping xPPP


Wow!! Today is so cool!! Today is mayy b'day!! xDD and cool-shopping-day!!! xDDD So good for mayy coz she can celebrate her b'day wif her babes... i cant coz my bday falls on the last month where all ppl will be either busy holiday-ing or busy getting-ready-for-school-reopening... haiz... So mayy!! You are indeed a very lucky girl!! xDDD


For Mayy From Jaslyn

In this special day...... her babes decided to start this with a lunch in the WOng Kok restaurant... xDD And suprisingly... Mayy seems to have a special treat from the restaurant for her birthday... dat is a extra large x10000 milk tea.... xDD you can see for yourself in the pics....^^ And!! Dun think it's normal coz it really looks kinda NORMAL in the pic but actually it's huge!! Like a big bucket... Lol OVER!! xDD

But anyway... today is fun yet tiring yet full(of food).... heheheheh~~ Too bad Flo cant come... if not my first gang pic will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T !! Hehehehehe~~ xDD

There goes the pics...
Wait!! Sorry i din make the pics vertically... some havent... but you all get the main idea rite... thats all...

Again!!! Before you all become blurr of the pics coz i din arrange it... let me just summarize the whole process while we are in sunway pyramid... ok?? xDD
  1. Me, Siew yi, and xing yi arrived at Sunway Pyramid and headed straight to WONG KOK RESTAURANT to meet the other babes...^^
  2. We ate our lunch... i order... erm... dry noodles with honey chicken?? i think... siew yi ordered noodles with soup and it's the cheapest one!! Hahahahah~~ Xing yi ordered spaghetti with mushroom soup... Mayy and Smt ordered cheese thing?? Hy,Yj and CCW... i think they ordered same as Xing YI... Hahaha ( i think it's a lil too Specific...xPP)
  3. We went to the main entrance to wait for Xiao Hui, Hoong Chao, and Hong Jie.... Xiao HUi arrived... but we waited soooo long for 2 Hoong's but still havent seen them!! == Oh ya!! And a form 1 guy named Eng Yaw/Yau arrived... I know he's Paul Low's bro... Looks very cute~~ xDDDD We three gals managed to make friends with him by starting to say "HALO ".... hahahah~~
  4. Xiao Hui, Eng Yau, Sy, Xy and me went to buy movie tickets bcoz we are the oni ones that havent bought... On the way buying the tickets... We rily bcame more closer wif each other!! xDD Like more close friends... yea~~ xDDD ( Eng Yaw kip saying he's so hot.... so sexy.... siew yi was annoyed you know... xDD)
  5. Not much more... A lil shopping den we watch movie... The movie is MONSTER VS ALIEN... Heheehehh~~ Entertaining!! xDDD I like B.O.B.... Silly yet cute!! xPP
  6. Continue shopping!! I think we separated after that?? I go shopping with my gang~~ xDD more relieved?? dunno... we chatted and chatted.... siew yi so PRO-Shopper.... hahahah~ Me and XY not rily close with Sunway so SY took the lead~ Heheheheh~~ I bought three bottles of nail polish~~ xDD and a tee~~ but it's too tight...T.T ( cannot try.. so i took the risk to buy it but i cant wear... haiz...)
  7. Have trouble in choosing things to eat for dinner.... Mayy they all say wanna eat at SUSHI KING but Sy and Xy dun want...( but i want... butttttt it's kinda expensive xPP) LOL~~ So we din eat together... Mayy they all eat at SUSHI KING whereas we three eat at WENDY'S... Although it's FAST FOOD.... heheheh~ as long as we are happyyyyy~~~ xDDD
  8. Kip shopping.... I BOUGHT MY FIRST STARBUCKS DRINK!! yea!!!! So happpiiiieeeee!!! xDDDD I bought ICED MOCHA smth... but it tastes nice... not bitter~~ xDDD and SY and XY helped me to put quite much chocolate,vanilla and cinnamon powder on my drink... Gee~~ Thx you guys~~ I dun hav experirnce...xPPP
  9. Went home happily~~ But i gave XY and SY a lift~~ heheheh~ no prob!! xD
OK!! Now you all can enjoy the pics!! hehehehhe

Hahahah~ A quick shot of mayy and her free HUGE drink... of coz she shared... hahaha

Another shot!! hehehehh~~ Wow~ big drink huh~~

This is at the end of the day.. after i bought my starbucks~~ xDD

This is when we three was eating at WENDY'S.... Me eating burger... == Sweat??

Siew yi eating burger.... She smiled... so weird.. hahahah xDD same set meal with me...xPP

This is Xing yi~~ Heheheheh~ She is eating Fish fillet burger gua... hhahahah~~ I bought a nail polish with the same colour as her fingers~~ So cool~ So dark!! xDD

LOLLLl~ This is when we go shopping... and we tried many spectacles... this is one of the sun-block-spectacles that i tried~~ Uh-uh... The price tag ruined my shot... hahhahahaxDD

Can you guess where is this?? Hahahah~ It's in the toilet!!!! xDDDD Hahahah~~~ A quick shot but kinda nice!!! xDD

This is at the early of the day... in WONG KOK.... hahahaha~~

NOthing to do so i took a pic wif Xing Yi~~ heheheheh~~ Nice?? xPP

WAAAAAHHHHHhh~~ My starbucks!! I forgot to take a pic when i first bought it so i suddenly remembered when i already finished half....=PPP Heheheheh~~ yeaa!!!

Tadaa~~ So a big day endss~~ With a sweet smile on my face.... ^^